How to play the lottery

How to get a win at stoloto?

If all else fails. What to do?

Obsessive dreams of lottery winnings turn into a haunting idea? Means, time to take action and do something. Remember, that lotteries are a great way of leisure and pastime, which should not cause negativity in any case. We offer simple tips for correcting the situation to those people, who are concerned about "Why there is no lottery win".

How to win if all else fails

No obsession with winning

First you need to get rid of worries for the reason, that there is no lottery win. Buyers of tickets every day, and that hour, there is a huge number of people in various parts of the world. Each of them has a chance of getting the desired win. Only one person is lucky at once, and another has to wait for the finest hour sometimes for many years. Often players, who don't get quick results, visit disappointments, what is the wrong approach. Leisure should be easier: bought a ticket, numbers determined, I thought about fortune and went about my business. Letting go of negative thoughts and obsessions.

More confidence in the occasion

People, winners in state lotteries, most often talk about the accident of acquiring a lucky ticket. Someone got it as a change at a point of sale or thanks to the advice of employees of the Russian post office. This indicates, that when asked to buy a change lottery when making a purchase, or become the owner of the last ticket, which remained with the seller, never miss this opportunity. This can be a sign of fate and possible luck..

How to play on the Stoloto website - basic rules

Above mentioned, that the Stoloto company is responsible for selling online tickets for its lotteries. But we did not consider this issue in detail..

We have compiled instructions for use for all, who wants to try their luck, without leaving your computer.

Stage 1. registration on the website

The first, what needs to be done - register on the site. There is nothing complicated about it - just fill out the form.

The following data must be specified:

  • name;
  • email;
  • password;
  • phone number.

Also you will be asked to confirm, what are you 18 years old.

Phone and email must be valid. They will require confirmation.

Stage 2. Buying a ticket

First of all, you need to replenish your wallet. This is done from your personal account or after choosing a lottery ticket.

The wallet is replenished in the following ways:

  1. A plastic card.
  2. Online banking.
  3. From a mobile phone number.
  4. Yandex money.
  5. Qiwi.
  6. Single wallet.
  7. Bank transfer.
  8. Deposit via terminals.

Maximum amount of one transaction - 300000 rubles. The wallet cannot contain more than 600000 rubles.

Choose the lottery of interest from your personal account or simply on the website. After filling in the numeric field, it remains only to purchase a ticket.

Stage 3. Ticket verification

Electronic tickets are checked automatically. You can also see the result in your personal account.

If you don't trust the system, see video broadcasts in the "Circulation Archive" tab. If there are disputes, eg, won your ticket, but the system does not consider it as such - contact technical support.

Stage 4. Receiving winnings

You are in luck and you became the owner of the lucky ticket, who brought you money. Where to get the prize?

The information on the site tells us the following:

  1. To 100 000 rubles. Such amounts are automatically transferred to your personal account. Withdraw money in a way convenient for you. To receive amounts over 40000 rubles go through full identification.
  2. From 100 000 to 300 000 rubles. Big Winnings Are Given at Big Prize Centers. They are in Moscow, Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.
  3. From 300 000. Such huge winnings are issued only in the Stoloto lottery center in Moscow.

To receive a prize of more 1 000 000 rubles will require additional examination of the ticket.

We receive a prize depending on the purchase of a ticket

Below we will analyze in detail all options for withdrawing funds.. Each method has its own advantages, but they all have one thing in common - safety.

Stoloto lottery ticket can be electronic or paper. Depending on the location, where did you buy it.

Electronic is sold on the official website and in the mobile application. It is also possible to purchase a coupon by SMS. Paper - in kiosks, retail stores and mobile salons.

When buying a ticket through the website, app or SMS

If you played over the Internet, you can get a win in stoloto in the following way:

to 600 000 rubles
from 600 000
from 10 000 000
1) On the site. Transfer money to "Wallet".
2) In quick lotteries, prizes up to 15 000 are transferred to the Stoloto Wallet automatically.
3) If you bought a ticket by SMS, register on the official website of the stoloto with a phone number, which was specified when purchasing a ticket

Next, go to your Personal Account and use the item 1.

You need to apply on the winning coupon page.
Призы выплачиваются в центральном офисе «Столото».

You must apply on the winning coupon page.: We recommend transferring such winnings by bank transfer at the central office of "Stoloto".

When buying a ticket at kiosks, shops, communication salons

By purchasing a paper coupon, you can provide a phone number or not. The method of withdrawing money depends on it.

