Bonus program "Thank you from Sberbank"

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How to pay by phone?

For, to top up your OK.RU account using SMS:

  • in the menu on the left, open "Replenish account";
  • in the payment instructions, select the payment method "Payment by phone". To change the amount, to which you want to replenish your account, click on the "Change amount" button immediately below the amount of OKs and select the desired amount;
  • select your country from the drop-down list;
  • send an SMS with the specified code to the specified number.

Most OK.RU users can also use the PBC payment system (pay by click). This requires:

  • in the menu on the left, open "Replenish account";
  • from the offered list of payment methods select "Payment by phone". To change the amount, to which you want to replenish your account, click on the "Change amount" button immediately below the amount of OKs and select the desired amount;
  • enter phone number, from which funds will be debited for payment;
  • click on the "Order OK" button;
  • follow the instructions on the screen.

The confirmation code will need to be specified only at the first payment. In the future, to order a function, it will be enough to click the "Order" button.

Terms of the program from Sberbank

Odnoklassniki site plus Sberbank RF - old partners, therefore, you can pay for purchases on a specific site with a bank card of this bank. Buying coins of the Internet resource, it is quite possible to use bonus units thanks from Sberbank in this application. To date, the following tariff is available to users from Ok Thank you.

# Shackle Amount, received for a certain number of bonuses (OK) Number of exchanged bonuses for "Thank you" (points)
1 20 30
2 30 45
3 50 75
4 100 150
5 200 300
6 300 450

In addition, bonus units are exchanged in accordance with the loyalty program from Thank you for OK in Odnoklassniki for some services. for example:

  • user acquisition of a special position (in other words VIP status) – 375 points;
  • buy the function "Invisible", spending 300 bonuses;
  • buy emoticons, stickers for just 70 bonus units.

What does it mean to activate a promo code

If the user received a promo code somehow, then it must be entered on the Internet on the seller's website, to activate. Usually, promotional codes have a certain period of validity., so there is no point in wasting time using it.

Unfortunately, far from always and not all promo codes work. Sometimes the seller's website does not display a window or field for entering a promotional code at all. No place, where could you enter the promo code.

Why does it happen? maybe, stock, prepared for promotional codes, is already over. maybe, the user wants to buy the wrong thing, what are the promotional codes for. for example, Russian Railways (Russian Railways) occasionally applies various deep discounts, especially out of season, but only in certain directions. And when you try to book a ticket to other destinations - alas, there is no way to activate the promo code, since it is not intended for these directions.

Also, commonplace mistakes of programmers or those, who serves the seller's sites. Well, forgot to insert a field! And who is never wrong?! Though, sure, everyone is disappointed, if the promo code cannot be registered.

The promo code is activated differently on different sites. Most often when paying for goods or when gaining access to a service, there is a link "Activate promo code" (rice. 2) or "I have a promo code" (rice. 1). Just click on this link. After that, a field for entering a promo code will appear (rice. 3):

Rice. 3. Field for activating a promo code

If there is a single error, the code will not be activated and access to obtaining favorable conditions will be closed, possibly, even forever, at least with the received promo code.

How to buy OK in Odnoklassniki via phone

Many active users of the social network "Odnoklassniki", interested in buying OK via phone. This method is popular., due to its simplicity and availability, since almost everyone has a mobile phone and an account on a social network at hand.

The method of replenishing a virtual wallet through the phone, although convenient, but the purchase price is OK will be different, depending on the option chosen.

From mobile phone balance

You can top up your account via phone as follows:

  • being on a personal page, replenishment in the menu, select the "via phone" icon;
  • click on the appropriate package option;
  • indicate country;
  • enter mobile phone number, from which funds will be debited;
  • click on the "get code" button;
  • enter the resulting digital combination into the line.

Several payment packages are presented for the buyer.

Through the Odnoklassniki app

Buy "OK" through the Odnoklassniki app, you can use your phone, connected to any mobile operator. The prices will be the same. Purchase instruction OK:

  • go to your profile and click on the menu icon in the upper left corner;
  • select the item "top up the account";
  • choose the appropriate one from the offered payment options.

