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How to make money on virtual free lotteries

All free online lotto works on the same principle.

Algorithm for those wishing to earn the following:

Lottery selection. This is a crucial moment

It is important not to stumble upon scammers. Study all offers carefully, read reviews and chat with players

So you can objectively assess the advantages and disadvantages of each of the proposals..
registration on the website. Come up with a login, password and enter the details for paying out winnings.
Start playing. Choose a number and wait for the results. For this, a random number generator is used..
Withdraw funds. You won't be left without a win. Each game will bring you from 0,1 penny to 10 thousand. rubles. Failed to hit the jackpot - accumulate change and withdraw it in a way convenient for you.

In domestic projects, the minimum withdrawal amount is from 15 to 50 rubles. This amount accumulates quickly, but if you are unlucky, will have to spend a lot of time.

Other free sweepstakes lotteries

Our editors have prepared other free instant online lotteries with withdrawal of money - less reliable and well-known, than the above. But it does not mean, that you shouldn't try to play.

Games are played for tickets. Every day is given 3 ticket, that is, you can play 3 times.

The rules of the game are as follows - the system makes a guess 6 digits. Depending on the number of guessed by the player, winnings are accrued. Yield table see. below.

By the way, there is a referral program - for each invited user, the system will add to the game account 20 % from his gain.

This site generates a prize pool from advertisers (equally, like all previous Internet resources). Therefore, for ordinary citizens, the game costs nothing..

The winning depends on the dropped 4-symbol combination. Get the maximum (100 thousand. rubles) can, if the “scoreboard” displays 0000.

Everything is simple here (as an everywhere) - create an account and get inside your personal account. Then we spin the "wheel of fortune".

The rules are as follows - numbers from 1 to 9. Depending on whether, what number the arrow will point to after a complete stop of the "drum", winnings will be credited.

Minimum you can earn 1 penny - if one is dropped. The maximum profit is 25 rubles (for a nine). Of course, winning the maximum is harder, since there is only one nine on the "drum", and a few units. Stopping the "drum" is carried out by the user.

By the way, before starting the game, you can try to guess, what will fall out - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. If the right number comes up, then the winnings will be doubled. for example, the user has thought of a nine, and she fell out. Means, pay him a total 50 rubles.

It is a mixture of instant lottery and computer 2D game.

The bottom line is the following - you need to shoot from a cannon at the dancing men, thus earning points. Earning a little experience, you can "shoot" on 1-2 ruble.

The only sad thing is, that the site creators provide the opportunity to “cut the loot” only 1 once every half hour. But every hundredth game played is rewarded with a 10-fold win.

It is important to visit the site daily or at least once a week. If the user account has been inactive for 30 or more days, it is simply blocked by the administration

so, to start making money on instant lotteries, you need to go through a simple registration procedure on the selected site. The number of attempts per day may be limited. Winnings are not too large in amount, but as entertainment, this way of "while away" the evening is quite suitable.

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Legislative provisions

Lottery conditions are determined by an agreement between the organizer of this event (operator) and a participant (natural person) - h. 2 Art. 1063 GK RF.

The contract is not in the direct understanding of the word, and by issuing a lottery ticket to a participant (in paper or electronic form).

The ticket must contain mandatory details, which are specified in Art. 12 ФЗ № 138 from 11 November 2003 of the year "About lotteries ..." (hereinafter - ФЗ № 138).

By the way, in FZ № 138 there is no such mention at all, as an "instant lottery". And it is said, that holding lotteries using information and telecommunication networks is not allowed (excluding international and all-Russian) - h. 4 Art. 6.1. ФЗ № 138.

Literally, this concept means the following - this is a lottery, in which information about a loss or a win becomes available to the participant immediately after purchasing a ticket. An analogue of this concept is presented in ab. 4 h. 2 Art. 3 ФЗ № 138 (by law, the so-called sweep lottery).

No worse than Stoloto - and reliable, and time-tested

Social chance (

On this site, the winnings are awarded for guessing the numbers. Moreover, the size of the winnings is different (depend on the type of the chosen game - guess the numbers in any order or in certain categories).

Registration is completely free. Anyone can take part in the project, who will enter their email address in a special form and come up with a password. A letter will be sent to the mail with a link to activate your account (if it didn't come through 5-10 minutes, check the "Spam" folder).

You can start playing, by clicking on the "Play" tab in your personal account. Every day the player is given the so-called "odds". Each game costs one "chance". After their exhaustion, you will have to wait for the next day.

By the way, the site has an honesty control. The user can independently verify that, that the system does not deceive him, "Adjusting" your number to match the number, conceived by the player, by downloading a special archive before the start of the game.

