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Spanish lotteries from Russia - how to buy a ticket for Russian players and what is better to play

Chasing luck

- And it's only October! Borha complains in custody, lottery kiosk manager No. 67. - In December, people stand for three to four hours. We don't even close for lunch…

What's lunch there, even if during the civil war (1936–1939) the draws did not stop. IN 1938 year in the country, divided into two camps - ideologically and geographically, two "national" lotteries were held at once: alone in the camp of the Francoists, another in Republican territory.

Not all six hundred official lottery points of sale in Madrid are so popular, as item no. 67 under the unofficial name "Doña Manolita". The founder of the lottery booth Manuela de Pablo in 1904 year acquired a license and almost immediately "winning" fame.

- Over the past 100 years, we have sold the most lucky tickets. Here are their numbers on the wall, - proudly points Borja to an impressive column of almost 80 numbers. The last grand prize, Fat (which can be translated as "fat jackpot"), fell on the ticket, sold here in 2017.

Hard to say, how much luck in this glory. Doña Manolita was an extremely entrepreneurial woman for her time and became the first, who sent tickets by mail. Borha, her grand-nephew, not lagging behind: develops lottery sales on the Internet, which in recent years have reached impressive volumes. What exactly, Borja supposedly does not know. At all, when it comes to numbers, he starts to get nervous, although it is known, that Doña Manolita sells almost half of the tickets for the Christmas raffle.

- It's not about numbers, this is luck, - moves away from Borch's answer. Behind him, a great-aunt smiles slyly from a huge poster.

Everyone has their own way of "talking" luck: eg, buy a number from numbers, coinciding with birthday or ending in 5, 7 or 13. But Borja, like most clients of Donja Manolita, does not want to see the number until the day of the draw. During the year, he periodically tortures fate in grandma's happy kiosk, but never won anything higher than the ticket price.

- It does not matter, - assures Borja. - If you buy a ticket in advance, you can dream all the time before the rally, what will you do, if you are lucky

Isn't it nice?

The organizer of the game - the State Administration of Lotteries and Gambling - took care of, so that the time of pleasant illusions is long enough. Christmas Raffle tickets retail in mid-July - mostly, for the convenience of tourists. Recently, more and more foreigners are buying the Spanish lottery at local resorts - a very tempting souvenir. In July and August, an airplane flies over the country's crowded beaches with an advertising slogan for the Christmas lottery: "But what if?»And indeed, you never know?

- If you sit back, you won't get anything for sure, but here you still do something for your happiness, - Borja says with conviction. This idea, amazing in its simplicity and genius, has never crossed my mind before.. But 20 euros for tenth I'm still sorry. And not me alone, that's why the Spaniards often play clubbing.


World draw

The word "lottery", presumably, goes back to Italian lotto - "share". Chinese game baige piao is considered the first lottery in the world, known already in the 1st century BC. eh. (its modern international version is called "keno"). According to the legend, money, proceeds from ticket sales, helped build the Great Wall of China. Lotteries were also known in ancient Rome. The official history of lottery in Europe dates back to the beginning of the 15th century.. IN 1530 year in Florence was established The Lotto of Florence - the first large-scale lottery, where the winnings were paid in cash. IN 1539 a similar lottery was established in France by King Francis I, and in 1567 - by Queen Elizabeth I in. England. In Russia, the first information about lotteries dates back to the era of Peter I.

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Playing the game

There are two main schemes, on which the draws of the Spanish lottery game are held: traditional and plural. Let's consider each of them separately..

The traditional scheme of the game

This system assumes the presence of two lottery drums. The first lottery drum contains balls with ticket numbers, who have a chance to be victorious in a particular game. The second lottery drum contains balls with numbers, under which certain winnings are hidden.

The list of prizes is written on a special board. It is installed on the stage even before the draw starts..

Children are most often invited as presenters. They take the balls one by one from both lottery drums.. First, they get the ball from the 2nd lottery drum, to determine, for which prize will be the further struggle. Next is retrieved 5 balls from the 1st lottery drum.

It is from the five numbers of the first lottery drum that the serial number of the ticket is made, the owner of which becomes the owner of the claimed prize. Numbers line up from left to right, starting with the first ball drawn.

Multiple game scheme

This circulation system has been used since 1962 of the year. The Spanish lottery periodically practices its application.

What is the main difference between these two drawing schemes?

The main difference is the number of lottery drums. The traditional scheme assumes the presence of two lottery drums, and plural - five. Each of the five lottery drums has nine barrels, which contain numbers from 0 to 9. The serial number of the prize ticket is formed from the barrels of the lottery drums, taken one by one. The order of extraction of numbers is mandatory - they start with the first lottery drum and end with the fifth.

Winning tickets are determined the same way, as in the traditional drawing scheme.

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