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About monopoly

We have already mentioned above, that Stoloto is almost the only access point to domestic games, at least, in such an abundance of options. And all, what is monopolized in our country, deliberately becomes uncontrollable. May be, that's why stories happen, which later spill over into the network in the form of complaints.

The frequency of the games is also alarming - 5 once a day! And this does not apply to instant lotteries - these are draw! Foreign games are held one or two draws a week.

Super prizes deserve special attention. Something too long they began to delay without a win. They used to be won more often.

The most interesting topic for me remains the blocking of foreign sites with lottery games.. This is a gross injustice. Only we were given access to multi-million dollar jackpots, for which the whole world is already fighting, so the blocking is right there. But this is not about cheating one-day games, but about lotteries with a long history. Some foreign games have been around for decades, there is a question of reliability and it's stupid to raise.

What do we know about foreign lottery games?

Let's start by defining the leaders among foreign games. The most popular around the world are:

  • MegaMillions (Mega-millions);
  • EuroMillions (Euromillions);
  • Powerball (Powerball).

The draws will be broadcast live, where the balls from the lottery drum get in front of the players' eyes. Everything is extremely transparent and open.

Draws are held once a week. We already wrote about the winners - they are blown about on every corner.. It is enough to turn on any channel, to see another lucky one.

This fact, by itself, sweep aside any speculation about fraud on the part of the organizers, which means, and there is much more trust in them.

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