How to buy a lottery ticket for a foreign lottery

Russian or foreign - which lotteries are better to play

Can lotteries be trusted, at all?

I think, many of you have ever dreamed of a good win. We often expect gifts from fate as material, and intangible. But if in life matters we can rely on our own skill, then in financial games you need to rely only on luck. However, where to invest money, for this very luck to happen - that's the big question. Let's try to figure out, what lottery can you invest in.

On the question of whether to play the lottery, I'll just answer - it's worth it! After all, if you do not give fate a chance, how will she help you. Another thing, that you don't need to spend all your last money on purchasing a bundle of tickets at once, but you definitely need to try your luck once or twice a month, otherwise you will just lie and dream.

Unfortunately, in Russia, the attitude towards lotteries is rather skeptical. This is due to a lot of hype in the 90s, with a lot of instant lotteries, in which it was simply impossible to get a serious win. However, today there are several fairly reliable Russian lotteries with multi-million dollar jackpots and a large number of smaller wins..

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