How to participate in the USA lottery

American lotteries - how to play from Russia

The official website of the Green Card is

It is necessary to fill out the form only on the official website of the Green Card -

For filling you are given 60 minutes, but it's better to meet 30 minutes, so that there is time to check everything and fix it if necessary.

so, to start filling out the Green Card Lottery Participant Form, you need to click on the green button "Begin Entry".

For security and protection against spam, you will be asked to enter a captcha. Enter the value from the picture in the field below and click on the "Submit" button.

We start filling out the application for a Green card. We fill in all the data in the questionnaire in Latin transliteration.

In the first section, be careful. The first field is Surname, and the middle name. Although in everyday life it is usually more customary to call the name first.

Middle Name is a kind of middle or middle name.

In our case, this may be a middle name, but if your middle name is not indicated in your passport, you can check the “No Middle Name” box and fill out nothing.

As a rule, Kazakhstani passports do not have a middle name - only a first and last name. We are looking at the passport, not an identity card.

Attention! It is impossible to take part in the Green Card lottery without a passport and its expiration date at the time of filling out the questionnaire must be at least 6 months. Further in 2 section choose gender - male or female

Further in 2 section choose gender - male or female.

IN 3 section indicate the date of birth. And here again, the foreign format for entering the date - first the month, then day and after year.

in 4 section choose the city of birth. Precisely birth, not current place of residence. In addition, it is necessary to write exactly the modern name of the city. Not Astana, а Nur-Sultan, eg.

IN 5 section choose the country of your birth.

IN 6 section, when, if your country is not in the list of participants in the Green Card Lottery, you can specify the country, eg, your spouse.

In the case of Kazakhstan, everything is fine and you can just leave "Yes".

IN 7 section we fill in the data from our passport.

We carefully fill in all our data as on a passport. You need to fill in the last name, name, passport ID, its end date and country, in which he was issued.

Option "B" provides for the absence of a passport, but under very difficult circumstances, at which, you cannot get a passport in your country. This does not apply to Kazakhstan for sure..

photo on the green card

IN 8 section you need to attach your photo, made in accordance with all the rules. Separately, according to the rules for the photo, there will be a section in the article below.

In section number 9 you need to specify the details of your postal address. We fill in everything also in Latin. In fact, this is your home address or where you are registered on a permanent basis, not temporarily.

IN 10 section specify the country, where you currently reside. It may differ from country to country, where you were born.

Next, we need to provide your phone number and email.

IN 13 section indicate the level of your education. for example, if you have higher education, then we indicate "University Degree".

The last couple of important sections remain.

Indicate your marital status - married, single or otherwise.

note, what about "married" is 2 paragraph. The only difference in them is whether the spouse is / US resident spouse

IN 15 section we indicate the number of minor children - up to 21 of the year. If there are no children at all, put it 0, as in the example above.

Click on the "Continue" button.

If you fill out the questionnaire at some active time of the day, there is a high probability that the site will simply be overloaded and the following error will appear.

There is 2 option of how to proceed - return to filling out the questionnaire at another time, eg, early in the morning or late at night, or perform simple surgery many times.

Just click back in the browser and again on the "Continue" button. Sooner or later you will break through and everything will work.

When writing an article, it took me about 15 repetitions, until everything worked.

After the site hangs, if you indicated that you are married or have children, then you will need to fill in all their data using the same algorithm, what we analyzed above, only more briefly in scope.

After that, the system will offer in a more compact form to check all the entered data and send the questionnaire.

At the very last step, there will be a page with congratulations on the acceptance of the application and your personal code for checking the winning in the lottery.

Be sure to save your verification code somewhere, which is in the "Confirmation Number" field.

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