Chinese lucky numbers

Numeral 4 in China - consonant with the word "death"

Use of numbers 8 for commercial purposes

Many companies successfully leverage Chinese belief in numbers. Airlines are particularly good at this. Successful flight number selection is a guarantee of high sales.

Etihad Airways flight from Abu Dhabi to Beijing is numbered EY888. Dutch KLM flight from Hong Kong to Amsterdam – KL888. Air Canada flight from Shanghai to Toronto – AC88. American United Airlines flight from Beijing to San Francisco – UA888. The list of such flights with eights is very long..

SriLankan Airlines and Singapore Airlines have generally reserved all flight numbers, containing eights, for future use.

When you are in China, then pay attention to the price tags in stores and restaurants. Numeric prices are very popular 8 – 28, 38, 58 yuan. Some shops like prices with 8 yao - 7,8 or 8,8 yuan.

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