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‘Full Whois Domain Information’ Help:

WHOIS – application layer network protocol, TCP-based, public information (registration data) about domain name owners, IP addresses and autonomous systems. The protocol is used to submit automated queries to the public WHOIS servers of the registrar databases, databases of IP addresses and domain name registrars. Access to the information, posted by registrars in their WHOIS databases, when users use the technology portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME, forms for submitting a personal request for information, stored by distributed WHOIS databases, provides users of our service with real-time access to information in the WHOIS databases, for individual, non-automated, requests. Access to WHOIS database information via port 43, allowing automated queries, can be provided to UANIC resellers as an additional service, on request.

Find the owner's full WHOIS contact information (the registrant) domain name, the responsible domain name administrator, technical and / or financial contact of the domain, as well as the primary date of registration (domain delegation), and its expiration, name servers, and the current status of the requested domain, can be performed free of charge by the user submitting a request through the WHOIS information search form, posted on this website.

WHOIS databases are managed primarily by registrars and registries. ICANN's IANA department manages the central registry for all types of Internet resources and points to the WHOIS server as the responsible (under)-registries, as well as the contact information of this registry, when, if it is posted publicly. There is a complete and abbreviated form of information provided by registrars from WHOIS databases. The completeness and format of issuing information from the WHOIS database is determined separately by each registrar, based on RFC protocol 3912.

To obtain information, the user must specify the domain name of interest in the WHOIS form, and submit a request, by clicking on the WHOIS button. Intelligence, contained in the WHOIS UANIC database are updated automatically, Besides, subject to manual update with a frequency not exceeding 10 days.

English version: https://whois.uanic.name/eng/hday.eu/

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