If the method of replenishment by phone is selected, then the number will be shown at the top 100, indicating the number of OK, which the user wishes to purchase. If you need a smaller number, then it can be changed, just touching it, choosing the required amount. Further, you will need to enter the phone number in the appropriate window and click on the "Order OK" section. An SMS with a special code will be sent to the specified number. It must be entered into the window, on the page that opens and click on the orange button.

From a bank card

This option is considered the most profitable, as 1 OK will equal 1 ruble. Bank cards of any payment system and any bank are accepted for payment.

In the window you need to indicate the number of OK, which the user wishes to purchase, enter card number, date and year of validity, and, security code, which can be found on the back of the card. After entering all the required data, you should click "Pay". Upon request, confirmation of the operation must be confirmed via phone, which will receive the code. Usually, this mechanism works for Sberbank cardholders.

Using electronic money

If the user has an electronic wallet, then he can pay with OK without any problems. It could be Yandex money, QIWI Wallet or Webmoney. How to use this method using the example of QIWI Wallet:

go to the section to buy OK - electronic money;

  • choose a QIWI wallet;
  • enter your phone number and click on the "order" section;

Proceed to checkout.

We exchange bonuses Thank you from Sberbank

To use this method, the user must be a member of the bonus program from Sberbank. Transfer points to OK, in the following way:

  • go to Sberbank online, using login and password;
  • check, are there any bonus points on the account?;
  • log into your account on Odnoklassniki;
  • after authorization, click on the section "Buy OK;
  • select the menu "Bonuses Thanks from Sberbank";
  • the system will automatically open a page with a promotion, by providing a choice of transfers of available bonuses in the required amount OK;
  • after choosing the desired option, the user will see an electronic form, with which you can continue the process of transferring points without registration or with it;
  • in the window that opens, enter your email and phone number, which will receive an SMS notification with a code;
  • the code is entered into the corresponding line of the form;
  • go to email, open the received letter with a code and activate it at the specified email address.

This completes the transfer procedure and the bonus points will be credited to the Odnoklassniki account.

Top up with a certificate or coupon

The site contains a special section "certificates and coupons", with which you can also get a certain amount of OK, if the user has the required codes.

What is the peculiarity of the offer from Sberbank

To take part in the "Thank you" loyalty program and enjoy all its privileges, you need to link the card to the current promotion. Registration will take a few minutes. You can use the service "Sberbank Online", ATM or mobile app.

To receive a reward on the account, you need to pay for goods in retail chains by credit card. For each transaction with plastic, a refund is made from 0,5% of the check amount.

Not all transactions with Sberbank cards are awarded conditional points. The following actions do not bring bonuses:

  1. Replenishment of electronic wallets.
  2. Transfers from one account to another.
  3. Purchase of prohibited items.
  4. Receiving cash.
  5. Committing the fourth, fifth purchase of the day in one store.

The timing of the receipt of bonus points on the balance depends on the purchase costs.

Important! When a product was purchased with a cost of 15 000 rubles or more, incentive units will come through 40 days.

When the amount spent is less 15 000 rubles, bonuses will come through 4-5 days. On the account there are bonuses "Thank you" 3 of the year. Having accumulated the required number of conventional units, they can be used to purchase OK in Odnoklassniki.

Expert opinion
Anastasia Yakovleva
Bank loan officer


You can apply for a loan for free right now, credit or card to several banks at once. Find out the conditions in advance and calculate the overpayment on the calculator. Want to try?

How does it work and what conditions

The action "Exchange Thank you for OK" requires you to be a member of the bonus program. To do this, you first need to become a Sberbank card holder, which you can pay for purchases. The card can be obtained at any bank branch.

The bank card is registered for participation in the program both through the Internet bank or mobile application, and with the help of a Sberbank ATM. To activate the bonus and get OK for the "Thank you" coupons in "Odnoklassniki", after completing all the steps, according to the specified detailed instructions (it appears on the screen of an ATM or smartphone during the registration process).

After registration in the program, the cost of the purchase by bank card is returned to the account 0,5% in the form of bonus points. Having accumulated the required amount of points, you can buy OK in Odnoklassniki.

Terms of bonus accrual

The speed of bonus accrual depends on the amount spent on purchases, made with a Sberbank card (as part of a bonus operation).

