How can you pay for a lottery ticket online??

How to play stoloto: fundamental rules

11 advantages of buying tickets for STOLOTO

To understand, is it worth buying lottery tickets on the STOLOTO website or still pulling out tickets at lottery kiosks in the old fashioned way, you need to familiarize yourself with the advantages of buying a lotto through the above site:

  1. Save time. By buying tickets on the website you save your time, you also have the opportunity to buy tickets at any time of the day.
  2. Automatic ticket verification. After, how did you buy a ticket on the website, it will be displayed in your personal account and after the lottery is drawn, the system automatically checks the ticket. If won, then you will receive an SMS message and you can see the message on the site. You can also check the ticket yourself. To do this, you can simply print out the purchased ticket on the website and cross out the numbers "live" in front of the TV.
  3. Payment in different ways. Here you can pay like by credit card, including credit card, and electronic money.
  4. Circulation archive. They, who likes to play strategy or analyze draws here will find a very convenient and useful tool.
  5. bonus program. For purchases of lotteries and for other activities on the site, you get bonus points, which can then be exchanged for free lottery tickets.
  6. Ability to gift tickets. Through the site you can buy a ticket as a gift for family and friends. To do this, you just need to choose a ticket and indicate the person's details (Phone number and E-mail) for which he will receive a gift ticket.
  7. Ability to play via smartphone using the app, and also by SMS.
  8. Safety. The purchased e-ticket cannot be lost or torn. Nobody will steal it from you. The lottery ticket is linked to your account and mobile phone.
  9. Live streams of lotteries. On the site you can watch live broadcasts from the lottery house at any time, where the lottery drums stand and you can watch the draws of your favorite lotteries live.
  10. Buying tickets from anywhere in the world. To buy a ticket for any of the lotteries, it is enough to have Internet access. You can buy a lucky ticket in minutes, wherever you are: to work, in the bus, car or on vacation abroad..
  11. Purchase of tickets by foreign citizens. Not only Russians can buy a lottery ticket on the website, but also a citizen of any other country. Thus, the site allows foreigners to play Russian lotteries, regardless of citizenship, location and religion. Here the pros are obvious to everyone., since the more people play the lottery, the faster and more accumulates the amount for the drawing.

Buying lottery tickets online

In general, the sale of lotteries over the Internet has existed for 5-6 years old, but many still do not know about it and continue to buy paper tickets for their favorite lotteries. But not all sources are safe. The safest and most trusted site for buying lottery tickets is the Stoloto lottery ticket supermarket.

The site has been operating for more than 5 years and every year it becomes more interesting and more convenient in terms of playing lotteries via the Internet. Today the Stoloto lottery supermarket provides an opportunity to place bets and buy tickets in three convenient ways:

All options allow you to conduct purchase transactions from anywhere in the world around the clock, filling in and checking the results.

If you win a small amount in the lottery, it will automatically be credited to your personal account and you can buy more tickets with this money, well, or withdraw them in convenient ways. If the winning amount is really large, for example you won the Jackpot, then this amount can be obtained at the office of the company or at representative offices in your region.

Online payment for lottery tickets

After, how did you choose the lottery and place a bet (where to choose numbers) you need to pay for this lottery ticket. Payment is available in many ways, among which: MasterCard and Visa cards, electronic money Yandex.Money, Webmoney, Internet banks Alfa-click and Sberbank-Online.

Also, for convenience, you can immediately replenish your wallet in Stoloto once for a certain amount and then buy tickets with payment from the balance from your personal account.

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