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What Spanish Lotto to play?

Let's take a closer look at the rules of the best Spanish draws.

#1. Лотерея El Gordo de la Primitiva

El Gordo de la Primitiva, known as El Gordo, raffled off on Mondays at 00:00 by MSC. Minimum jackpot - 5 million.

Players mark in the field 5 main numbers from 1 to 54 and additional number from 0 to 9. Win tickets, in which the bonus number is guessed or at least 2 major.

В El Gordo 9 winning categories, two of them are rewarded with a fixed prize.

  • 5+1
  • 5+0
  • 4+1
  • 4+0
  • 3+1
  • 3+0
  • 2+1
  • 2+0 — 2 euros
  • 0+1 - ticket refund

Lottery jackpot cumulative. The unreleased grand prize continues to the next draw, where its sum increases by at least 400 thousand euros. There is no upper limit to the jackpot. It will increase until then, until a winner is found.

#2. Lottery BonoLoto

To participate in BonoLoto, the player needs to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49. Also in the drawing is the number of Reintegro from 0 to 9, already printed on the ticket. If you guess this number, you will get a refund of the ticket price.

Jackpots are not on the same scale as El Gordo, but also impressive. Starting Jackpot— 400 000 euros.

BonoLoto games are played every day from Monday to Saturday.

During the rally, they get out of the drum 7 balls, of them 6 - main, 1 - bonus Complementario. To win, you need to win at least 3 main numbers. Bonus Complementario only counts in category 5+1 and provides the second largest prize after the jackpot.

In Game 5 winning categories:

  • 3+0
  • 4+0
  • 5+0
  • 5+1
  • 6+0 - Jackpot

For category 3+0 there is a fixed prize - 4 euros. Winnings in other combinations depend on the size of the prize pool and the number of winners.

At the end of the main drawing, the Reintegro ball is removed from the other reel. If the number is the same, what is indicated in the field, the ticket owner is refunded its cost - 0.5 euros.

#3. Летерея Christmas Lottery

This is one of the oldest lotteries in the world. The first draw took place in 1812 year, and even the Spanish Civil War did not interrupt the drawing.

The lottery is drawn annually 22 December. The raffle ticket contains five-digit numbers from #00000 to #99999. At the same time, the lottery founders issue 160-200 draws, each of which has its own prize fund.

Ticket price - 200 euros. To make the lottery more accessible to players, each ticket is divided into 10 parts by 20 euros. Your winnings will be as many shares of the prize, how many parts of the ticket did you buy. For instance, if the field wins 500 000 euros, and you bought 2 share, your winnings will be 100 000 euros, i.e 2/10 of the total prize.

Total in the game 17 prize categories:

Description Prize, euros Quantity for circulation
El Gordo Grand Prize 4 000 000 1
Second prize 1 250 000 1
Third prize 500 000 1
Fourth prize 200 000 2
Fifth Prize 60 000 8
The stone 1 000 1 794
Preceding and following the main prize 20 000 2
Preceding and following the second prize 12 500 2
Preceding and following the third prize 9 600 2
Tickets, in which 3 the first numbers coincide with the main prize 1 000 99
Tickets, 3 the first digits of which coincide with the second prize 1 000 99
Tickets, in which 3 the first numbers match the third prize 1 000 99
Tickets, in which 3 the first numbers match the fourth prize 1 000 198
Tickets, in which 2 the last numbers coincide with the main prize 1 000 999
Tickets, in which 2 last figures with second prize 1 000 999
Tickets, in which 2 the last numbers coincide with the third prize 1 000 999
Tickets, in which the last digit coincides with the main prize 200 9999

Review of the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery (SuperEnalotto)


Parameters The values
rules 6 of 90
Participants Italy
Draw time W. 20:00
Th. 20:00
Sat. 20:00
Jackpot Payouts Cash
Tax requirements Lottery winnings are subject to local tax in five tax categories.
Category 1: winnings up to € 100 are tax-free;
Category 2: amounts between € 100.01 and € 300 are subject to a flat tax of € 1.03;
Category 3: amounts between € 300.01 and € 500 are subject to a flat tax of € 3.10;
Category 4: amounts from € 500.01 to € 1 000 are subject to a flat contribution of € 3.10 and tax 12%;
Category 5: amounts over € 1 000,01 are subject to a flat fee of € 6.20 and tax 12%.