In this table, consider, how to collect the winnings, if when registering your ticket you indicated your mobile phone.

to 600 000 rubles
from 600 000
from 10 000 000
Register on the official website of the stoloto with a phone number, which was specified when purchasing a ticket.
Next, transfer money to the "Wallet".
In fast lotteries, amounts up to 100 000 are transferred to the Stoloto Wallet automatically.

Register on the official website of the stoloto with a phone number, which was specified when purchasing a ticket.
You need to apply on the winning coupon page.
Призы выплачиваются в центральном офисе «Столото».

Register on the official website of the stoloto with a phone number, which was specified when purchasing a ticket.
You need to apply on the winning coupon page.
Important: We recommend that you draw up such winnings by bank transfer at the central office of Stoloto.

In the table below, we will consider the methods of withdrawing funds in case you did not specify your phone number when buying a ticket.

to 2000 rubles
from 2000
from 600 000
from 10 000 000
Cash winnings up to 1000 you can get in the branches of "Russian Post". 2000 - "Balt Lotto".
Amounts up to 200 000 paid at the Moscow office on Tverskaya.

To 100 000 - "Balt Lotto".
To 200 000 - in special centers for issuing prizes.
Also in the Moscow office on Tverskaya.

You need to apply for payment, after checking the coupon in a special section.
Призы выплачиваются в центральном офисе «Столото».

You need to apply for payment, after checking the coupon in a special section.
Important: We recommend that you draw up such winnings by bank transfer at the central office of Stoloto.

How to check your ticket for winning online, can be read in our special material.

Important: the prize is issued only if you have your passport and receipt with you, don't forget to take the coupon itself

Common Prize Options for Electronic and Paper Tickets

Cash at retail outlets.

to 1000 rubles Rostelecom, "Megaphone"
from 1000 to 10 000 Euroset, "Messenger"
to 10 000 "Post of Russia"
to 100 000 PPS BK «Baltbet»
to 200 000 Balt Lotto
to 200 000 Moscow office stoloto on Tverskaya

You must have a win code with you, which came to you by SMS, passport and all information about the e-ticket (including a unique key, you can completely print the ticket).

Important: the code comes only if you win more than 15 000 rubles. Приз можно перевести на лицевой счет в банке.

Приз можно перевести на лицевой счет в банке.

Send a document with all the details by regular or express mail.

If the amount is more 15 000, need to pass identification (on the main page at the very bottom there is a corresponding tab).

When sending documents in an envelope must be:

  • Statement;
  • Unique key (numeric combination, placed on the ticket) and the winning ticket number;
  • Winning code, received by SMS;
  • Copy of the document, certifying your identity (eg, the passport);
  • Bank details;
  • Copy of TIN.

You can also get a prize at the Stoloto lottery center (to 599 999 rubles), per day contact only until 20 000. If the amount is more, - you need to call the center and warn.

Address: Moscow, Volgograd Prospect, 43, corp. 3, business center "Avilon Plaza", lottery center "Stoloto" (m. "Textile workers", the last carriage from the center).

What promotions and draws are held on the Stoloto website

Various promotions and sweepstakes are constantly operating on the Stoloto website, participation in which can bring you new bonus points, cash prizes, apartments, cars and many other valuable promotions.

The "Invite a friend" promotion operates on such a system:

  1. You, already a registered user of Stoloto, you can invite a friend, a relative or just a friend, even a stranger, who has not yet registered on the lottery organizer's website. For every person, who will become a client of Stoloto, who invited him gets 1 special bonus and 9 ordinary. the main thing, for the invited person to buy tickets for the total amount within three days after registration 150 rub. or more.
  2. The invited and registered new client of Stoloto, in addition to the chance to win the lottery, also receives bonuses. Their number is equal to the size of the minimum bid for the most expensive ticket among those, what will he buy within the first three days after registration. For instance, if a ticket is bought for 150 rubles, the account will be automatically credited 150 points. Therefore, inviting a new person to register on the company's website, don't forget to mention it.
  3. There are two ways to invite friends - via email and using a referral link. You can invite up to 10 people per day, and through the referral program you can attract an unlimited number of new customers. Get your referral link for posting on Internet resources (forums, social networks, messengers) you can in your personal account.

Bonuses, received in this promotion, can be spent in a standard way. The promotion has been in effect for a long time and the organizers do not intend to stop it yet..

Login to the website of the Stoloto state lotteries

Also, the organizers periodically launch other promotions and sweepstakes.. For instance, quite recently, 14 february, all, who bought tickets for Stoloto lotteries, received twice as many bonuses. And to celebrate the New Year 2020, the organizers of the Stoloto lotteries launched the "Year without worries" campaign, in which it was possible to win an annual security in the amount of 100000 rub. every month. Moreover, each person could get an infinite number of chances to win., just buying tickets for the New Year's lottery "Russian Lotto". There are many promotions, to keep track of them and not miss a single, join the Stoloto group on any social network or subscribe to the newsletter, this can be done in your personal account on the company's website.