Lotofreebie (

As in the case of "Social Chance", registration here is completely free. Grand Prize - 20 million. rubles, but the probability of his winning is extremely small.

At the time of writing the material on the site of this lottery, more than 450 thousand. users. Since the launch of the resource, the total amount of payments has exceeded 65 million. rubles.

Registration is carried out by clicking on the button in the upper right part of the site. All, as in the case of "Social Chance" - no phone numbers are required to enter. Only email address and password.

Next, a code will be sent to the mail, which will need to be entered into a special window (cm. screen).

Every day the user can play 6 free games. One of them offers to guess 7 numbers from 50 available. If everyone 7 digits, user-specified, coincide with those, which the system has guessed, the prize will be the maximum - 20 million. rubles. For 4 guessed numbers will be paid 200 smileys (in-game currency, which can be exchanged for rubles only once a day).

The most reliable and proven way

Stoloto is the official distributor of all-Russian state lotteries, organized by:

  • RF Ministry of Finance (operator - LLC "Sportloto");
  • and the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation (operator - JSC "State Sports Lotteries").

Dustless (instant) lotteries on the Stoloto website are not represented. Nevertheless, citizens, those who do not want to wait several days before the date of the next draw for such games, as “Gosloto 4 of 20 ", “The slogan 6 of 45 ", “The slogan 7 of 49 ", can win (or lose) at least every 2,5 minutes.

For these purposes, created immediately 6 games:

  • Joker;
  • Rapid;
  • 12/24;
  • Duel;
  • TOP-3;
  • KENO-Sportloto.

For each of these games, a draw is held every 15 minutes. Ticket price, usually - 60 rubles. If you make an expanded bet, the cost will increase exponentially (but the likelihood of winning will increase).

You can pay for the ticket, without leaving home. Available methods see. on the picture.

Everything is really serious at Stoloto - even an electronic check is sent to the mail.

By the way, earning extra money here, you can do charity work. for example, help sick children, by transferring the amount available on the account to the Gift of Life charity foundation.

But the site Table, although reliable and proven, still not the only one in Runet. And we have prepared an overview of other services.

List of free lotteries with real winnings

The two free online lotteries have the highest level of trust: Social Chance and Lotofreebie. These are the most popular and proven ways of gambling..

Social chance (

Social Chance is a well-known free lottery game. The project is positioned, as a free online game with the opportunity to win real money. Like any lottery, it all depends on luck. The organizers are betting on the social activity of the participants, who will actively talk about the project in social networks and invite referrals, increasing the audience of players.

The rules of the game are standard and simple:

  1. Register in your personal account, where balance and number of attempts will be displayed.
  2. Go to the "Play" tab and select 6 any numbers. Exist 2 version of the game: "In order" and "in any order". In the first case, the numbers must match strictly in order from right to left, in the second - in any order. The corresponding game level can be selected in the settings.
  3. For 1 match is awarded 0,01-0,1 rub. To play "in any order" it is enough, to match at least one number from any card.

The second version of the game is more difficult and the prizes in it are higher.

The day is given 6 free attempts (chances). The number of chances can be increased, if you link to a social network account, join official groups or watch ads.

Before starting the game, you can download an archive with a combination of numbers from the site, which the system chose. The password for it is issued after the end of the attempt. This site confirms the honesty of the lottery, just no guarantee, that the numbers in the archive are indeed preset.

Once a month, a jackpot is drawn among the players (10000 rub.), which is distributed depending on occupied place according to the rating of the participant.

Minimum withdrawal amount 50 rub. You can transfer savings to e-wallets.

Pros of the lottery:

  • You can have fun, satisfy your needs for passion, without sacrificing finances.
  • The game is completely free. Buying a VIP account, over-limit attempts and winnings multipliers (modifiers) carried out only from the personal account of the account, that is, from the funds accumulated from the lottery. There is no deposit function on the site.
  • You can get real winnings, but it will be a small amount. If you play every day, then by the end of the month it is realistic to accumulate a minimum for withdrawal.
  • There is honesty control.
  • Doesn't take a lot of free time, as the chances run out fast.
  • There is an affiliate program.

Cons of lottery:

  • Lots of negative reviews on the Internet. The main problem is difficulties with the withdrawal of funds. The process takes from 4 weeks before 2 months.
  • The minimum amount for withdrawal is accumulated for a long time. Mostly charged by 1-10 cop. for a lucky try.
  • For withdrawal from the participant, a commission is charged by the system.
  • The site is unstable, often unavailable or overloaded. No guarantee, that the project will not be locked, like many others like him.
  • Lots of intrusive ads.


Unlike Social Chance, Lotofreebie offers free draw lotteries. The result of the game becomes available the next day. The site itself is nicely designed and not overwhelmed with ads.

