Make money on the lottery. millions of richard lasting

Random number generators for lottery - TOP 5 free services

Obvious fact, that luck plays an important role in any undertaking. But, playing the lottery, need to understand, that fortune is the only factor, on which the fulfillment of your dreams depends. In the bulk of lotteries, to get the jackpot, you just need to guess certain numbers in a certain range. In this case, an online random number generator can help., presented on our website.

We offer to try a simple generator for free, which is able to completely eliminate the influence of the human factor and increase the chance of winning. We also present the best and most functional, but simple generators, as well as services, able to predict winning combinations of numbers based on the results of past draws, based on special analysis algorithms.

If you want to try your luck at one of the popular lotteries (4 of 20, 5 of 36, 6 of 45), but you don't know, what numbers can increase the probability of winning, then we can help. Next, we bring to your attention an overview of the TOP 5 most functional, yet easy to use lottery number generators, having many additional functions and capabilities.

Make money on the lottery. millions of richard lasting

To begin with, let's analyze the main criteria of the above list.:

  1. Preset lottery type - the ability to choose from pre-set lottery types.
  2. Range of numbers - the ability to define a range, in which the numbers will be displayed.
  3. Exception Numbers - Digit Definition, which will not be output during generation.
  4. Number Output Options - Output Specific Numbers: even, odd, etc..
  5. Several combinations - the ability to simultaneously display a certain number of combinations of random numbers.
  6. Link to result - providing a hyperlink to the result.
  7. Accounting for past draws - work and analysis, taking into account the results of past draws of a particular lottery.
  8. Free - possibility of free use.

Next, we will analyze in more detail online winnings generators, which are able to increase the probability of guessing 4 numbers and more for any lottery:

Before you become famous

Fame came to Richard not immediately, the path to her was long and thorny. Your first win, $ 10 000 Lustig got in 1993 year, with an instant lottery ticket. Not to tell, that the amount is amazing, but the beginning of the winning streak was laid. true, the next win didn't happen soon: within 4 years Richard has not won a single significant prize. And he played constantly and a lot.

Only in 1997 Richard is lucky in his dreams - 14 August he won 13 969 Dollars in the Fantasy Lottery 5, Florida. At that time it was necessary to guess 5 of 26 (probability 1 to 65 780) which is not so difficult, this also explains the small size of the prize - more often there were several winners

The next two wins came a few more years later: in June 2000 when Richard received a prize worth 3 944 dollar and in October 2001, he got more $ 4 966. In both cases, he received non-cash prizes, and travel. And the amounts are small. But, the number of victories is growing, isn't it true?

At all, the first stage turned out to be very difficult, almost for 10 years, the total winnings of Richard turned out to be slightly more 32 600 dollars. Нельзя назвать это успехом, yes, and there are no external signs of a conscious strategy - all the prizes were received in completely different lotteries.

At that time, Lustig was not much different from other game lovers - the winnings are small, there is almost nothing to brag about. The fifth win changed everything, when he hit a really big jackpot - 842 152 dollar

RAND function: concept and method of use

RAND function() – is it a program or, eg, deterministic apparatus, which under the same given conditions will show constantly the same results. But in order for the conditions of a true random sequence to be met, there should be no dependence on initial conditions or parameters. therefore, to avoid such cases, additionally, a special RANDOMIZE procedure is used, which removes the predictability of the initial conditions, making them random.

In addition to the already known generation principle, another kind of lottery generator is used. Consider it below.

The whole truth about Stoloto

Stoloto - is the official state organizer of lotteries in the Russian Federation. Conducts 16 various lotteries, among which the most popular are "Gosloto", "Sportloto" and "Russian Lotto". Tickets can be purchased both online on the website, and at various points of sale. Is a monopolist of lotteries in Russia.

The most favorite game of most players is Gosloto, when you need to guess several numbers from a number of possible. for example, 4 из20, 5 of 36, 6 of 45, 6 of 49. In the ticket, the participant indicates his "lucky numbers", and later a drawing is held, during which the reel randomly throws balls with numbers. The more matches, the greater the gain. Jackpots are so crazy 8-80 million rubles!

But if you look for reviews about the Stoloto lottery, you will see, that most of them are negative. And not because, that people were simply unlucky to win and their hopes of becoming millionaires were dashed, and therefore, that the organizers are constantly accused of fraud. Even with small amounts, they cheat here, what to say about large!


Use the considered services or not, sure, you decide. On the one hand, the use of such sites can help you choose certain combinations, freeing from difficult choices, as, for example for a prank 5 of 36, absolutely any combination manually generated or selected by the player himself has the probability of winning 1 to 376 992.

Table, showing the probability of winning the lottery:

Make money on the lottery. millions of richard lasting

In comparison with other strategies for playing the lottery, this option has a good chance of winning. However, it is worth understanding, that using paid predictions in this case is not advisable and does not correspond to the probability of winning.

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