Is there a tax on winnings?

Yes, exist. The tax system simply cannot easily miss such a tidbit., as the prize received becomes income for the lottery participant. The country's legislation has come up with a fairly simple scheme for taxing profits with winnings. Namely: when, if luck smiles and the ticket wins, at the expense of the state treasury should be paid 13% of the received amount.

Sure, few people want to share their prize, obtained in such an uncomplicated way, and especially, if the winning amount is small, but spent on buying tickets significantly. And yet, the standard income tax is worth paying for any winner of this game..

Winnings tax in the lottery

If lottery participants receive movable and immovable property as a prize, they should also pay standard tax. In these cases, according to the law, the lottery organizers inform the winner in writing of the value of the property won.. At the same time, acting in accordance with the legislation of the country, the person must fill out the tax return himself, and also independently calculate and deposit the amount to the appropriate institution of the district. Don't forget, that it must be done no later than 30 April of the year, next year win.

IN 2018 year, there were minor changes in the payment of tax on winnings. The interest rate remains unchanged, but the way of payment will change. Now if the winning amount exceeds 15 т.р. then the winner will receive a "clean" win from the organizers – the sum, reduced by the amount of tax. And in this case, you will no longer have to file a tax return. If the size of the win is less than 15 т.р. then for you everything remains the same. You are given the whole winnings, and you are required to fill out the tax return yourself and pay the tax due.

Winning the "Russian Lotto" lottery

Where are the results published?

There are several ways to find out the winning lotto ticket.:

  1. Publication and announcement of results on the Russian Lotto website.

To do this, you need to go to the website and go to the tab "Checking tickets and results of draws".

Upcoming draws will appear on a new page or you can find a category yourself using the search bar. To do this, you need to click on it, and then the options will appear. Choose "Russian Lotto" from all categories. In this case, a search is performed by ticket number.

After the selected category, a transition to a new page occurs. Here you will need to indicate the circulation number (1) and ticket (2) lotto. If several coupons participated, then you can add them using a special button below the field "Ticket number". When everything is entered, you need to click on "Check" (3).

If you search through the "Archive of Draws" of the Russian Lotto, then you will need to indicate the date of the drawing. Besides, you can enter a range. In this case, all dates of the Russian Lotto for the last period will be issued. It is required to choose from the given results, which is necessary for the winner or participant.

  1. Publication in the draws archive on the mobile version of the lotto page or in the application.

You can check the lotto winners through the app or the mobile site. On the main page you will need to click on the button "Check ticket ...".

Then a new page will appear, where can I find winning lotto ticket by number or combination. There is a special field below, where data is entered.

  1. Directly, where they sell coupons for draws.
  2. In the newspaper "Arguments and Facts".
  3. By special phone.
  4. On our portal check the lotteries "Golden Key".

To find out about the win, you need to call the single support number of the lotto center: +7-499-270-27-27. From a mobile phone, you can dial *777. The short number is free. However, it can be used by mobile subscribers, without withdrawing money from the account.

How to get prizes

Depending on the amount of the win, gifts are given at different points. Therefore, the prizes are within 2 thousand rubles are given, where you can buy lotto tickets. To clarify, you can call the support service using a single number. If the win in the Russian Lotto reaches five or six figures, then it can be transferred to an electronic wallet in the lotto account. Prizes are awarded on any network, where coupons for editions are sold.

When a participant wins more than one hundred thousand rubles, then they receive a prize by transfer to a bank card. To do this, you need to send a set of documents by mail. When the winning amount reaches a million or more rubles, then the payment is made by bank transfer. To do this, you will need to draw up documents. To receive a prize, you must visit the central office of the Russian Lotto lottery company.

Is winnings taxable?

For Russian participants of the Russian Lotto, the tax is 13%. If the participant arrived from another country, then the collection comes to 30% from the sum. IN 2018 year since 1 January it was decided that, if the amount is equal to or greater than 15 thousand rubles, then the tax will be withheld immediately. Otherwise, at the prize in 10 thousand rubles an individual will need to pay a fee in a special institution.

Lack of information about foreign lotteries

The lottery industry in the world began to actively gain momentum after World War II. Now it is developing very quickly and moving forward at a tremendous pace.. More and more lotteries appear, including, with a large prize fund. In America and Europe, this area is developing the fastest..

