Prepaid cards: how to protect yourself in a foreign lottery game?

Foreign lotteries, which Russians can play online

What are the features of prepaid cards?

Sometimes the necessary measures for activating a prepaid card include authorization via the Internet by sending a special code.

The legal framework of some countries has a number of restrictions on the amount on this kind of cards. In the Russian Federation, there can be no more than 15 thousand rubles, in Ukraine - no more than a thousand hryvnia. Replenishment is also controlled and has a fixed line. If the client passes identification at the bank, then this amount can be increased.

If the client wants to open a prepaid card through a bank, then a certain service fee may be required. This option is not very expensive. (order 200 rubles in Russia or 50 hryvnia in Ukraine), but there are shares, by which this payment can be avoided.

Major global corporations also issue prepaid cards, so this is the prerogative of not only banks.

Cash withdrawal operation can be problematic. Some types of cards completely exclude this possibility.. For instance, VISA Prepaid card does not have this function.

Some cards have an irreducible balance, that is, a certain amount, which neither to remove, it is impossible to spend. You should definitely be interested in this before issuing a card..

The validity period of such cards is short. They are often valid for a year or two..

If you have lost your card, then you will not be able to block it. Respectively, someone else will be able to use the amount available on the card without any problems without your knowledge.

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