The magic of the lottery

How to win the lottery using the law of attraction?

Lucky items “for luck”

Happy thing, usually, determined by chance. for example, when did you manage to win the lottery for the first time, there was a new hairpin on my head, the lottery was filled with a pen, which already once “helped” when passing the exam. For some, bills become unexpectedly happy., if they were loaned to them by friends. Sometimes a lucky old coin helps to win the instant lottery, which numbers are erased.

Lucky items for good luck

In such cases, the person transfers to these items “energy of luck” and they are literally charged with a chance to win. Anything can be a lucky item: scarf, glove, bag or folder for documents, in which the lottery ticket will wait for its finest hour.

Be active

Being active doesn't mean, that you should play every possible lottery. Being active among lotto players is actively looking for all the ways to increase their chances of winning and ultimately get the main prize. Therefore, it is worth collecting information about various lotteries., compare the probability of winning, bet prices and the amount of the prize fund. Besides, active lottery players are open to new strategies and experiences, actively try various games and lotteries, thanks to which they can develop their own strategy for playing lotto. Besides, today they check all the news from the lottery world, thanks to which they know in advance about the upcoming changes in the rules of the game and about the current accumulation. Be one step ahead and win!

Thanks to subscription I won 3 400 000$!

The activity really paid off for Mr Mario from Germany, who won over 13 million in German LOTO online.

Think positively

You can have the best lotto strategy, but if you remain pessimistic and don't believe, what will you ever win, probably, it will never happen. Katie Hadley, one of the most famous personal trainers in the world (the so-called Life coach) more 25 years teaches people the secrets of a happy life. According to her, a positive approach to life and the ability to visualize your winning is the key to success. In his guide "How to Win the Lottery", she writes, what in winning the lottery you need not only believe, but also be able to imagine it. Mark Coulson also emphasizes the need for a positive approach to play., professor of psychology at Middlesex University.

And this, actually, they manage to succeed and win the lottery!

Thanks to the visualization of the win, I received 112 million $

That fact, that positive thinking has a very big impact, lottery winners say themselves. The most famous proponent of visualization is Ms Cynthia Stafford, which in 2007 year received 112 million $. Mrs. Stafford was very pleased to hear of her victory, but not surprised. How is this possible? Every time, when she filled out another coupon, she represented, that her numbers are winning and the organizers give her a check for several million dollars. She even wrote a note on the refrigerator “You won 112 million dollars!», adding also the winning numbers. After a while she was sure, what will win!

How to train unshakable confidence to win

Intention is unshakable confidence. And this confidence can and should be consciously trained.

Above all with anyone and never discuss your activities.. Human nature is like this, that everyone, to whom do you tell about your intention to win the lottery jackpot, will automatically rush to convince you and sow all sorts of doubts. Will talk about the scam and the theory of probability. And that you can never win.

So - wise people are not advised to discuss their intentions. You don't need unnecessary doubts. You are NOT interested in reasonable explanations, because it's about Magic and Quantum Mechanics. And these both theories cannot be explained rationally and from the point of view of terry materialism..

The universe is not so material and not so separate from human consciousness, as stated in materialistic science. Arguing with the stubborn and stubborn is a waste of time and effort.

Though, if you love and know how to defend your opinions, arguing with convinced materialists and skeptics will become an exercise for you in finding rational explanations - why lottery magic works.

Eventually, you can increase your understanding, and understanding is a step towards unshakable confidence.

Meanwhile, time passed ...

General rules of rituals

The actions of white magicians are aimed at helping people in solving various life issues and situations. Improve relationships with colleagues, get promoted, resolve conflicts and disagreements that arise in the family, a variety of magical rites and rituals help to find a common language with children. Magic spells are very popular to attract financial well-being.

Money magic, which is based on special prayers and spells, helps to repay borrowed money or receive monetary reward on time, and also increases the probability of winning. For the spell to work properly, you can not carry out witchcraft rituals as fun. The consequences of such "entertainment" can have exactly the opposite of the expected result - instead of improving financial well-being, unexpected cash costs are possible.

Before conducting a magic ceremony, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the general rules., characteristic of white magic:

  1. Unshakable belief in white magic and the success of the held magical event.
  2. Keeping the secret of a magical ritual. Discussion of spells or stories about perfect rituals are the main reasons for the lack of a positive result.
  3. Strict adherence to the sequence of actions and the time of the ritual.
  4. Ability to visualize the achievement of a set goal.

