Which lotteries in Russia are fair

The most winning state lotteries in russia in 2017 year

What parameters were taken into account

To choose the most attractive lotteries for participants, it is worth paying attention to different parameters. Among them, the size of the jackpot is quite important.

Certainly, here it is worth familiarizing yourself with the historical records of the game in question. On the official sites of many lotteries, data is provided that, what is the probability of winning the main prize. This information should not be neglected..

Also, it will be useful to get acquainted with the total prize fund of the lottery, which is allocated for each edition. Naturally, the bigger it is, the higher the probability of hitting a big jackpot. Usually, the prize fund is a certain percentage of the amount, from ticket sales. In many lotteries, the total fund is 50 percent of proceeds. However, there are some games today, the prize fund of which is 67 percent.

An important factor when choosing a lottery is the cost of the ticket

More precisely, it is worth paying attention to the ratio of the price of the game receipt to the total prize fund. Today you can choose a lottery, which offers fairly large winnings, but the cost of the ticket is much lower, compared to other games

When choosing a lottery, it is recommended to decide in advance, what do you prefer, win often or win a lot. There are many lotteries today, which offer large enough prizes, however, they are played very rarely. Games are also available, which cannot please with huge prize pools, but it's easy enough to win here

If you are better off "tit in hand", pay attention to simple lotteries, draws of which are held several times a day. To become a member of some of them, only has enough in the wallet 10 rubles

Respectively, big jackpots are out of the question here, but it is quite possible to increase your investments several times.

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