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How to play

For, to play Bingo Loto, select 25 numbers ranging from 1 to 75. You can make your own choice or rely on a computer. Your numbers will be displayed in the table 5 x 5, numbers from 1 to 15 displayed in the first column, from 16 to 30 - in the second column, from 31 to 45 - in the third column, from 46 to 60 - in the fourth column and from 61 to 75 - in the fifth column.

Bingo Loto ticket costs 1 € for playing combination. Each ticket contains one or two combinations of your 25 numbers. Ticket sales end at 18:00 EAT (17:00 THIS).

During the game of 18:30 EAT (17:30 THIS), numbers are drawn randomly, and players can watch it on TV. The game is played in three stages with the aim of guessing the numbers being played as quickly as possible.

La Primitiva Lottery

La Primitiva is considered one of the oldest lotteries in the world. If you want to know more, read the article lottery history. The modern history of the lottery began in 1985 year. Like most modern lotteries, draws are held twice a week on Thursdays and Saturdays.

La Primitiva is carried out as follows: drum first, in which there are balls with numbers from one to forty-nine, the lottery drum selects seven balls - six main and an additional. Then another ball is selected - one of nine.

The probabilities of winning prizes of various categories are presented in the table below:


Number of coincidences



6 main balls + reintegro

1 to 139 838 160


6 main balls

1 to 13 983 816


5 main balls + extra ball

1 to 2 330 000


5 main balls

1 to 54 201


4 main ball

1 to 1 032


3 main ball

1 to 57


Matching the Reinegro ball

1 to 10

It should be noted, what for, to win the jackpot, you need to guess not only 6 numbers from 49, but also the so-called reintegro. Thus, the probability of winning the jackpot is 1 to 139 838 160. However, prizes for 6 numbers are usually around a million euros, which is also very good.

The jackpot in the primitive, as in many modern lotteries, goes to the next edition, if not played in the current. It can reach 50 million euros. On 30 November 2013 year he was 27 million. Read about other big wins here.

Playing foreign lotteries, including Veikkaus Lotto

According to the rules of the organizers, In many foreign lotteries are not allowed to participate citizens of other countries. In this case, to circumvent this rule legally, you can use the services of a reliable dealer. One of those today is Lotto Agent. Employees of this service purchase a ticket and send a scanned copy, which is in your personal account.

To buy a ticket in Lotto Agent, you need to register on the website, top up balance, then:

  • choose your favorite lottery from the list of proposed;
  • indicate the number of tickets, mark the numbers you like;
  • choose the type of participation - one-time, multi-circulation or subscription;
  • actions are completed by paying for tickets.

You can replenish your Lotto Agent account in any convenient way:

  • Payment card of any bank;
  • Electronic wallets WebMoney, Yandex money, Kiwi;
  • Accounts of mobile operators Beeline, Tele 2, Megaphone, MTS;
  • On-line applications of banks PromSvyazBank or Sberbank.

Pros of the Lotto Agent service

The main advantage of the service is the low cost of tickets, regular discounts and promotional offers. Each registered participant receives a guaranteed discount of 10% for the first purchase. The peculiarity of this dealer is that all site services are included in the ticket price.

Other advantages of Lotto Agent:

  • The ability to replenish the balance and withdraw the won money in any convenient way;
  • Participation in more 20 foreign lotteries;
  • Notification of the results of the drawing in the personal account and by e-mail.

According to the rules of some lotteries, the participant must receive the main prize personally. Site staff help the winner with the flight and accommodation abroad.

Play online

To play Vikinglotto online, just click on the "Play" button below or touch it:

Approximate amount of the next jackpot:
Next draw: Wednesday, 26 August

I play online, you automatically receive the following additional benefits:

  • Safety. Your tickets are automatically saved to your online account, as soon as you pay for them. This eliminates the possibility of loss, damage or theft of the ticket.
  • Convenience. Tickets can be purchased at any time and on any device. Furthermore, if you win a prize, you will receive an automatic notification!
  • Payouts. If you have chosen the lucky numbers and won a prize, winnings will be immediately transferred to your account after confirming the winnings.