Admirers of white magic believe, that belief in your own strength and your success can work miracles. Doubting yourself and your strength means losing faith in the favor of fate.

be patient

Let's start with a well-known saying: "Patience is a virtue", which, certainly, you have heard more than once. According to many psychologists and experts, patience is considered the foundation of success., and in the end, winning the lottery is the main goal of most lotto fans. Thus, every player must learn patience. Probably, each player has already filled out the coupon, which literally brought nothing, but is that reason enough, to stop your lotto player career? Of course, not! Each lottery winner confirms, that you can't give up to succeed! If you want to win, keep calm, be patient, play, and, finally, achieve that, what do you want!

The American was waiting 10 years old, to win

A good example and inspiration for all impatient players can be the story of Greg McCammon from California., which through 10 years of playing won the famous Mega Millions lottery. For ten years, this persistent player regularly picked the same numbers. His patience, finally, brought results, because 10 july 2012 he won about 1,4 million! Bob Fiedler from Illinois showed even more patience. He bought his first coupon back in 1992 year, so that in July 2012 years win more 16 million!

Think strategically

Every player, who wants to become a professional and intends to win millions, should first think carefully about your lotto strategy. Sure, there are times, when chance brought victory, However, more and more winners are recognized, that before splitting the main prize pool, they carefully analyzed different methods of playing, to create the final strategy, which brought them a high win. Fortunately, you don't have to be Einstein or professor of mathematics, to win and find your way to the lotto. Just look at such strategies, like a game for hot and cold numbers, at random (recommended by many experts), game for the same numbers, or the so-called Smartlack method, created by lottery expert Gale Howard. Plus, don't forget about systematic rates., thanks to which you can bet on more numbers on one field for the game.

Win the lotto seven times in a row

A good game strategy will bring you more than one big win. Impossible? Just look at the story of Richard Lustig, to quickly change your mind. Nevertheless, this is not the only player, who managed to win more than once. Mr. Lustig even wrote a book about, how to increase your chances of winning. After, how he repeatedly placed his bets at random, but never won, he decided to create his own strategy for choosing numbers. Playing regularly and crossing out hot numbers, he smashed the main prize fund seven times, thanks to which he became a multimillionaire!

Rites for winning the lottery

The main rule when conducting rituals for money – it's time keeping, having faith in your own luck, visualization of future wealth. Cash rituals are held only on the growing moon, in the first week of the new moon, preferably on Thursday – jupiter day, cash flow manager.

Simple money ritual

This ritual will help attract cash flows into your home.. Go to the forest or field and find a streamlined stone there (no sharp corners). At home, secluded with a stone, light a candle and draw any money symbol on the stone, eg, coins, dollar sign. Then mentally imagine, how this stone becomes a magnet for money, attracting money to your house.

Keep the stone in a visible place, so he can catch your eye, and every time you imagined it as the center of the cash flow.

Money ritual "Money – to money "

It's a simple ritual, but it must be repeated daily.

Back in the old days it was noticed, what people have, have money in their pockets, they are always found, while a person's wealth only increases.

To win the lottery or attract money, you need to read the conspiracy and perform simple actions.

Take an odd number of coins (3 or 5) and put your clothes in your pockets, which you wear daily. Putting coins in my pockets, speak:

Conspiracy money should be carried in pockets and in no case should be spent. Coins need to be touched daily, repeating the conspiracy. Even after washing clothes, coins should be put back. The longer you carry coins with you, the more wealth they will attract to you.

Lunar ritual

Any lucky conspiracy in the lottery will be effective, if it is done on the growing moon. There are a great many such conspiracies and rituals.. Here is one of them.

On the first day of the full moon, at night, take 12 coins of various denominations, the total amount of money must correspond to the age of the author of the ritual.

Go outside. Choose a secluded spot. Take money in your left hand and "show" it to the moon, so that she illuminates them. Then say seven times:

Having finished reading the conspiracy, fist the coins, take it home and put it in your wallet, in which there must be other money, which will allow the conspiracy to take action immediately, multiplying and attracting wealth.

