Which lottery is the most winning in Russia

How to play foreign lotteries from Russia online

What type of lottery is better to choose?

Lotteries may differ in the way they are conducted. On this basis, there are two types:

  1. Draw lottery - the prize fund is drawn between all participants, and the game is played at a time after the sale of lottery tickets for a specific date and time. According to Russian law, during the drawing, only one piece of equipment may be used to determine the winning combination of numbers or symbols - in order to avoid fraud.
  2. Silent lottery (instant) - information for determining the prize is included in tickets at the time of their creation. You can find out the result immediately after purchasing a game card, removing the protective cover, under which there are hidden characters. Their combination determines the absence or presence of a win, and also its size.

The lottery gives you the opportunity to try your luck and get rich, spending some money on a ticket

When choosing a type, some features should be taken into account.:

  • Draw lotteries often have a larger prize pool. Usually, the participant has the opportunity to independently choose a combination, which, in his opinion, will be victorious. In this case, you will have to wait for the drawing.
  • Winnings are less in sweepstakes lotteries, but, according to statistics, win them more often. Another advantage - the result can be found instantly.

How to increase your chances of winning?

There is no technique, which is guaranteed to lead to winning the lottery, since the draw is always based on chance. However, you can use advice from experienced players to increase your chance of winning.:

  • one of the most popular winning strategies is to constantly bet on the same combination;
  • the most obvious and effective advice: more tickets - more likely to win a large amount in the lottery, the main thing is not to go beyond your budget;
  • choosing numbers is not recommended, going sequentially - the probability of such combinations is extremely low;
  • it is better to choose one lottery and participate in it regularly, than trying to win in several;
  • do not mark only even or only odd numbers on the ticket;
  • according to statistics, the sum of the numbers of winning combinations in most cases falls within the range 104-176.
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