How to buy an American lottery ticket

How to play the American powerball lottery (online) in Russia | lottery world

The advantages and disadvantages of the American lottery

There are pros and cons to draws from the USA. Having studied them, you yourself can make a decision, is it worth taking part in them. What are the advantages of these drawings?

  • Big prize pool and big jackpots. America has the largest jackpots in the world. For instance, lottery MegaMillions at the end 2018 won the second largest prize in history, equal 1,5 billion dollars.
  • Tickets available for purchase. It's easy to buy a ticket. Formally, paper versions of popular brands PowerBall and MegaMillions are sold only in America. But participation in the drawings is available to Russians, who can use the services of intermediaries.

There is one significant drawback: American citizens don't like, when big wins leave the country. If foreigners receive the main prize, local residents start scribbling complaints to the authorities about this person. No one wants to give a fortune outside the state.

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