Lottery Winning Ritual

The ritual is performed on cloudy, gray and inconspicuous day on the waning moon. It is on such a day that other people will not seek luck., which means, likelihood, that she will smile at you, increases significantly. Buy a lottery ticket that day, and the next morning at 8:00 put on inconspicuous gray clothes and hit the road. But before, than you will cross the threshold of your house, say the following words:

Then take a five-kopeck coin and put it in the left pocket of your clothes. Go to the nearest stagnant pool – to the pond or lake, on the way without talking to anyone. Reaching the goal, choose a secluded spot on the right bank of the reservoir, face north, take a coin in your right hand and throw it into the water. But before you flip a coin, pronounce a conspiracy of luck in the lottery:

Now go home, do not stop, without turning around and without talking to anyone. Coming home, ask household members to leave home for a while. At this time, place a plate of coarse rock salt in each corner of the house, and place forty blue candles around the perimeter of the main room. Light candles at midnight, moving counterclockwise to each next candle. Wait, when all the candles are completely burned out, collect the cinders, sprinkle with salt, refer to a body of water, into which you threw a coin and throw it as far as possible into the water.

Lottery ticket conspiracy

This conspiracy was made by the Bulgarian healer and fortune teller Vanga.

Before you read it, take a small coin and a favorite wardrobe item, which you most often wear – better top, since she dresses daily (jeans, coat, jacket, skirt).

Sew a coin into the hem of your dress or skirt, in the lining of a coat or jacket.

When sewing on a coin, say:

When the coin will be sewn up, hang the item in the closet and leave it there overnight. Put on happy clothes the next morning and wear them for several days in a row..
Good luck!

Fortune telling on sticks

Take a pen and paper, tune in well, and focus carefully on the question: “Will the coveted amount come to me in the lottery?». In the moment, when will you speak the question, you need to draw small vertical sticks on a piece of paper (preferably one size).

When you catch yourself thinking, that there are enough sticks, stop, and then move on to the line below. Start drawing sticks again.

You should feel the required number of rows using your intuition..

Now you need to count the number of sticks in each line. If even numbers prevail, then luck is unlikely to be near you, if there are more odd numbers, then a decent jackpot is provided for you.

Lucky numbers set

The most crucial moment – when is it time to fill out a ticket. Many people rely on chance and do not think about, what numbers to enter. But most people have a special approach to choosing numbers.. Some believe, and quite rightly, that numbers bring them good luck, which make up the dates of birth, weddings, car numbers, apartments, entrance. The most popular are cell phone numbers and even a pension insurance card..

Lucky numbers set

All these rituals and ceremonies can be omitted., this is how anyone wants. But for millions of lucky people, it is precisely such not cunning conventions that brought the coveted winnings. As one wise man said, “luck – this is a child of insolence”. Why not?

How to read a conspiracy, to win the lottery

Conspiracy to win the lottery is very popular. And the interest in rituals is understandable, since a person can solve financial problems in this way. Is considered, what is the best day for performing a magic rite, aimed at winning the lottery is Thursday. This day is influenced by Jupiter, who manages cash flows. And with the help of a magic conspiracy, you can redirect them to a person.

It is recommended to conduct rituals of this type on the new moon

It is very important to observe the sacrament of the ceremony.. You shouldn't tell anyone, what are you planning to perform the ritual or about, that you have already done it

Otherwise, you can cause failure and bad luck..

It is also very important, reading a plot to raise money through winning the lottery, truly believe in the power of magic. If you do not believe in the success of this event, then the ritual will be simply useless

Only absolute confidence will allow you to get the long-awaited money.

To make the lottery ticket win, it is imperative to attract good luck with the help of a special conspiracy.

This can be done with a conspiracy, which will need such attributes:

  • Zest of one lemon;
  • Three coins;
  • Three cherry pits;
  • Opaque jar, eg, from tea or coffee.

Having retired in a separate room in a jar, place all the attributes one by one and close it tightly with a lid. After that, read this conspiracy three times:

"Baba went to the forest for berries, there she collected them a whole basket. On the way home I went - I found three coins. After that, where he does not look - coins are everywhere. Began to bake pies, they turned out to be rosy and tasty. So let me be lucky in life, like that grandma. I call good luck and happiness into my life ".

After that, the jar must be hidden in a secret place.. It is recommended to purchase a lottery ticket within the next three days, he will definitely win. Regardless of the chosen rite, pronounce the conspiracy words clearly.

