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Jordan cuisine

The country's cuisine is faithful to Arab traditions, but still retained its authentic features. Despite, that the first and second courses in Jordan are very spicy - one cannot say, that they are sharp. Jordanians generously spice food: pepper, oregano, sage, mint, sumach (ground berries), sesame oil and others… that's why the food tastes here are unique and emotional. Jordanian sweets are considered the best in the world for taste, composition and appearance. Many types of honey, nuts, creamy ingredients and caramel in Jordanian desserts will impress those with a sweet tooth. And the dizzying color palette of desserts draws crowds of tourists to tastings.

Of course, our compatriots are most attracted to Jordan by fish and seafood dishes., but you can rarely find them, and then only on the coast of the Red Sea.

The specialty of the national cuisine is hummus - chickpea paste with the addition of lemon juice and spices. It can be used as a seasoning, as well as an independent dish.

Let's not forget to mention the local soups - they are just great.. You can't feed a small child with this soup, but they will pleasantly surprise an adult gourmet. Here they cook thick, rich soups with lots of vegetables and spices. The chicken is taken as a basis, beef and lamb.

National baked goods are still made according to old recipes. Locals like to use small bread cakes instead of spoons.

We will not bypass dairy products either. Jordanians love and delicately prepare yoghurts, cheeses and other goodies.

Meat dishes are usually stewed until the meat acquires the most delicate consistency.

Pay attention, that ordering meat dishes in restaurants during fasting is bad form. There is pork in the country and is not accepted at all

Bulgur is served with meat dishes as a side dish., vegetables, rice and potatoes. Jordanians cook their legendary shawarma perfectly, but buying it on the street can hit your pocket (costs three times more, than in Russia).

A popular dish in the country is meze - a set of dishes to try, sometimes consists of dishes, including hot, snacks, salads and desserts, which are brought up as they are eaten. Sometimes the meze consists exclusively of snacks.. Meze should be ordered for a company from 4-6 person.

No dish in the country is complete without olive oil.

Drinks in the country are a separate topic and a whole culture. They drink strong sweet tea here, scalding hot, seasoned with aromatic herbs. The coffee here is light roasted, cardamom. A glass of clean water is always served with coffee, to drink a drink and feel every new sip as the first. A wide variety of fruit and vegetable juices and fermented milk drinks are widely distributed in the country..

From alcohol, we will give preference to aniseed vodka and local wines. Since Jordan is not a drinking country, here on sale there are more often imported brands of alcohol.

Prices in Aqaba

Jordan has never been a cheap country, and on course 70 rubles per dollar for many Russians has become frankly expensive. The prices of some things are literally shocking. They say, that in mainland Jordan they are lower, than in the resort of Aqaba, but this did not change our position in any way. By the way, with such a rate, it was very easy to translate prices in dinars into rubles: 1 Jordanian dinar (IODINE) roughly equal 100 Russian rubles.

Prices are as follows:

a glass of tea on the street from the tray - 0,25 JD (25p.),
a cup of Turkish coffee from the tray - 0,5 JD (50p.),
medium sized shawarma - 2,5 JD (250p.),
big snickers in the store - 1,5 JD (150p.),
ice cream - 1,5 JD (150p.),
a bottle of plain water in the store - 0,5 JD (50p.),
can of beer 0.5l

in the shop - 1,5 JD (150p.),
magnet - 1 JD (100p.),
average price of a hot dish in a restaurant - 6-10 JD (600-1000p.),
taxi distance 10-15 km (eg, from the center of Aqaba to almost anywhere in the South Beach) – 4-5 JD (400-500p.),
taxi from Akaba to Petra (about 140 km, an hour and a half) with waiting and back - 70 JD (7000p.),
entrance to Petra (ATTENTION!) – 50 JD (5000p.). More on this below.

Such are the prices. If for some goods they are commensurate with prices in Russia, then on some others - they bite pretty much.

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