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BonoLoto jackpot

BonoLoto is one of the lotteries with an impressive jackpot. The maximum winning amount is 400 000 euros. If the main prize is not won, he goes to the next draw. Respectively, the jackpot increases the next day. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the amount - the prize will accumulate, waiting for the winner, guessing everything 6 rooms.

There are situations, when multiple people win the jackpot, and not 2-3, and the number is in the tens. Then the prize fund is divided equally for each player. Considering, that the jackpot is not hit every day, it still turns out an impressive amount.

Can you trust intermediaries?

Many people are wondering, is it worth trusting intermediaries, let's face it, and see what guarantees this intermediary provides us.

To purchase a ticket from a lottery broker, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the intermediary's website and register on it;
  2. Top up your personal account balance;
  3. Choose the required lottery you will play;
  4. Wait for confirmation of ticket purchase (many services, besides confirmation by e-mail, provide scans of purchased tickets).

Video instruction:

If you win small amounts, you can withdraw the funds credited to your personal account to electronic wallets..

If the amount is large, then a ticket will be sent to you, with whom you will need to come to the country, where was it purchased, and personally receive the prize. Alternative option: the cash prize is received by the representative of the intermediary, and money, less broker commission, transferred to your bank account.

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