Rules of the game:

  1. Register in your personal account with confirmation e-mail.
  2. Click on the "Play" button and go to the playing field, where is offered 6 different games. I.e 6 free attempts. In the first version, "Super Game" should be noted 7 numbers.

To get the prize, you need to guess from 4 to 7 numbers from 50. The rest of the games are of the same type - mark 6 any numbers, win matches from 4 to 6 numbers on the ticket. Tickets resemble Stoloto draw lotteries.

After filling out the tickets, information on the date of the draw will appear in your personal account. New attempts will be available the next day.

Results are displayed in your personal account in the "Results" tab, like lotteries from the Stoloto website.

Real money and emoticons are given as prizes, which can be spent on an additional game.

It is allowed to withdraw funds to electronic wallets, bank cards, phone bill, etc..

Pros of the lottery:

  • Free to play, have fun and excitement. The lottery is similar to the classic Stoloto lotteries.
  • The maximum winning is declared in 20 million. rub. Get it unreal, but 5-10 rub. you can win.
  • You can buy games for emoticons, accumulated during the game.
  • There is an affiliate program.

Cons of lottery:

  • few reviews on the internet;
  • no information about the winners, who received real big winnings;
  • no data on the minimum withdrawal amount.


Free lotteries should not be seen as a way to make money online. These projects promise big winnings, but in fact it turns out, that it is difficult to accumulate even the minimum amount for withdrawal. The player wastes time watching ads he doesn't need, but in the end he gets a penny. At the same time, even the accumulated minimum often cannot be withdrawn due to problems on the site or blocking.

Besides, if bloggers or members of the forum are actively inviting you to try your luck on a particular site with free lotteries, tempting with real winnings, then they are just trying to make money on you, as for the next referral brought into the system.

This type of lottery should be considered a fun pastime and nothing more - no claims to win. If you want to participate in a trustworthy lottery with real winnings, it is better to go to the Stoloto website, where you can choose the game of your choice. Especially, that you can play modern lotteries on the Internet online.

What are the lotteries with the withdrawal of money?

Before, how to take part in such a lottery, you need to familiarize yourself with, how do they work. Until you have a basic understanding of jackpot odds, free draws with withdrawal of money will only bring disappointment.

so, lottery is a game of chance, in which the prize fund is distributed among many participants. The amount and chance of winning depends on a specific set of numbers, which are indicated on the lottery card.

There are state lotteries (The "chair", "Sportloto"), which are regulated by the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Finance. And there are lotteries with the withdrawal of money on the network.

All state lotteries are paid (excluding the so-called. social lotteries, but more on that later). There are three types of online pranks: paid, shareware and completely free.

According to the method of determining the prize combination of numbers, the lottery can be divided into two types:

  • Dustless.

    Information about the winning combination is included in the lottery / electronic coupon at the production stage.

    When buying or receiving a lottery card, the only way to know if, what prize does it contain, is the removal of the protective coating, hiding the alphanumeric code.

  • Circulation.

    Prize combinations are drawn simultaneously at the appointed time.

    Original winning set of numbers unknown. To determine it, a drum with a set of barrels / balls / lots is used, i.e. a manual random number generator. The most striking example of such a lottery is the TV show "Russian Lotto".

What is the essence of free lotteries with real money withdrawal?

Historians believe, that the first mention of the lottery can be found in ancient Egyptian and Sumerian myths. Ancient Greek warriors pulled special stones from a golden helmet, and the winners received the right to a duel with the gods themselves!

Fortunately, now anyone can try their luck. And it will be absolutely free to do it.!

How do these lotteries make money?, which are then presented to the participants?

Of course, the point is not, that someone decides to do charity work. In fact sites, where such free lotteries are located, simultaneously serve as an advertising platform with high traffic.

According to the rules of all such resources, the visitor, who doesn't want to invest, should just log into the game regularly. For this he is awarded all kinds of bonuses and free participation tickets.

In this way, the owners of such sites attract a huge number of people., who regularly visit the site. And this, in its turn, creates a very attractive image for advertisers. They are ready to place their ads on lottery resources, bringing income to the owners of these sites.

Money won (if you are lucky) can be sent for withdrawal through a payment system convenient for you

But here it is important to mention one more fact

When Russia, ravaged by corruption in the 90s, lost state control over lotteries, their activities have ceased to be regulated. This led to the emergence of many scammers, and the lottery drums even began to be called "scams".

And here the 90s? Moreover, that even years later, the number of scammers only multiplies. And free lotteries with the withdrawal of money are especially fertile soil for them.

Emergence of resources, allowing you to try your luck online, literally turned the lottery market upside down. The number of people who want to hit the jackpot is growing every day. It's time for you to join them!

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