Registration of a ticket "Russian Lotto"

Winning the ticket & quot; Russian Lotto"  how to get the. | lottery russia

How to buy lottery tickets "Russian Lotto" and other companies

Now, when the wallet in the personal account is replenished by a certain amount, you can buy tickets. Let's show on the example of the most popular lottery. We find in the left panel of the cabinet the button "Goslottery".

Next action: Click on the "List" button.

On the page that opens, click on the yellow button "Buy online".

The page will open, which offers tickets for the next draws or the most important, as, eg, New Year's lottery "Russian Lotto". Choose the lottery you want.

Press the cherished button "Buy tickets". You will be taken to the tab with tickets for the corresponding lottery. In this case - "Russian Lotto".

Click on one or more tickets and click on the green button.

Can be selected immediately before 100 tickets. To do this, use the button "Many at once".

Moving the yellow slider, you can choose any number of tickets. Click on the green button "All payment methods".

Choose a payment method convenient for you and pay for the purchase. We wish you big wins.

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