Chances of Winning

Prizes Conformity Odds
1 Prize 6 1:622 614 630
2 Prize 5+1 1:103 769 105
3 Prize 5 1:1 235 346
4 Prize 4 1:11 907
5 Prize 3 1:327

IN 1997 SuperEnalotto appeared in Italy, she quickly gained popularity and is in demand to this day. For more than ten years, balls have been selected from the lottery drum in various urban districts of Italy, of which the winning combination of numbers was made. The cities followed in a certain order, in sequence. Ball number, dropped from the pool in Venice, named Jolly.

How to find out the results and collect the prize

You can watch the live broadcast of the game and find out the results yourself. Each draw is broadcast on the official website of the La Primitiva lottery. The game starts at 23:30 Moscow time every Thursday and Saturday. If for some reason you could not see the live broadcast - do not worry. All data on the progress of the drawing and its results will be sent to your personal account on the intermediary's website, as well as to the email specified during registration.

All La Primitiva winnings can be divided into 2 categories: to 600 euro and more. If the prize amount is less 600 euros, the intermediary site will transfer money to your personal account, bank card or mobile phone account. The money goes to the winner within 3 hours after, how the lottery results will be announced.

If you manage to win a larger cash prize or jackpot, getting it will be a little harder. The easiest option is to go to Spain and collect the winnings in person. For those, who cannot afford to pay for the flight and accommodation, the intermediary offers the following option:

  • Issue a power of attorney for your agent's representative, who is located in Spain and can receive the cash prize for you;
  • You will also need to specify a convenient way to receive money. It could be a bank account, cryptocurrency wallet, etc.;
  • After that you have to wait a while, until a representative of the intermediary collects the winnings and sends it to you.

In any case, don't worry. If you win a large amount of money, then an employee of the intermediary service will contact you and tell you all the details of how to receive the prize money

To be sure, that you really get your money, it is important to weed out questionable services even at the stage of choosing an intermediary

How to participate in the Spanish lottery, living in Russia?

There are only two options for playing foreign lotteries from the Russian Federation:

  • trip to the country, where is the lottery established;
  • purchasing a ticket using intermediary websites.

The interaction with the mediator is as follows.

  1. The player goes to the site and goes through a simple registration.
  2. Chooses that lottery game, which he would like to play. In this case, it is Loteria Nacional.
  3. Buys a lottery ticket, following the simple instructions on the website.
  4. Mediator staff, located in Spain, buy a ticket and make a scanned copy, which after a while appears in the player's personal account.
  5. If the ticket is winning, then the player is notified.
  6. Withdraws money to an electronic wallet or bank card.

results, Draws and Viking Lotto Winnings

Vikinglotto draws take place every
week, on Wednesdays, in 20:00 by local time (21:00 by Moscow time) in
Norwegian city of Hamar. Online broadcast of the draws is carried out on
European television.

Besides, Vikinglotto results are published on the official lottery website. Many services, who are engaged in online ticket sales, also carry out video broadcasting of draws, and report the results of the game, as they are interested in attracting additional audience, that is, their potential customers.

Hundreds of thousands of players and just observers of the game, to find out the Viking Lotto results, visit specialized sites and check the winning numbers, the nature of the distribution of prizes among the participants. Analyzing the archive of Viking Lotto draws, it is possible, based on the calculations performed, to form your own game strategy and, respectively, increase your chances of success in the game.

It should be noted, that the organizers
take information security very seriously. Each edition of the Viking
loto goes the following way. First, information about the combinations sold
falls to Denmark, where it is carefully analyzed, and then to Sweden. Exchange
information is carried out in order, to minimize the likelihood
falsification of circulation results and other abuses. Main Commission,
in charge of the Viking Lotto draw in Hamar (Norway), does not have
access to information about the combinations sold, which also allows you to exclude
possible manipulations with circulation.

Winning at Vikinglotto can be very
impressive. In case of a match 6 + 1 the player hits the lottery jackpot. IN 2017
year, a jackpot limit was introduced - it cannot be more than 35 million and
less 3 million. Jackpot and second tier prizes are distributed among all
countries, participating in the lottery, but the rest of the prizes are regulated by each
member country independently.

The chances of hitting the jackpot are
present time 1 to 98,1 million. On the guessed 6 combinations (chances - 1 to 14 million)
stands out 30% prize fund. Yet 17% the prize fund is allocated for the guessed
combinations 5 and 1 (chances - 1:400 031). Chances to guess 5 numbers are 1 to
56 001, a combination of 4 +1 – 1 to 7 596, and from 4 numbers - 1 to
1 098. The fewer numbers are guessed, the more likely it is to join
lottery winners. for example, chance to guess 3 + 1 is 1 to 439, a chance
guess 3 numbers - 1 to 60.

