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How to use correctly

After buying Powerball, many are wondering how, how to use it correctly. Of course, first the simulator must be started. There are two ways to do this: start with a lanyard or finger movement.

To make a lace start, you must adhere to several recommendations:

Find a small hole in the rotor and insert one of the ends of the lace into it.

Using your thumb, slowly begin to rotate the rotor and at the same time wind the cord around the rotor, pulling it on

It is very important to keep track of, so that the lace does not sag at this time, but tightly wound on the rotor.

You need to stop winding the lace then, when they remain uncoiled approximately 5 cm. Now the ball lies in the hand with the counter to the palm, rotor up.

Taking the lace tightly with one hand, at the same time, it must be held on the second, so that he does not unwind

Then sharply and quickly you need to pull it with such force., to let the cord come out. If done right, then the rotor should start spinning at a speed 2000-3000 rpm.

Now the hand is flipping this way, the rotor "looked" at the floor and you can start making gradual movements with the brush. What matters is, that the movements should be made with the brush, not with the whole hand. Don't rush at first. Optimally will perform one revolution per second, it will help you feel the rotor better. If the movements are performed incorrectly, then the rotor will rattle.

You can also start the simulator with your finger..

To do this, you also need to adhere to several recommendations..

  1. Put Powerball in right hand, I follow, wherein, so that the lace hole is parallel to the hand line. In this case, it will be much more convenient and easier to make the starting movement with your finger..
  2. Left thumb perpendicular to the lace line, pad down.
  3. After that, it is necessary to lightly press on the ball and cut and spin the ball with a quick movement, while grabbing it with the right hand, in which he is.
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