How to get a win at stoloto?

How and where to get a win in Russian Lotto on a ticket: to the Sberbank card, cash, on the phone

How to get winnings Zodiac Wallets: what color will multiply money

Receipt depends on the amount of the win. For a little money you can
contact a point of sale or get money for a wallet on the Internet. Big wins
given to winners in Moscow at the Stoloto lottery center. According to the law "On
lotteries "payments must begin no later than 30 days after the draw, on
getting the jackpot takes six months.

FROM 1 january 2018 year tax on winnings is paid in a new way. His
the size has not changed - the winnings are taxed 13%. However, the payment procedure
changed. If the winning is greater than or equal to the amount 15 thousand rubles, tax automatically
will be withheld upon payment, responsibility for this procedure lies with the organizers.

If the winning amount is less 15 thousand rubles, then
the lottery participant is obliged to independently apply to the local tax authority
residence and submit a declaration. For non-residents of the Russian Federation, the rate
tax on winnings is 30%.

How to play 12/24?

Everything is extremely simple here: the card contains numbers from 1 to 24. You need to choose 12 numbers. Wherein, you can choose a multiplier for your winnings, but the price of the ticket will also increase. Also, with one ticket you can participate in several draws. The Stoloto website has an auto-selection function. Here you can select "Random numbers", "Even numbers", "Odd numbers". But this is most often used when betting.

This is not an ordinary lottery, because the super prize "jackpot" is received not only by players, guessing all 12 numbers, but they too, who has not guessed a single number. All this because, what is the number of numbers here, which should be noted equals exactly half of all numbers, so the chances of guessing everything 12 numbers are equal to the chances of guessing 0 numbers. At the same time, they do not receive prizes, who has the same numbers 5, 6 or 7, and the rest win a certain amount of money.

There is a small postscript under the description of the game rules:

It means, that here the winnings amount is absolutely unstable and can change, which raises some suspicion, because it means, that the player cannot fully know all the information about his victory, and this is extremely inconvenient.

Buy lotto online, as well as tickets for other lotteries on the Stoloto website

Withdrawing money to lotto online 2020 if you win at "12/24"

Clear business, what before, how to get a prize, you need to inquire about the results of the lottery. Lotto results can be found very easily in several ways.:

  1. website on a computer or mobile phone.
  2. Mobile application "Stoloto", where you can create a personal Lotto account, receive notifications about results and winnings.
  3. You can get lotto results by SMS.
  4. At lottery kiosks.
  5. At points of the lottery network.
  6. By phone.

Withdrawal of money is carried out to a Visa / MasterCard card or to any electronic wallet. Large amounts (over 20 000 rubles) you can't just withdraw. Here you need to go through a special registration and provide personal data for processing. Here you also need to create your own lotto account online, where you can see the amount of your winnings.

There is a section "Taxation", where is indicated, what taxes can go over 30% winnings. Also a lottery, according to their own words, donates a lot of money to charity and sports development, however no documents or facts, confirming this, not.

SMARTGUIDE once again reminds, what to give out your personal data and banking information to strangers (including card number) - it can be a big risk! Fraudsters can take advantage of this for their own personal gain..

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