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The legend of European passion - EuroMillions lottery

It is not worth describing this lotto in every detail., since we have already done this many times. In this article, we will only mention the most important features of this game.. EuroMillions is a real international lottery, including several European states. This is the main reason behind the fantastic jackpots., the minimum size of which is 15 million euros.

Thanks to the function of repeated transfer of the unplayed jackpot, in the end, the main prize can reach several billion rubles and even more! Anyone who wants to become a billionaire has a chance to become a billionaire twice a week.

Game structure, to describe it very briefly, as follows. The participant is given two sets, one on 50 balls and another for eleven. From the first, you need to choose the correct five main balls, and from the second you need to choose a pair of so-called asterisks. As always, different combinations of guessed balls make it possible to get sums of different sizes. With a successful combination of circumstances, you can become the owner 15 million euros! This lottery is clearly worth it, to try your luck at least once.

Interesting in some way, the national French lottery. France Loto is a very old game, which began its existence in the distant 1936 year. According to official figures, at least one third of the French population takes part in this particular lottery.

Anyone can win the minimum jackpot of two million euros no more than three times a week. If the main prize has not found its owner again, a million euros are automatically added to it, and this can last up to thirty runs in a row, and sometimes even longer, reaching fantastic amounts.

The game system is quite simple - five numbers from 49 and another so-called luck number (Lucky Number). The jackpot will appear to you when you match all five numbers and the luck number. In our opinion, it is worth trying to tempt fate in this delicate game.

Our next fellow traveler is SuperEnaLotto, true italian lottery. The draw is held three times a week. The winnings deserve attention even for a player who is bathed in luck. Who knows, maybe in this Italian game luck will smile on you.

Last on our list of European games is the Spanish El Gordo lottery , holding draws once a week. Tax-free and solid jackpots will allow you to experience the joys of life hitherto inaccessible.

Next, let's take a look at other continental lottery games. Australian lottery OZ PowerBall is very similar to the already familiar American USAPowerBall. Only, Unfortunately, draws are only once a week. Otherwise, this game is fully consistent with its name..

Australian lottery OZ Lotto deserves attention with a considerable jack-then of two million dollars. From game to game, your potential wealth only grows, waiting for its master

Suddenly lucky?

National Brazil lottery - Mega-Sena. In this case, you may have a chance to get rich twice a week.. Rules of the game: need to guess 6 numbers from 60.

Play, whatever your heart desires and be sure to win! A little sensitivity and attentiveness - and luck will certainly smile on you

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