If the amount does not exceed 15000 p., bonus points are transferred within 4-5 days. When the amount spent is (or exceeds) 15000 p., then the bonus accrual time is 35-40 days.

Sberbank's offer has been active since autumn 2017 of the year. Pay with bonuses for services in Odnoklassniki, and you can also buy OKs on them in Odnoklassniki during 3 years from the date of registration of a bank card in the bonus program.

The company has the right to extend the timing of the promotion at its discretion.

In what cases "Thank you" points are not awarded

The "Collect bonuses and exchange them for OK" promotions does not apply to those situations, when points cannot be awarded.

In accordance with the current regulations for the implementation of the bonus program from Sberbank, points are not awarded in cases, when:

  • financial transactions with cash (accrual or withdrawal of funds) carried out in the branches of credit institutions;
  • payment is made by means of a corporate card, attached to the account of an individual entrepreneur or legal entity;
  • financial transactions prohibited by the law of the Russian Federation;
  • payment is carried out using branded cards (eg, cards with the MTS or Aeroflot logo);
  • transactions are carried out to purchase payment documents, valuable papers, checks or precious metals.

The above reasons do not allow either to accrue, nor exchange bonus points in Odnoklassniki for OK or other benefits and privileges.

If you have questions about this program, eg, when to find out, are bonuses accrued under certain conditions, it is recommended to clarify the necessary information with a Sberbank employee.

Offer information

  • You can purchase a coupon in time from 1 january 2018 years to 31 December 2019 year inclusive;
  • You can use the coupon on time from 1 january 2018 years to 31 December 2019 year inclusive;
  • You can purchase the coupon an unlimited number of times;
  • One coupon is valid only once.


  • OKs and Odnoklassniki services are not credited automatically.
  • After receiving the coupon by sms and e-mail, you will need to activate it on the website or in the mobile application in the "Payments and subscriptions" section, further "Activate certificate".
  • You can also activate the coupon via the direct link
  • If you have any questions, you can contact our contact center at 900 (Further 5).

You no longer need to spend money on Odnoklassniki. Use bonuses THANKS! Just exchange them for OK and enjoy chatting with your friends!

FROM 1 january 2018 years to 31 December 2019 exchange years 30 bonuses THANKS for 20 OKov in Odnoklassniki.

  • OKs and Odnoklassniki services are not credited automatically.
  • After receiving the coupon by sms and e-mail, you will need to activate it on the website or in the mobile application in the "Payments and subscriptions" section, further "Activate certificate".
  • You can also activate the coupon via the direct link

Obtaining an identifier through your Sberbank Online personal account

In the personal account of Internet banking, the client gets the opportunity to have access to information such as:

  • Transfers and payments
  • Bank cards
  • Accounts and deposits
  • Active loans and more.

Besides, you can create your own "Personal Menu" in the system, in which everything will be customized for you, taking into account your system requirements. Without fail, the client will have in the menu data on the history of payments made, as of current accounts, on connected auto payments, and perform the necessary operations, without leaving home.

Where to get the identifier "Sberbank Online"?

We have already talked briefly about, where can i get the id. There are only a few clarifications on this issue.. Without an identifier, it is not possible to get inside your personal account in any other way. This is done solely for the safety of the bank's client users. For the same reason, it is highly discouraged for clients to disable confirmation of transactions with one-time passwords inside their personal account - this significantly reduces the level of security of your funds.. Better every time you will additionally enter a password to confirm operations, than one fine morning discover a hacked ID and emptied accounts.

What to do, if you forgot your Sberbank Online identifier?

Remembering your own identifier in the Sberbank Online system is not so easy. Many users, usually, save information about him (write down, copied to notepad, save receipts printed at an ATM, etc.). Nevertheless, no one is immune from the situation, when you need to get inside your personal account to conduct a banking operation, and there is no data on the identifier at hand. Don't panic. You can easily remember the number you need to enter by calling the bank support service, the nearest ATM or Mobile Bank system. It is enough just to request data by identifier again!

