How to win the lottery: ways + prayers + types of lotteries

How to win the lottery - 12 the best schemes to win

Joule Klaus Methodology

Developing the theme of the use of magic, it will not be superfluous to mention one more method, which can be helpful when choosing numbers for the upcoming lottery draw, namely, about visualization. So, Joel Claus, author of the book "The Messenger", suggests doing the following (in fact they are described in relation to rates, but the principle does not change from this):

  • Retire to a separate room and sit in a chair like this, to make your posture the most comfortable.
  • Relax and imagine, that you are on a passenger train.
  • Imagine, that the train stops at stations with some frequency. There should be so many stops, how many days are left until the lottery draw.
  • Get off at the destination station, go to the kiosk and buy a newspaper, in which the results of the drawing are printed. If they are not actually published in newspapers, and reported on TV, then follow to the station building, go to one of the TVs, where the winning numbers will be announced.
  • Return to the platform and board the train in the opposite direction.
  • Stopping at your starting station, complete visualization.

Of course, this way of "traveling to the future" is not suitable for everyone, and no one guarantees the result. Nevertheless, you can try.

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