Fatty of the primitive

Primitive, result of the last and previous draw  - the newspaper

How to play

It consists of choosing 5 numbers of 1 al 54 of the 1st matrix (FORECASTS) and 1 number of 0 al 9 of the 2nd matrix (KEY NUMBER), for Simple Bets. To hit a First Category Prize it is necessary to match the five numbers of the Winning Combination plus the Key Number. If the key number is correct, you are entitled to a refund regardless of the other prizes.

Multiple bets can be played on the same ticket, marking of 6 a 11 boxes in Forecasts, for a total of between 6 and 462 bets. The same bet cannot win more than one prize, but different bets on the same ticket.

How to find out about the results and collect the prize?

After the end of the drawing, you will see the result in your account and in an email. Any prize, except for the jackpot, will be credited to your account within 3 hours. You can spend the money you win on a new ticket or get it on your card, Bank account, online wallet. You will also be able to purchase cryptocurrency. The minimum withdrawal amount is 15 dollars.

Sometimes organizers require, so that when the jackpot is issued, the winner is present in person. In such cases, Lotto Agent will help you buy a ticket, will book a hotel and arrange meetings with Lotto representatives. To clarify the details, a service employee will contact you.

Prize amounts

Of the total T raised in a draw, the organizing body retains a 45% for the state. A 10% reserved for withdrawals, and the 45% remaining is distributed in prizes (22% for the first category and 23% for the rest).

In all categories, the prize is divided equally among all the winners of the category.

The first category have a prize guaranteed minimum of five million euros. In case there are no top-rated winners, he 50% of the reserved amount (he 11% of the collection T) is added to the minimum prize (or to the previous accumulated amount) for the first category of prizes of the following draw. This often produces big boats.

The amount for the rest of the prizes (23% the T) reduced by 8th category prizes (2+0, with a fixed prize of € 3 each), and the resulting amount R is distributed as follows:

  • 33% of R for the second category (5+0)
  • 6% of R for the third category (4+1)
  • 7% of R for the fourth category (4+0)
  • 8% of R for the fifth category(3+1)
  • 26% of R for the sixth category(3+0)
  • 20% of R for the seventh category(2+1)

Special rules apply in case any of these categories remain deserted, and also in the event that, due to the redistribution among multiple winners, the prizes of a category are lower than those of a lower category.

Prizes at El Gordo

The lottery prize fund depends on the number of tickets purchased. Each draw is raffled off 45% sales proceeds. The jackpot is 22% of this amount. For fixed winnings of participants, guessing 2 main numbers, another part of the prize fund goes away. The remaining amount is divided into parts, which are equally distributed among the winners of each category.

The odds of winning at El Gordo are very high - about 1 to 10. The same ratio has a chance to guess the bonus number and get the ticket price back. The total chance of any win is about 1:6.

In Game 8 winning categories:

Combination Share of the prize pool
2 €3 (fixed prize)
2+1 20 %
3 26 %
3+1 8 %
4 7 %
4+1 6 %
5 33 %
5+1 € 5 million jackpot
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