Sberbank Online payment identifier

For, to make a payment or money transfer through the Sberbank Online system, no need to reinvent the wheel. The translation process itself will take you two minutes at most, if you know your ID number and password from it. The two simplest methods of payment / transfer are offered by a modern Internet system:

  • You just go to the "Personal Account" from your computer or laptop and make a payment through the appropriate tab. If you have previously made a payment to the same account and saved the template, you can just use it again, changing the final amount of the transfer. If the payment is being made for the first time, fill out the appropriate form to make it (and save the template for future use).
  • A similar operation can also be performed using a tablet or smartphone., скачав специальное приложение «Сбербанк Онлайн» и зайдя в него с использованием личного идентификатора.

How to recover the Sberbank Online identifier?

Forgot your personal number and password to enter? It couldn't be easier, how to get the data you need by identifier or password via phone, ATM or customer support (after talking with the bank manager). However, always remember that, that you will be able to enter the system again in the future only by that data, who were restored last time. In other words, even if you remember the password from the identifier later, you won't be able to use it - a new one will act.

If your personal data has been stolen, without fail and as soon as possible contact the Sberbank contact center and block your ID and password until further recovery. Then you will have more guarantees, that the attackers did not have time to use the funds on your accounts.

Sberbank Online identifier via SMS

If you have activated the "Mobile Bank" service, there should be no problem getting the ID. To the number 900 (internal bank number) you need to send a message from your mobile phone, whose text can be written in Latin "ParolXXXX" or in Russian letters "PasswordXXXX". You simply change the four "X" in your message to the last four digits of your bank card. It is not necessary to indicate these numbers only if, if you have only one card connected to the Mobile Bank.

In response to this message, you will be able to receive a password from the identifier. And the identifier number itself, after answering the control information, will be called to you by the number 8-800-555-55-50. Calls to it from landline phones are free, and from mobile phones - they are calculated according to the internal tariffs of your operator.

When is the action ok discounts

hold a discount for approx (its local currency, 1ok = 1 ruble) beginning with
23 day of each month. This is the marketers move, who considered, what these days
people have the maximum amount of money. Someone got an advance, and someone's salary.
People always have money at the end of the month, which can be spent in the store
discounts OK.

Promotion lasts
3-5 days. According to my observations on one account, the promotion for discounts has begun 21
numbers, and on the other 23 his. What is the difference is not clear.

If you
want to buy oki with a discount, then focus on the last week of the month,
to buy them cheaper.

You can still
get ok on your birthday with a discount or even free. Administration
Odnoklassniki sometimes spoils its users and gives 50 – 500 ok as a gift.
To get OK on your birthday and spend it on games today, you need
write a letter to technical support. This is a little trick.

How to spend bonus OKs in Odnoklassniki

Most users of the Odnoklassniki platform like to pamper each other with sudden gifts. Unfortunately, this service is paid, one gift can cost from one to several dozen OKs. Besides, this currency is used to pay for some other site services. Among them:

  • Pumping games and applications.
  • Ability to rate 5+ and use additional interesting emoticons.
  • Activating the invisible option (it can be disabled if desired).
  • Hiding your page from users.
  • Payment for gifts.

Sure, all these services can be purchased for money and not waste your time on long-term earnings of the required currency. But to acquire 100 OK you need to give 100 rubles. It turns out quite expensive. Therefore, it is better to use alternative methods of obtaining currency in Odnoklassniki.

If you want to, you can easily transfer your earned currency to another person. This feature has recently appeared on the site.. The site administration opened the opportunity for users to transfer virtual money to people from their friends list. You can purchase a gift card with OKs for your friend or simply top up his account in Odnoklassniki. To do this, it is worth using the following algorithm of actions:

  • Open a friend's profile in Odnoklassniki and find the inscription “Gift card” under the photo. If you want to pass OK to some stranger, then first you need to offer him friendship.
  • Now select the number of OKs: it could be 500 PCS. or 100 PCS. You can also send all available currency

After reading the above article, you learned all the ways, how to earn OK on Odnoklassniki for free. Each of them contributes to quick and easy earnings without the risk of facing fraud, after all learn, where did OK go after you downloaded the program with the virus, it will be impossible even through the site administration. We advise you not to waste a minute and start chasing OK right now..

Paid Features

How to activate bonuses?

You can easily figure it out, how to activate Pyaterochka points in Odnoklassniki and exchange them for OK - the main thing, accumulate the required amount of bonuses for exchange!

