Italian state lotteries

Italian lotto. superenalotto. lottery from italy. how to play and participate?

Playing the game

There are two main schemes, on which the draws of the Spanish lottery game are held: traditional and plural. Let's consider each of them separately..

The traditional scheme of the game

This system assumes the presence of two lottery drums. The first lottery drum contains balls with ticket numbers, who have a chance to be victorious in a particular game. The second lottery drum contains balls with numbers, under which certain winnings are hidden.

The list of prizes is written on a special board. It is installed on the stage even before the draw starts..

Children are most often invited as presenters. They take the balls one by one from both lottery drums.. First, they get the ball from the 2nd lottery drum, to determine, for which prize will be the further struggle. Next is retrieved 5 balls from the 1st lottery drum.

It is from the five numbers of the first lottery drum that the serial number of the ticket is made, the owner of which becomes the owner of the claimed prize. Numbers line up from left to right, starting with the first ball drawn.

Multiple game scheme

This circulation system has been used since 1962 of the year. The Spanish lottery periodically practices its application.

What is the main difference between these two drawing schemes?

The main difference is the number of lottery drums. The traditional scheme assumes the presence of two lottery drums, and plural - five. Each of the five lottery drums has nine barrels, which contain numbers from 0 to 9. The serial number of the prize ticket is formed from the barrels of the lottery drums, taken one by one. The order of extraction of numbers is mandatory - they start with the first lottery drum and end with the fifth.

Winning tickets are determined the same way, as in the traditional drawing scheme.

It's easy to start playing

Russia and the SuperEnalotto lottery

The Italian SuperEnalotto lottery in Russian is now available for players from CIS countries. Residents of this region can take an active part in the drawing of cash prizes and win the main one - the jackpot. Playing online is no different from the TV version, used by Italians. SuperEnalotto results are updated regularly. If you become a winner, you will find out about it very quickly!

Payout of prizes

Payment of the prize money is carried out in the territory of that country, in which you were at the time of winning the lottery. If at the same time you are a citizen of another state, you can still take the money only there, where were you during the drawing. At the same time, your citizenship does not in any way limit the right to claim money won on a legal basis.. The lottery is available for residents of any country.

Comparative analysis

State lottery

Private lottery

Payment of prizes is guaranteed at the state level.

The likelihood of cheating and not giving out a win is high.

A lot of players, trust in these lotteries gives rise to the massiveness of the game.

Few are willing to take risks and get involved with such games.

There are official representations, which the player can visit. Provided addresses of branch offices by city.

Office is not required, it can be purely virtual.

The presence of a fairly transparent system for selecting prize-winners.

Fraud in the distribution of winnings is highly probable and not controlled in any way.

Registered in the territory of the parent country.

Registration can be listed in Cyprus or in any other country.

Well-defined lottery rules. Responsibilities for each party are spelled out.

Blurred game conditions, lack of responsibility.

Winnings of various amounts.

The prizes promise very large, but most often they give out much less, what was stated (if issued at all).

If problems arise, you have the opportunity to defend your rights in court.

The player is completely unprotected, in case of deception, it is unlikely that it will be possible to prove something.

A large audience is covered with information, information about innovations reaches the player almost instantly.

Small audience and may not warn about any changes at all.

Timely payments

Delay payment of prizes indefinitely (this does not apply to foreign lotteries).

This list fairly accurately reflects the benefits of state lotteries., and their benefit to the player becomes obvious.

How to buy lottery tickets for the SuperEnalotto Italian Lotto? Where to buy coupons, to play the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery?

There are many services online, who specialize in buying lottery coupons on behalf of their clients. They act as an intermediary between the players and the SuperEnalotto operator. Representatives of these service providers are physically present in Italy. They act on behalf of their clients, and also buy a ticket for them. Their customers place purchase orders online from many countries around the world.

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