Russian internet lottery for free

Free online lottery until 10 thousand rubles | earnings on the Internet without investments

Other ways to make money on Fanloto service

In addition to participating in the instant lottery, the service offers other ways to earn money for registered users.

Attracting referrals

20% from all winnings of each attracted new member of the system goes to the account of the referrer. The main ways to attract referrals include:

1) Placement of advertising banners of the resource on third-party sites or books. At the same time, start activities to attract referrals, it is possible without starting capital - I offer a list of sites, allowing you to make money on advertising, performing simple tasks (surfing, reading mailings and others): ProfiTCentr, SeoSprint, SocPublic.

2) Website advertising on thematic forums, dedicated to making money on the Internet. Chatting with other members of the forum, representing the target audience, aimed at finding ways to earn extra money online, the referrer has the opportunity to explain all the advantages and basic principles of the service.

Free online lottery - registration

Registration of an account in the project takes no more than a minute and requires a login, email address and password, after which the user is immediately offered to take part in the instant lottery. To do this, you should specify 6 numbers and the system will instantly provide the results of the draw with the indication of the correct answer, the number of guessed numbers and the winning amount (for one guessed figure, the participant's account is credited 0,10 rubles, and the jackpot amount for all guessed numbers is 10 thousand rubles).

Draws are held every hour (or half an hour), after accumulating on the account 15 rubles, it is possible to withdraw the entire amount to the WebMoney wallet. It should be noted, что работа бесплатной лотереи Fanloto не подпадает под законодательные ограничения, applicable to organizers of gambling, since participation in the drawings does not require any money from the user. The site is not overloaded with ads, does not slow down (unlike other similar resources).

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