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Lottery stories, surprised the world

At different times, two foreigners purchased tickets for some American lotteries, working online, and won big prize money. This once again proves that, that in the USA anyone can win, regardless of their citizenship.

So here: an Iraqi citizen is lucky to win six million four hundred thousand dollars in the lottery “Oregon Megabucks”. The man decided not to take the entire prize in whole and at once, and divide it into 25 parts, to receive annually $256 000. When the lucky person provided the organizers with a lottery ticket, he was asked not to disclose his name in the media. Despite the lottery's ban on leaving the winner unknown, the leaders met halfway in view of the, that the person was worried about his fate and the fate of his loved ones, when he is on his native land.

Iraqi player wins Oregon Megabucks 6,4 million

Canadian retiree wins $ 1 million in Powerball. As 73-year-old Michael Glickman from Quebec admitted, he purchased lottery tickets online. He was quite satisfied with this form of participation in the drawings., because every time you move from country to country for the sake of, to take a ticket of your favorite lottery was, to put it mildly, burdensome. In addition, age makes itself felt more and more often., you don't travel much.

Canadian retiree wins a million in Powerball

When Powerball's jackpot ballooned to gigantic proportions – up to one billion and six hundred million dollars, Canadian gentleman incredibly lucky – He won! Unlike many, Quebec retiree enjoyed participating in raffles, and did not dream about profit. Although in a conversation with the notifier he admitted, that he was insanely happy and at the same time complained about the small size of his own pension. So the win was obviously not superfluous.

We have told you about only two cases of incredible luck of foreigners in American lotteries., in fact there are much more of them (there were big winners from Australia, Latvia, El Salvador and even Moscow). In addition, the people are informed exclusively about those episodes, what happened in the USA, but in Europe it is not accepted to disclose information about the winners. We also adhere to the principles of strict confidentiality.

Winner anonymity issue

Now let's move on to another important sub-topic of the topic – triumphant anonymity. Known, that participant, who managed to grab the jackpot in the American lottery, if desired, remains Mr. X only in six states

In all other names, the name of the lucky person becomes public.

Winner anonymity when winning

However, this does not mean at all, that information about the lucky person with his contact details will necessarily appear on the site of the lottery organizers. If you wish, you can always find out something about the identity of the winner in other media. At the time of honoring the recipient of the prize, they will certainly remove, take pictures. And if he wants to remain unrecognized, then, first of all, external disguise should be taken care of, eg: wear dark sunglasses, put on a cap, wrap a scarf around the neck.

In some cases, the founders go to meet the person, who wished to remain anonymous, and declare non-disclosure of information about him for a month, of the year, several years. Sometimes the organizers will keep the anonymity of the winner due to the, that someone or his loved ones may be in danger. America lives by the principle of, that the client is always right, and therefore if you have good reason to remain anonymous, you will be provided with it.

What you need to know to play in Russia?

American lottery, buy a ticket for which you can in Russia, enjoys great interest from our players, but first of all, you should look for a reliable intermediary.

We have collected enough information regarding the opinions of our players about foreign quizzes, here are the main ones:

  1. Near 90% users find lotteries from the USA quite exciting and gambling, and they do not play there for a large reward, and for the purpose of splashing adrenaline;
  2. order 80% players from Russia count, that the quiz data is very simple, and everyone can understand their rules. Thought about, that this lottery is from another country and may be incomprehensible to our player disappears after the first bet, in fact, everything turns out to be quite simple;
  3. PowerBall attracts domestic players much more, rather than Mega Millions. Many failed to find worthy, reliable intermediaries, some of the players subjectively believe, that winning the last lottery is almost impossible. For players, who managed to win a few dollars, complain about the high commission for currency conversion. However, all confirmed, that the winning funds are credited to the account pretty quickly;
  4. The two US lotteries we mentioned have, generally, positive characteristics among Russian players.
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