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First I wanted to put lottery history at the beginning of the article, but then it seemed to me, what is not the most important. Although personally I was interested to study this material

The first organizer of Loteria Nacional Espana was C. D. Carvajal - Director of the Economic Association of Cadiz.

What was Professor Carvajal guided by, putting forward the idea of ​​creating a lottery?

The motive behind his action is very simple.: at that time Spain fought for its independence and experienced a chronic lack of money. Lottery, nationally (and Loteria Nacional Espana is the first project of its kind in Spain) was supposed to become such a source of funds for the state budget, which would not reduce the well-being of the population.

In November 1811 year, an instruction for holding a lottery was created, and the first drawing took place a few months later - 4 Martha 1812 of the year.

The draws of the first years were held there, where the idea of ​​creating a lottery was first expressed - in Cadiz. FROM 1814 of the year, when Spain freed itself from the onslaught of Napoleon's army, the draws of the national lottery began to be drawn in the capital of the country - Madrid. Some time later the lottery headquarters also moved there., where it is located to this day.

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King Fernando VII, coming to power, decides to change the name of the lottery: during his reign "Lotería Moderna" is played (in translation - "Modern lottery"). However, after the death of Fernando VII, the lottery again acquired its old name.

1850 year - a significant milestone in the history of the largest lottery in Spain: baskets were used for the first time, made of metal. Later still 40 years old, in 1892 year, Loteria Nacional organizers have started a separate draw for Christmas - Sorteo de Navidad.

IN 20 century Loteria Nacional continued to develop rapidly. The first paper lottery tickets were launched in 1940 year. Improving technology has allowed lottery fans not to waste time and money on that., to find out the results of the next drawing: from that moment on, the circulation began to be broadcast on television.

In the 90s of the last century, the organizers of Loteria Nacional began to actively engage in charity work. IN 1994 year the profits from the lottery were donated to the Spanish Cancer Association, and a year later, the proceeds from the largest rally in Spain helped to host the Alpine Skiing World Championships.

FROM 2002 all winnings at Loteria Nacional are paid in euros.

Spain's largest lottery recently celebrated its 200th anniversary: historical date has come 4 Martha 2012 of the year. On this occasion, a special prize in the amount of 15 million euros.

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