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How to register a ticket Russian Lotto bought in Pyaterochka. Best visitor response.

Bought and did not activate? Firstly, when buying a lottery ticket, the seller usually asks for the buyer's phone number. Secondly, all the necessary information on the ticket, namely: number and date of circulation, number of ticket, play combination is placed on the check. It also indicates a unique key (Your phone number) and detailed information about the lottery organizer. In case of winning, it is the check, not a ticket, serves as the basis for payment - if the ticket was purchased at Pyaterochka

In case of winning, it is the check, not a ticket, serves as a basis for payment. As for the ticket, then in this case it turns out to be needed only for the beauty of that, to cross out numbers during broadcast

What to do, if the check is lost (or was not issued). How to get a win in the Russian Lotto lottery?

- you can apply for a win to a point of sale - to the Russian Post or Svyaznoy mobile stores, Megafon - or register on the stoloto website (in this case, when registering, you must indicate the phone number that you left when buying) and then the rate will be reflected in your personal account. And then - already standard, it can be spent, withdraw, etc.

How to get a win in the Russian Lotto lottery, if the phone number is incorrect or incorrect when registering the ticket?

Unfortunately, the winning code is sent only to the number, specified upon purchase. If at the time of placing the bet, the number was indicated incorrectly, you can get a prize, by sending a set of documents by mail or by making a personal visit with documents to the central office. Head office address: Moscow, Volgograd Prospect, d. 43, corp. 3, AO TD "Stoloto". One of the documents, which must be provided, this is a completed application. When filling out an application in the header on the right, indicate, you are welcome, correct phone number, in the application itself, indicate both numbers (erroneous on receipt and correct) and underline, you are welcome, mistakes. The application must indicate the reason for not receiving the winning code.

Among today's variety of different sweepstakes offered, perhaps, state lottery “Russian Lotto” undoubtedly inspires absolute confidence. It is conducted with 1994 of the year. The presenter from the first to the present day is permanent - this is Mikhail Borisov. All draws are held on Sundays on the NTV channel in the television program "We Are Winning", which goes live.

You can also check the circulation on the official stoloto website. Lottery ticket “Russian Lotto” you can buy not only for yourself, but also as a gift. This is a great present for a person., who has nothing to give, since he already has everything.

Winnings tax

so, for any winnings of money or any property, all citizens are required to pay personal income tax, which is called personal income tax. When calculating its value, as well as determining the procedure for its payment, the source of income and its size are taken into account. This data will affect the, on whose shoulders the tax liability will fall: organizer or citizen. All the most important nuances are set out in the Letter of the Ministry of Finance from 11.04.2018 № 03-04-07/23939.

The main thing is the amount of income, gambling winnings, on the totalizer, in the bookmaker's office, in the lottery.

Amount of income Who pays How are they paid Payment amount
Greater than or equal 15 000 rubles Tax agents: operators, lottery distributors, game organizers Reducing the size of the win 13 % or 35 % (cm. below - types of lotteries)
Smaller 15 000, but more 4000 rubles Individuals, winners On my own 13 % from the amount, exceeding 4000
Less 4000 rubles Not subject to tax

To find out, what is the tax on lottery winnings 2020, must be considered, what type was the lottery:

  1. State lottery - the rate will be 13 %.
  2. Winnings, promotion prize - bet 35 %, if the amount is more 4000 rubles.

If a citizen has received small winnings several times during the year, and their amount exceeded 4000, he will have to pay tax on the excess amount, and independently.

There is also a nuance regarding the taxation of gambling winnings.: sum, which will have to pay tax, is the difference between income and rate, made by the player.

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