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Spanish lottery el gordo de la primitiva - how to play from russia | foreign lotteries

El Gordo de Navidad - билеты

The basis of the drawing is tickets with numbers from 00000 to 99999 (Total 100 000 PCS.). Since the game has become very popular, then the number of those wishing to participate exceeds the number of tickets. Therefore, the organizers are forced to issue each ticket several times under different series..

Ticket price - 200 euros. Not a little, but players have the opportunity to buy not a whole ticket, and tithes (tenth) for 20 euros. In total, each ticket contains 10 tithes. You can also purchase tickets by bundling. If the ticket is winning, then the tithe owner will receive only 10% from winning.

It is possible to buy an even smaller part, than tithe. Businesses often buy a certain number of tickets and provide such mini-contributions to all employees.

Most Spaniards do not participate in any lotteries throughout the year, but for Christmas they definitely buy themselves a part of the ticket, exchange tickets with family and friends, etc.. Navidad is more of a tradition, than the desire to get rich.

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