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TOP 3 - HSC: Calculator888

Description: Calculator888 is in the honorable third place of the services in question. Like the previous options, it allows you to get the required number of numbers without much effort.. Even a novice network user can use the random number generator, since everything is intuitive.

Advantages: Wide settings will allow you to form the required number of numbers, set their range, and also define input options. Besides, unlike previous services, allows you to get a link to the result. Completely free.

disadvantages: The disadvantages include the lack of a choice of ready-made lottery types, which forces you to independently form the task. You cannot introduce exceptions and get multiple combinations at once. Past runs are not counted either..

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Cryptographic protection of a random data generator in Python

Randomly generated numbers and data, obtained using the random module in Python, devoid of cryptographic protection. Hence, the question arises - how to achieve reliable generation of random numbers?

A cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator is a number generator, which has features, making it suitable for use in cryptographic applications, where data security is paramount.

  • All cryptographically secure generator functions return randomly generated bytes;
  • The value of the random bytes, obtained as a result of using the function, depends on OS sources.
  • Generation quality also depends on random sources of OS.

To ensure the cryptographic reliability of random number generation, the following approaches can be used:

  • Using the secrets module to protect random data;
  • Using from the os module ;
  • Using a class .

An example of cryptographically secure data generation in Python:


import random
import secrets

number = random.SystemRandom().random()
print(“Reliable number “, number)

print(“Reliable token bytes”, secrets.token_bytes(16))





print(“Reliable number “,number)

print(“Reliable token bytes”,secrets.token_bytes(16))



Reliable number 0.11139538267693572

Reliable byte token b ’ xae xa0 x91 *. Xb6 xa1 x05 = xf7 +>\r;Y xc3′


Reliable number 0.11139538267693572

ReliableTokenbytesb ’ xae xa0 x91 *. Xb6 xa1 x05 = xf7 +>\r;Y xc3′

Random number generator for lottery

You want to get random numbers without repeating. Also you don't need some numbers. Because you don't think they will fall out.. You can easily configure the mode of our number generator you need. And it will only give you useful combinations of numbers.. You don't need many different generators anymore. This RNG is versatile. This generator is easily customized for you. The generator has no restrictions on the number and range of numbers. This generation is done on the server side, not your browser. We have eliminated all factors that could affect the result of a random selection..

New RNG generator

Our random value generator shuffles the numbers several times. We don't just generate random numbers. We first shuffle all the numbers among which we need to choose. This is done several times.. And only after that we again randomly choose a given number of numbers. This approach to random number generation guarantees a random choice.

TOP 1 - Number generator GSgen.RU

Description: The embedded software is implemented in the Javascript programming language and is a pseudo-random number generator. Distributes random numbers evenly, due to which subjective perception of players is excluded, which influences manual selection.

Advantages: The RNG script allows you to find lucky numbers for Gosloto (and not only) different variations from preset modes. There is a possibility of individual settings for other types of lotteries. Available for free use.

disadvantages: No way to enter exclusion numbers, which are not desirable to see, you cannot get several combinations at once and get a link to the finished result.

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