  • Log into the personal account of the Five;
  • On the home page you will see an orange promotion banner;
  • Click on it;
  • At the top of the screen, you will see the current balance of bonuses;
  • Available packages will be presented below;
  • Click on the selected option and get a promo code;
  • Copy data to clipboard.

First step done! You have received a promo code, which will help you get the internal currency of the social network. It's time to move on to the second part of the instructions and understand, where to enter the code in Odnoklassniki from Pyaterochka, to exchange points for OK.

  • Open a social network and log in;
  • Find the button "Payments and subscriptions" under the avatar on the left;

In the window that opens, look for the menu - you need the button "Activate certificate";

Done! Now you can top up OKs in Odnoklassniki with Pyaterochka points - pay for your usual purchases in the store and enjoy unlimited communication. A nice bonus - now food and non-food products will give the opportunity to use paid options in the social network! And our tips will help you exchange points for OKs correctly.

Pyaterochka and Odnoklassniki action

First, we remind, that Pyaterochka is one of the most popular store chains, in which thousands of people shop every day, which, in addition to pleasant prices and quality products, goods, can get bonuses and discounts, and also recently promo codes were introduced. While they are in the minority in the list of available shares, but the situation is changing every day.

How to buy oki in classmates at a discount

And so you
saw a sign hurry to buy OKi profitably indicating your personal
bonus. You don't think, that everyone has the same bonus in the picture?

No he
different for everyone. I checked on several accounts and checked friends. To all
classmates offer different bonuses and discounts.

discount purchases OK you can get;

  • Eyes for
    Sberbank bonuses Odnoklassniki
  • How in
    Odnoklassniki get OK for free
  • how
    make money on OK by posting a video in classmates
  • How to give
    or pass oki to another person

Discount on
this picture is updated every 2-3 o'clock. To get the maximum bonus and
discounts, click on the first picture the orange Buy Oki button.

Next you have
another picture will open indicating your bonus. It can be anything from
5% to the maximum. The bonus step in classmates is 5%, but most of all
it drops out rounded to 10%.

bonuses and drop chance.

  • Bonus 5% – chance
    fallouts 10%
  • Bonus 10% – drop chance 70%
  • Bonus 15% – chance
    fallouts 10%
  • Bonus 20% – chance
    fallouts 55%
  • Bonus 25% – chance
    fallouts 10%
  • Bonus 30% – chance
    fallouts 60%
  • Bonus 35% – chance
    fallouts 15%
  • Bonus 40% – chance
    fallouts 30%
  • Bonus 45% – chance
    fallouts 15%
  • Bonus 50% – chance
    fallouts 20%

Bonus 55 –
80% the chance of falling out and opening such a window is all 15%

I collected statistics for six months on the Odnoklassniki social network.

And now
the most important thing. In the second window, do not press the second red buy button
Ok, otherwise, you will have the selected discount for the whole day and you can change it
just the next day, which could be the last one for the promotion.

Click at the top
close the cross and you can 2 hours to do whatever, play games or
to watch a movie. Through 2 - open your favorite game in classmates for 3 hours and
repeat the trick with the discount windows. Catch the maximum.

options are bonuses and discounts from 30% and higher. I wasted all day,
to change the discount from 10% on 45%, which jumped out in the evening.


Other articles from this section:

How to get OK on Odnoklassniki for free

There are several ways, to purchase the desired amount to your virtual account and use it. The most popular and reliable today are the following methods:

  • work as a moderator in a group;
  • completing tasks from the site communities;
  • work on third-party sites for virtual currency.

Let's start off with, that most advertisements, which read, that free OKs can be obtained literally in a few minutes without programs or additional registration - a lie. This is a special type of fraud, with which the manufacturers of certain programs do so, to make you download the cheat on OK without viruses. In fact, the program is spyware. Cheating OKs in Odnoklassniki for free is impossible. Thus, scammers can get hold of your personal information, including login and password on the site. Never give in to such provocations.

Group assistant

Unfortunately, number of groups, in which an assistant is required - limited. Therefore, in order to get the desired currency, you need to constantly monitor the updated lists of offers and groups, to which you can be added.

Sometimes, to find such a community, you may need to search by 2-3 hours a day for a week or more. Group, providing this opportunity, rather limited number, and you are not the only one, who makes virtual money in this way.