The history of Vikinglotto has many examples of successful lottery games. So, in 2016 year, even before the introduction of the limit in 35 million, the largest jackpot in the history of the lottery was hit - it amounted to 327 million crowns (44 million). This prize was distributed among themselves 1 the lucky one from Denmark and the syndicate from 10 players from Norway. Both tickets received 163 million crowns (22 million). IN 2013 year a Viking lotto ticket buyer from Norway managed to hit a jackpot of 216 million crowns (29 million), and in 2014 year another Norwegian won 127 million crowns (17 million). The account of the millionth winnings was opened by a player from Denmark in the distant 2004 year, ripped off the jackpot in size 21 million crowns (2 million).

High stakes and a fairly tangible probability of getting at least a minimal prize attract a large number of players and observers to Vikinglotto not only from Scandinavia, Baltic States and Slovenia, but also from other states. Some people specifically travel to countries that participate in the lottery, to try your luck.

Lucky ones, who are lucky and they
won the Viking lottery, should remember about the nuances of tax
legislation of the countries participating in the lottery. So, in Denmark, Sweden, Norway,
Finland, Iceland, Lithuania and Estonia, Vikinglotto winnings are not taxable
taxed. Is considered, that all necessary taxes are paid to the state
lottery organizer company.

However, in the two participating countries, all
there is taxation of winnings. So, in Latvia all winnings in the amount of
from 3 thousand euros to 55 thousand euros are taxed at 23% from the sum
winnings, and prizes from above 55 thousand euros - 31,4; of the winnings. If you
won less than 3 thousand euros, you don't need to pay tax. But if you
played Vikinglotto
in Slovenia, then here the tax will have to be paid on the amount of the win, exceeding 300
euros, and it will be 15%.

Where to buy coupons, to play the Italian lottery – SuperEnalotto? Where to play Italian Lotto?How to participate in SuperEnalotto?

If it happens, what are you currently in Italy, all, what do you need to do, it is to visit the nearest lottery store in order to, to buy your lucky coupons for, to participate in SuperEnalotto.

If you live outside of Italy, there are several options, available for lottery players.

One option is to travel to Italy for a vacation. Nevertheless, understandably, that this option is not available to most of us.

Fortunately, there are many services on the internet, which offer the opportunity to play the Italian lottery online.

If you want to take part in this popular Italian lottery, you can buy coupons online.

To play SuperEnalotto with Playhugelottos,
click the banner below:

To purchase SuperEnalotto coupons with TheLotter,
click the banner below.

On the other hand, for, to participate in the SuperEnalotto lottery
You might consider LuckyLottos services or jackpot.

Regardless of the option chosen for, to play the Italian lottery, we wish you good luck!

This concludes the article titled:Italian lotto. Superenalotto. Lottery from Italy. How to play and participate?

More information on Italian Lotto – SuperEnalotto, can be found, by clicking on the links below:

€ jackpot 84 million !

Loteria Nacional - Spain's oldest national lottery, which emerged at the beginning of the 19th century as an alternative to the La Primitiva lottery already in force at that time.

A new lottery project was developed to support the state treasury, seriously affected during the wars of independence.

The idea behind the lottery was, to give additional funds to the country's Ministry of Finance, without increasing regular taxes for the population.

The National Lottery was approved 23 November 1811 of the year, and 4 Martha 1812 years in the Spanish city of Cadiz, what's on the Atlantic coast, her first drawing took place.

The lottery's headquarters was originally located in San Fernando, then it was moved twice - first to the city of Ceuta (north coast of morocco),

and then to the capital of the country Madrid, where it remains to this day.

How much does an online ticket cost

The cost of Loteria Nacional lottery tickets is low and amounts to 3 euros (on Thursday) and 6 euros (on Saturday).

"Lottery ticket" in this case is called its tenth share or "decimos", which is acquired by the absolute majority of players.

Nacional Lottery Full Ticket Price, respectively, almost in 10 time.

What days is the drawing

Loteria Nacional de Espana is held twice a week - on Thursday and Saturday.

Every Thursday is played out 6 ticket series, Every Saturday - 10 ticket series.

How to play the Nacional de Espana lottery

To start playing the Nacional de Espana lottery, it is necessary to purchase one or more shares of a lottery ticket from the series.

To buy a full lottery ticket, you need to buy ten decimos of the same series.

