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What preceded the events of the Sims 4 Strangerville

so, You have completed the Sims Walkthrough 4 Strangerville. But the developers gave us a bunch of interesting information regarding, what happened in this city. Namely - the background of these events.

Let's find out, what really happened!

The story of Strangerville: newspaper clippings and books

From an old newspaper clipping:

"Stories, transmitted by indigenous people, who lived in the region for a long time, talk about dazzling purple light in the sky, which was accompanied by a powerful explosion. Is considered, that this was the source of the crater in Strangerville ".

From another newspaper clipping:

"The military arrives at Strangerville! Residents rejoice, when a new base opens near the crater. The City Council welcomes the opportunity to create new jobs for the developing city ".

Clipping from a recent newspaper:

"A new era for Strangerville! A high-tech super-scientific facility under construction in the crater. While residents are eager to modernize the city, because of the secrecy around the project, some people are on the verge ".

From a letter:

"They speak, what have arrived here, to help us.. But there is now barbed wire around the crater! What are they trying to hide? Can't nobody see, what's going on here?!? Wake up, lamb! Check out the Antiquities Shop next to the trailer park. They have great shirts and posters for those of us., who knows.."

Unsolved mysteries of a stranger:

"A local resident claims, what after, how he found his lost cat outside the crater, he became unjustifiably afraid of his indoor plants and could not calm down, until they were all removed from his house ".

Newspaper clipping:

"After the incident, there were reports of bizarre plants, growing all over the city. No one could understand, why do they spread so fast. Efforts to destroy them were ineffectual. For each remote sprout, there are three new ones .. "

From a promotional flyer:

"Clogged drains? Call the undercover plumbers for a free checkout. We are ready to work at any time, even when you are not at home! Our modern vans are equipped with the latest plumbing satellite technology. "

What conclusion can be drawn?

Thousands of years ago, something here crashed and formed a crater as a result of a powerful explosion.. Probably, he was at rest for a while, until modern scientists discovered it.

The military is trying to use their powers - perhaps, to create new weapon technology. But things don't go at all like that, and the explosion leads to the destruction of the base. This leads to infection of residents, when Mother tries to get out of her prison.

She is trapped, but its influence can spread through bizarre plants, that appear everywhere. Plants try to lure you with beautiful fruits, but this is a trap, to infect you.

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Ways and place of learning the Selvadoradian culture

The skill is entirely built on interaction with local residents, because who, as not the locals, tell better about the culture of his native land. The development of the skill will contribute to the character traits "Friendly" and "Loves nature". Interactions, who develop skill, highlighted with a special icon. With these interactions, you can, eg, find out some useful information about Selvadorada.

“How to tell a local from a tourist?" - you ask. All the traders of the Puerto Lamante market are indigenous to Selvadorada. Hence the conclusion - communicate more with the traders in the market and you will know the Selvadoradian culture like no other..

note, that the Puerto Lamante market is not a separate site, and a small part of the WHOLE district, where you can get from any site without loading. It is located near the site "Jaguar on a tree"

Based on that, that the Jaguar Tree Diner with a market is rich in merchants, and overall very lively, we recommend developing the skill there.

Furthermore, eating local food, Sims will also experience Selvadorada culture. You can buy local dishes all on the same good old Puerto Lamante. Selvadorada cuisine offers 7 different and quite… specific dishes.

We hasten to warn, what Selvadoran dishes are for everybody, and sims will need time, to get used to them. At the first skill levels, a negative moodlet may appear after eating local food:

Stages of studying the Selvadoradian culture

1 level

At the beginning of skill development, Sims have 3 activities of communication with local residents:

  • Ask about the jungle
  • Chatting about local attractions
  • Discuss local heritage

2 level

New Special Communication Action Available:

  • Ask about the history of local products
  • Show pictures of Selvadorada

Sims will also recognize two local greetings.:

First - "Selvadoradian greeting", can be done when meeting a new character.

Second - "Local greeting" becomes available already in the course of communication with other Sims.

Interesting to note, that the name of both greetings does not change the meaning, but "Local greeting" is fundamentally different from the "Selvadoradian greeting". Apparently, one greeting with strangers is accepted in Selvadorada, but with already familiar sims it is completely different.

Level 3

New communication action available:

Ask about the Omiscan ruins

Selvadorada culture is famous for more than specific greetings, food and mysterious jungle, but also a love of singing. With the third skill level, the sim will learn two new Latin American songs, which can be played on guitar.

note, that you can play new songs only by reaching 7 the level of guitar playing

Level 4

The people of Selvadorada already trust you so much, that they are even ready to share local legends. To do this, you need to use a new communication action:

Ask about local legends

And the legends you hear can then be retelling to other Sims:

And that is not all! Long-term communication with local residents was not in vain, and now you know the local dance – Rumba. It is enough to click on any stereo system and select the action "Dance rumba".

Level 5

Congratulations! You have fully explored Selvadoradian culture.

Locals have appreciated such a huge interest in their customs and now you can buy secret dishes from local cuisine in the market., by choosing the action "Order food from the secret menu". There are three courses to choose from:

You can share your valuable knowledge of Selvadorada with others, compiling travel guides using a computer. It is enough to select the action Write > Write a book of a specific genre… > Guide.

Well, of course, no longer worry about being attacked by fire flies in the jungle. Your Sims now know how to avoid their attacks without using a spray.

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