How to take part in the EuroMillions lottery game (euromillions) on the territory of the Russian Federation

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Draw deadlines

Since EuroMillions is a pan-European lottery, the draw takes place at different times due to different time zones on the continent. Draws are held in Paris in 21:00 (SET), so for players from some others participating countries deadline, to which you need to participate, comes earlier.

Below is a list of the different deadlines for purchasing EuroMillions tickets:

Country Draw deadlines
Ireland, Portugal, Great Britain 19:30 (tuesday and friday)
Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland 20:30 (tuesday and friday)

Pay attention, what if you play with a lottery concierge service, deadline for participation, usually, will be a few hours before the actual draw deadline

Share your EuroMillions Lottery reviews

Other reviews of the Euromillion lottery mention jackpots, which are almost as good as American lotteries. For a Russian person, European lotteries will always be closer and more understandable, than overseas counterparts. This is our mentality. If you have played this lottery online or offline before, you can leave your feedback on the EuroMillion lottery on our website in the Contacts section. We will definitely post a review. It will be interesting for a large audience., which visits our pages.

Euromillions is a world famous lottery, which he plays today 9 European states. The drawing is held 2 once a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. The minimum jackpot amount is 17 million euros, and the maximum - 190 million. euros.

EuroMillions European lottery started as a joint project of the French lotto, Spanish lotteries and the Camelot group of companies from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. In the beginning, residents of Spain could try their luck at Euromillions, France and Great Britain. Later joined by Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal and Luxenburg.

Euromillions ticket price ranges from 4 to 8 euros depending on the provider. This price includes the only combination. If you want to additionally purchase the Plus option, salaries 1 euros. Option allows you to select one more line, which increases the chances of winning.

Winnings tax

The amount of taxes on winning the European lottery Euromillions directly depends on the tax policy of the country, the citizen of which the winner is

Let's consider in more detail the taxes in the Russian Federation for lottery winnings (note: ordinary, not stimulating!)

In Russia, lottery prizes for individuals are equal to income and are subject to individual income tax in the amount of 13%. Declaration with its indication is provided before 30 april. Further up 15 July, you must pay the tax itself. If you have neglected this rule and tax officials have identified this fact, You'll have to pay a fine. In some cases, property is arrested, and the defaulter is prosecuted.

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