Advertising on your page

It is worth noting, that in addition to performing regular tasks you can also use one-time earnings method. Some advertisers in order to promote their products are willing to pay not in money, and virtual currency. You will be asked to advertise the product on your page or repost an already finished post, for which you will receive a small reward and will be able to purchase premium features on the social network. According to the same scheme, advertisers periodically arrange sweepstakes and contests..

Earnings on other sites

You can also collect the required currency without downloading spyware from third-party sites. These are specialized platforms, where you can earn virtual money or credits, and then exchange them for the currency of social networks for the promotion.

Do not be alarmed, the process seems complicated only at first glance, but after the first day of study it will become your usual fun. Some of these sites include: Just watch the video on making money on these sites or use the following algorithm of actions, and you don't have to think anymore, where to get coins:

  • Log in to one of the specified platforms through your page on Odnoklassniki. Let's take as an example.
  • After logging in, you will be presented with a list of easy tasks, the execution of which is paid in the form of loans.
  • There is a minimum withdrawal amount on the site - 100 credits, which can be earned with the help of simple manipulations in just a few hours.
  • When the required amount of site currency is earned, transfer the credits to OK, now they will be automatically credited to the account.

How to exchange Thanks for OK?

Buy OKi Thank you Sberbank can every cardholder, who is registered in the bonus program. The client's account must have a sufficient number of bonus units for a purchase. OK in Odnoklassniki for Thank you Sberbank can be ordered on the official website of the bonus program from the Savings Bank. To do this, use the instructions:

  1. Open the "Online Market" application on the official website of Sberbank of Russia.

Log in to your account, using your personal login and password.

In the "Promotions" section, enter "Odnoklassniki" in the search engine.

Check out available offers, select the one you want.

Press the green button "Get for bonuses".

Read the terms in the window that opens.

On the right, click the "Get" button.

Confirm your order, specifying the number of purchased coupons.
Enter the code from SMS to confirm the purchase.
Check out the results on your profile page in Odnoklassniki.

Points will be deducted from the bonus account in the "Thank you" program, which you decided to spend, and OK will appear on the Odnoklassniki account, which you can use at your own discretion. The procedure is simple and the bank does not charge commissions for it. It is only necessary, so that the account has a sufficient number of bonus units Thank you and constant access to the Internet.

Another way of buying can be the Odnoklassniki website itself., you can order OK from it, but upon confirmation of the intention to buy coins for the promotion, you will be automatically redirected to the Online Market, where you will need to register when placing an order. You can make a purchase without registration, but then you will need to enter your card details, which is registered in the program Thank you from Sberbank.

Buy OKs to pay for various services and offers on the site and enjoy communicating with friends and family. But if you do not like to sit on social networks, then you can spend bonuses and on something other, eg, on clothes or shoes at WildBerries:

Pyaterochka promotional codes in check

Where is the code on Pyaterochka's check? Usually, after the purchase, the cashier breaks two checks, one contains information about the goods, purchased in the institution and other information, and another cashier's receipt confirms your right to the code. Unique code data is published at the bottom of the receipt, so make no mistake, especially since it is published on a special background.

Gifts for purchases

Pyaterochka does not distribute points, as many would think, and gifts, the value of which depends on the amount of acquisitions, namely:

  • For all purchases, without exception, the network gives out a set of stickers as a gift, which you can use without any restrictions in messages or leave posts on the wall in the social network.
  • When the amount in the check is from 650 rub. the client receives a special promo code, allowing you to register the Invisible status on a social network and use it for 7 days completely free.
  • With an amount of 1 000 rub. customers are guaranteed to receive a promotional code that allows them to receive a special VIP status, which opens the "road" to closed and paid network services. for example, you can access exclusive stickers, add a frame to your avatar, special badge, a gift and even 10% cashback for settlements within the network.

What to do if you have lost a receipt with a promo code

Do not be alarmed, if suddenly found, that you have lost the received promo code. Even if it's lost, the client always has the opportunity to restore it or get a new one. To do this, you need to contact the store employee, in particular, cashier and inform him about your problem.

Even if an employee or you have lost the promo code, it is easy to recover without any complications. Show a receipt for your purchase, this will be a kind of proof of your eligibility for the coupon.

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