How to play

Vikinglotto players need to choose six numbers from 1 to 48 and Viking number from 1 to 8. Members can either choose their own numbers, or use the Quick Pick function ("Quick choice"), which automatically generates a random set of numbers.

To win the jackpot, players need to match all six main numbers and the Viking number. The jackpot amount starts from 3 million euros, and, if the jackpot is not played, he goes to the next draw. After the jackpot exceeds the limit of 35 million euros, additional prize amount is added to the lower tier prize, which can be won, by matching all six main numbers without the Viking number.

Prizes of the top two tiers will be distributed among all participating countries, and the rest of the prizes are set individually by each participating State. A percentage of the revenue from each ticket sale contributes to the total prize pool, and the remaining money is distributed among the remaining prize tiers in each country.

The following table shows the different prize levels and the odds of winning in each category.

Guessed 6 + Viking ball Total jackpot (minimum 3 million euros) 1 of 98 172 096
Guessed 6 General prize 1 of 14 024 585
Guessed 5 + Viking ball Special prizes in countries 1 of 389 572
Guessed 5 Special prizes in countries 1 of 55 653
Guessed 4 + Viking ball Special prizes in countries 1 of 7 601
Guessed 4 Special prizes in countries 1 of 1 086
Guessed 3 + Viking ball Special prizes in countries 1 of 428
Guessed 3 Special prizes in countries 1 of 61
Guessed 2 + Viking ball Special prizes in countries 1 of 58
Guessed 2 Special prizes in countries 1 of 8

Prize tiers differ in each participating country, and not all countries offer all of the above prize levels.

A number of additional games are also held in selected countries, such as various Joker games, in which players must match up to seven numbers in exact order, in which they are determined during the rally.

Winners of thelotter

Date Winner Winning at thelotter

Christian L.

40,30 EUR≈ 3 161,74 ₽

Maxim B.

1 487,60 RUBL≈ 1 487,60 ₽

Jonas L.

73,80 EUR≈ 5 789,98 ₽

Novelkeesore R.

44,76 USD≈ 3 157,69 ₽

Francisco Javier G.

40,00 EUR≈ 3 138,20 ₽

Jonas L.

84,50 EUR≈ 6 629,45 ₽

Jonas L.

86,50 EUR≈ 6 786,36 ₽

Torsten R.

49,50 EUR≈ 3 883,52 ₽

Nataliya U.

56,72 USD≈ 4 001,44 ₽

Cyril P.

30,00 EUR≈ 2 353,65 ₽


74,55 GBP≈ 6 486,68 ₽

Peter K.

350,00 EUR≈ 27 459,25 ₽

Adonis S.

68,41 USD≈ 4 826,13 ₽


51,50 EUR≈ 4 040,43 ₽

Cornelia K.

42,68 GBP≈ 3 713,64 ₽

Daniel O.

76,09 USD≈ 5 367,94 ₽

Francisco Javier G.

57,40 EUR≈ 4 503,32 ₽

Francois J.

49,97 USD≈ 3 525,24 ₽

Alexander P.

45,10 EUR≈ 3 538,32 ₽

Krzysztof P.

40,00 EUR≈ 3 138,20 ₽

Finland Veikkaus Lotto: overview

Finland is a country, having a long history in organizing lotteries. In other words, people, living on the Scandinavian Peninsula, practicing and winning impressive jackpots for decades. Fortunately, we live in digital, globalized world. As a result, local opportunities are widely available around the world.

Thanks to these digital privileges, you can now experience the appeal of the Finnish Lotto. This game is worth trying? How should you play? What can you expect? So many questions, so little time, to find the answer! Relax, sit down and sip your coffee (or tea ... or any other drink, which you want to enjoy). We did all the hard work for you.

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