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How to play stoloto with a ticket - basic rules and instructions

How to win Russian Lotto. Prize combinations

For those, who is not very familiar with the rules of the lottery, briefly review them. The playing field of the ticket consists of two cards, in each of which are randomly located 15 numbers from 1 to 90, thus, that each line contains 5 numbers. The host or specially invited people pull out kegs with numbers from an opaque bag. If the number of the removed keg is on your ticket, you cross it out. And then the following scenarios are possible.

1 tour - wins a ticket, in which they will coincide before others 5 numbers from any string

In this case, the amount of the winnings is from 70 000 to 300 000 rubles.

2 tour - wins a ticket, in which they will coincide before others 15 numbers from any card, it doesn't matter if it's the top or bottom card. Amount of remuneration 1 000 000 rubles, or a special prize (car or country house).

Jackpot - wins a ticket, wherein 15 numbers of any of the cards will coincide with the numbers of the extracted kegs already on 15 go

In other words, to win the jackpot, every number pulled up 15 moves must match the numbers of one of your playing fields. It should be noted, that this is a rather rare situation. If on 15 this does not happen, then the game continues further according to the rules of the second round, and the jackpot increases and is carried over to the next draw. Its size usually ranges from 50 to 500 million rubles, however, the probability of winning it is approximately 1 of 24 million, unenviable chance, but he still exists.

3 tour - wins a ticket, in which before others will be crossed out all 30 numbers of both game fields. The size of the win is the same as in the second round.

4 and subsequent rounds - similar to the third round, but the win is getting smaller with every move.

The game continues, usually before 86-88 stroke depending on circulation. That is, in different draws from the bag, a total of no more than 88 barrels, therefore, it may well be that you will not be enough to cross out everything to win 1-2 numbers.

Additional prizes

In the holiday draws, in addition to the main game, additional prizes are drawn. They are identified by the ticket number, which is located above the playing fields. The winning numbers are randomly selected by the computer. Usually, in this way is played 10 — 50 cars or country houses. Nice bonus!

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