How to choose the right option

There are various . However, each lottery operates in approximately the same way.. The rules of the game are as follows, that there are 2 fields inside the tickets, which consist of fifteen numbers. Respectively, if the ticket is valid, then it will contain numbers from one to ninety. In the future, it will be possible to determine your winnings by the ticket number.

Receiving option Ticket Promotion period Assessment
check in + ticket


Without registering

No bonus

Sometimes when buying a coupon you need to indicate your mobile, and sometimes you don't need to do this. Let's understand, what is the difference between these two ticket options.

Stoloto ticket option with numbers from 1 to 90

Tickets, when buying which you will need to voice your mobile phone

If tickets are purchased at a retail outlet, then you need to select a coupon, which the, in your opinion, will bring good luck, and give it to the seller. Next, the seller will ask you to give a phone number and pay for the purchase. When - all the necessary information about the electronic ticket will be sent to the specified phone number. Tickets can be filled at home. If the player wins, then a special SMS code will be sent to his phone.

Stoloto lottery ticket, which can be purchased at the outlet

But the organizer immediately warns that, that such coupons can only be bought in those editions, which will take place soon.

Tickets, allowing you not to specify your mobile

Receiving option Ticket Promotion period Assessment
check in + ticket


Without registering

No bonus

this type, the player may not count on, that he will be given some information on the message. Respectively, and money will not be paid by check, and according to the coupon. The advantage of such a purchase is, that it is not necessary to make a purchase only for the next print runs.

Similar tickets are bought in stalls, Stoloto machines and at the Russian Post.

Example ticket Stoloto, when buying which you do not need to voice your mobile


There is also an essential element of faith and intention - detachment from the mercantile value of winning.. Checked repeatedly, if you strive to win for the sake of earthly blessings (I will buy both, eat and drink delicacies) then nothing will work.

And it's not about some religious sins or good deeds..

It's about energy.

Intention and faith require the full concentration of all energy resources on one task.

If you are simultaneously worried about, how good it will be for you after winning and how bad it is to lose money - a fair amount of energy is spent on emotions and quantum mechanics will not trigger the mechanism towards the jackpot.

Prediction on aces

This method also requires a regular playing deck..

  1. We take a deck and carefully shuffle it.
  2. Move several cards with our hand and put them under the bottom..
  3. Asking a question about winning in this way, so that the answer to it can be obtained as a percentage.
  4. Put the first fifteen cards on top of the deck face up on the table..
  5. If there are aces among these combinations, then they need to be removed.
  6. Putting the cards back into the deck.
  7. Shuffle it diligently again.
  8. Repeat points 5, 6, 7 and 8 two more times.
  9. Using the number of aces, which you put off, we estimate the chances of winning.

See the meaning of the result:

  • Four aces. Walk boldly for your victory, today is your day!
  • Three aces. The chance of winning is 75%, worth a try.
  • Two aces. The odds are 50/50, listen to your inner feelings.
  • One ace. The ability to hit the jackpot is small, Total 25%.
  • No aces. Leave this venture for a while, try later.

Strong conspiracy on 100% gain

For, for the conspiracy to give 100% a guarantee of a win, you must definitely believe in success and clearly understand what you will spend the amount of money received. If you are sincere in your desire to win and believe in it, then you can do a very simple, but at the same time an effective rite.

The ritual will need to use a paper bill and a green wax candle, which can be purchased at the esoteric store. Great as an additional attribute 100 rubles. Such magic words are spoken over the bill in a secluded place:

"I'll give one paper money, and in return I will get much more!»

After that, you should immediately go and buy a lottery ticket. The main condition is that you need to take the first ticket you get., without hesitation. If only you start choosing a ticket by number or by some other criteria, then the effectiveness of the ceremony will sharply decrease and 100% there will be no guarantee of winning. During the purchase, you should pronounce the words of the above conspiracy to yourself.

Coming home, it is necessary to retire from household members in the room. A candle is lit there, after all lights have been turned off. These magic words are spoken over the purchased lottery ticket seven times:

“I hold the lottery ticket in front of me and attract good luck to me. Soon I will receive a large amount of money. Wealth and prosperity to be. Amen".

Hide the plotted ticket away from prying eyes, before the results are announced. It is advisable to keep it together with money..

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