On every ticket (or down) already printed five numbers, who participate in the Loteria Nacional drawing. Thus, each share is one of 10 tickets with the same number.

On the day of the Nacional lottery draw, five numbered balls are drawn at random from the five reels.

This process is repeated twice to, to determine the winner of the first and second prizes.

Anyone can play the National Lottery today, no matter, in which country of the world does he live.

All you need to do is find an online service, providing such an opportunity.


Every Thursday, a jackpot of about 12 million. euros, and every Saturday the lottery prize pool reaches 42 million. euros. There are also special additional prizes ranging from 1 to 3 million. euros. If the last number in the ticket matches, the ticket price is returned to its owner.

Chances of winning

The Spanish national lottery differs from many world lotteries both in its structure, and the odds of winning.

Win at Loteria Nacional, really, everyone can. Owners approximately 35 tickets from each 100 receive certain cash prizes according to the number of "decimos" from the series and the number of drawn numbers. Thus, the chances of winning are 1 to 3.

Where to see the results

You can buy this lottery HERE



Buy Loteria Nacional easily:

just register on the site, select a ticket and pay for it in any of the suggested ways.

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History of Loteria Nacional

The main thing in the Spanish lottery for players is its rules and features. This game is one of those, which have an interesting history, therefore it was decided to include this point in the material.

The founder of the lottery was C. D. Carvajal. At that time he acted as the manager of the economic department of Cadiz.

What were the motives for creating a lottery game?? During the organization of the first draws of the Loteria Nacional, the Spanish people defended their independence in wars. Respectively, the country was in dire need of money, as in any war. It was the lottery game that could act as an additional income generator for the country's budget., without prejudice to the population.

Loteria Nacional Espana – такое первое название получила эта лотерея.

The rules for the lottery game were approved at the beginning of winter 1811 of the year. The first draw was held in early spring 1812 of the year.

The first draws were held in that very place, where the idea to create them was born - in Cadiz. IN 1814 year Napoleon's troops gave the Spanish army a little breath. At the same time, the Spanish lottery was moved to Madrid. At the same time, the headquarters of the game was still in Cadiz for some time and only later was it moved to the capital.. Now the main office of the lottery game is located in Madrid.

Lottery name changed by King Fernando VII. During his reign, the game was named "Modern Lottery", which sounds like Lotería Moderna in Spanish. After, how the king died, the game was returned to its former name, which has survived to this day.

IN 1850 the modernization of the draws. The game began to use special metal baskets. Beginning with 1892 of the year, a special Christmas draw has joined the regular Spanish lotto draws. It was named Sorteo de Navidad.

The 20th century was marked by the peak of the development of the lottery. FROM 1940 years, paper receipts for the game appeared, called tickets. Technology allowed to move to a new level of the game. From that moment on, the players had the opportunity to find out the results of the draws on TV and this attracted even more participants..

The beginning of the 90s marked the beginning of charitable activities for the Spanish lottery. For 1994 a considerable amount of money was raised. This money was sent to the Association for the fight against cancer. A year later, the proceeds from ticket sales were used to organize the world championship in alpine skiing.

In March 2012 the lottery game celebrated two hundred years since its foundation. This event was celebrated with a grand draw, where the prize was presented in 15 000 000 euros.


La Primitiva breeds people

It would be more correct to say, how scammers hide behind the name of the Spanish national lottery and cheat people for money. Divorce scheme, quite commonplace: a potential victim receives a letter in the mail, where it is written about, that she became lucky and won the La Primitiva lottery. And here there are two options for divorce:

  1. The letter contains a phone number, by calling which you get to the paid premium line. The lottery "agent" will pick up the phone, who will speak english.
  2. You may be offered to collect your winnings, but on condition, if you pay duty or tax.

Also, scammers can contact you by phone and demand from you your bank card details. Even if you think, that nothing bad will happen if, will you share this information, then you are wrong. Having just a card number, scammers can use this information for their own purposes.

If you received a letter in the mail with instructions to send money to a specific address, do not do that. No one will send you a super prize.

Interesting then, that scammers operate not only in Europe, but also across Asia. Scammers, basically, no matter who to fool and who to defraud. According to experts, the number of victims at the hands of swindlers is growing every year. Asks. why? After all, everyone has long known the schemes of violators. It turns out, that human psychology is arranged like this, that he just needs to see the new text and he again believes in the written. Scammers use it, just me the contents of the letter, its name and so on.

Talking about telephone "divorces", then scammers are rarely represented by the Spanish national lottery, although a couple of cases were recorded.

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