Conspiracy to win the lottery

Conspiracy to win the lottery

General rules for reading conspiracies

Magical practice is based on precise laws. Applying them, you will definitely get rich, improve your financial situation. Breaking the rules - losing the magic chance to get the lucky ticket. Primary requirements:

  1. Choosing a day for the ritual. Jupiter - the god of money - enters the highest peak on Thursday. This day is favorable for the ritual for a lottery ticket by men. The conspiracy will gain special power, if the people of Jupiter read it. These include boys and girls, born 3, 12, 21, 30 day of any month. Women are more suited to their days of power: Wednesday and Sunday.
  2. Moon phase. Talking about luck for winning should only be with the growing month. The strongest day is the new moon. In the growth phase, people can carry out ceremonies for money, mastering the basics of black magic. The faucets work great. The Full Moon Helps Jackpot Women.
  3. Compliance with the methodology. Each of the many rituals is composed according to the exact laws of magic. No adjustments should be made to these rules. Otherwise you get a fiasco.
  4. Abandonment of goals. Emotional disconnection saves energy. Energy is spent on creating favorable conditions. If you constantly turn the future in your head, then the strength for success will not be enough. They will burn out during the experience..
  5. Abandoning an accurate profit plan. The magician creates the order of the universe. Its essence in this case is reduced to enrichment in an easy way. Higher powers will decide for themselves, how will the money come. Don't block multiple paths, insisting on a lottery draw.

Confidence in victory and trust

Technical rules create conditions for bringing big winnings to life. Magic conspiracies for a successful bet in the lottery work on the energy of the magician himself. The positive result depends on the person's attitude to the practice of magic.

Rendering rule

Setting yourself up to receive money from the lottery fund is easy enough. It is necessary to develop inner confidence in the witchcraft ritual. Psychologists have come up with a special exercise - visualization. It is carried out in several stages.:

  1. Before reading the conspiracy. You need to imagine yourself receiving the intended amount.
  2. At the moment of witchcraft. Keep in mind the joy of winning. The emotion of a winner is needed here. The attraction of a good chance is built on it..
  3. When purchasing a ticket, verifying the results, you need to concentrate on faith in magic.

Types of rituals The mood for a successful game is created in several ways. The choice depends on the worldview of the magician, his ways of interacting with reality. At first, before creating your mechanism, it is recommended to try several options. They are like that:

  1. Bringing in luck before purchasing a ticket, coming into play. The wizard creates the conditions for, so that his bet is successful.
  2. Speaking of an existing lottery. Lucky chance lured before the draw.

Energy intention can be embedded in money, who will participate in the game, or in the form itself with numbers. Both methods work great, if you do not deviate from the methods.

Prediction on aces

This method also requires a regular playing deck..

  1. We take a deck and carefully shuffle it.
  2. Move several cards with our hand and put them under the bottom..
  3. Asking a question about winning in this way, so that the answer to it can be obtained as a percentage.
  4. Put the first fifteen cards on top of the deck face up on the table..
  5. If there are aces among these combinations, then they need to be removed.
  6. Putting the cards back into the deck.
  7. Shuffle it diligently again.
  8. Repeat points 5, 6, 7 and 8 two more times.
  9. Using the number of aces, which you put off, we estimate the chances of winning.

See the meaning of the result:

  • Four aces. Walk boldly for your victory, today is your day!
  • Three aces. The chance of winning is 75%, worth a try.
  • Two aces. The odds are 50/50, listen to your inner feelings.
  • One ace. The ability to hit the jackpot is small, Total 25%.
  • No aces. Leave this venture for a while, try later.
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