Among the largest lotteries, there are several American and European draws:

  • Powerball (USA).
  • Mega Million (USA).
  • EuroMillions (Europe).
  • EuroJackpot (Europe).
  • Lotto 6/49 (Canada).
  • The Primitive (Spain).
  • El Gordo (Spain).
  • The supernatural (Spain).

for example, Powerball lottery is considered the most popular lottery in the world of gambling. She is also the leader among the world's draws, which is ahead of the competition by a wide margin. The first draw took place 19 april 1992 of the year. AND 13 january 2016 of the year this lottery set an absolute world record for the jackpot – 1,586 billion dollars! Impressive amount, isn't it true.

Foreign lottery jackpots break records every year

Despite, that many international lotteries are profitable, there is little information about them in Russia. There are several reasons for this..

  • The organizers do not like to see residents of other countries among the winners and participants, not included in the region of circulation. Residents of every country, where is the draw, don't treat the leakage of the prize fund abroad.
  • Lack of Russian-language versions of lottery operator sites. Furthermore, some portals in Russia are blocked. Information about such sites is rarely disseminated.

Multiple restrictions don't stop experienced players, which leads to the emergence of intermediary companies. They help Russian citizens to purchase tickets and, if successful, pick up a prize.

There are crooks among these intermediaries, so the choice must be made very carefully

International lottery tickets can only be purchased online. Online lottery sales first began to surface in the 1990s. Then many portals were launched, where tickets of different operators were on sale. Later, online lottery buying agencies appeared..

IN 1999 an international organization was established, which arose by combining a number of small companies. She followed the development of the gambling and gambling industry, currently the union includes 90 world powers. There are many draws, below is a small overview of the most profitable options.

Where to buy a ticket?

There are several ways, where to buy a ticket will not be difficult. it:

  • , which you can use and purchase electronic coupons.
  • Mobile client and entry through the mobile browser of the state lottery, through which you can also purchase a coupon.
  • The lottery allows you to purchase a ticket and using messages, by sending the name of the lottery to number four nines.
  • Sales are made through various retail outlets - for example, Baltbet, Messenger, Pyaterochka, Rostelecom, Crossroads and so on.
  • Finally, you can buy tickets through lottery kiosks or Stoloto centers.

Buying Stoloto tickets in different ways

Types of lotteries from stoloto and rules for their conduct

Multi-million dollar lotteries

These are the most cash lotteries. for example, in the game "Gosloto" 4 out of 20 "the super prize for the next draw is 503 000 000 rubles. Lottery tickets are sold:

Draws are held daily (every lottery has its own time).

Multimillion dollar lotteries include:

  • "Gosloto" 4 out of 20 ";
  • "Gosloto" 7 out of 49 ";
  • "Gosloto" 6 out of 45 ";
  • "Gosloto" 5 out of 36 ";
  • "Zodiac";
  • "Sportloto Matchball".

Another important rule: you should be more 18 years old! Lottery organizers are subject to the laws of the Russian Federation. To play stoloto, the user must have citizenship or a SIM card of a mobile operator of one of these countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan or Georgia

But when buying a paper ticket, it is not necessary to provide a mobile phone number.

To play Stoloto, need to register a ticket, fill it with combinations of numbers, pay and wait for results. If the prize is more than 15 000 rubles, then to the phone specified during registration, an SMS with a win code will come.

The results can be viewed on the official website, in the mobile application, at lottery distribution points or by phone 8 900 555 00 55.

Instant lotteries

Stoloto rules for instant lotteries are different from others. No need to wait for the draw. You just buy a ticket and erase the protective layer. Below it will be the amount of the prize money.

Instant lotteries include:

  • "Rapido";
  • «Rapido 2.0»;
  • "Top 3";
  • «12/24»;
  • "Duel";
  • "Joker";
  • KENO-Sportloto.

Winnings up to 1000 rubles can be picked up at the place of purchase. To 10 000 - in the lottery center stoloto, in Balt-Lotto or in the Moscow Lottery network. From 10 000 - Bank transaction. From 1 000 000 - in the lottery center stoloto.

TV lotteries

The main difference between such pranks is real shows., with invited guests. Such lotteries are held once a week. Here players can get more than a cash prize, but also at home, apartments, cars and so on.

Television lotteries include:

  • "Russian Lotto";
  • "Russian Lotto Express";
  • "Housing lottery";
  • "Golden Horseshoe";
  • Bingo-75;
  • "6 out of 36".

You can buy a ticket for TV lotteries there., where and for multimillion. The rules for receiving a prize are the same. All lotteries are subject to the paper ticket examination rule, if the win is more 1000 rubles and less 600 thousand. Confirmation period no more 30 days. When, if the prize is more 600 thousand rubles, then examination may take 180 days.

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