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Lotto 6 out 49 in Russia

You cannot officially buy a ticket for the German national lottery in Russia. Lotto operator,, does not sell coupons to Russians.

You can buy a ticket using an intermediary. This is the company, who will purchase the coupon in Germany and provide it to you. There are many such "assistants", we will tell you about one thing - AgentLotto.

Below is a brief instruction on using the AgentLotto service.

#1. check in

To buy tickets for AgentLotto you need an account. It will store scanned copies of tickets and purchase history. To register, you will need a valid email and phone number.

#2. Selection of lottery

AgentLotto is a multidisciplinary intermediary. Here you can buy tickets for more than 20 lotteries. Listed lotto, which will suggest AgentLotto, select Lotto 6 out 49.

#3. Filling in the ticket

If you only play in the main round, cross out in the main fields of the ticket 6 figures from 49. If you additionally participate in Super 77 or Super 6, put a tick in the appropriate parts of the coupon.

#4. Payment

On the AgentLotto website, you can pay for a ticket in the following ways:

  • by transfer from a bank card
  • by payment from a mobile phone account
  • transfer in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin accepted, Litecoin, Ethereum)
  • electronic money (WebMoney, Yandex money, Skrill, Neteller).

Funds will be credited to the balance within 1-2 minutes (if you don't pay with cryptocurrencies). You can pay for the ticket right after that.

#6. View lotto

National German Lotto Operator,, arranges live broadcasts of Lotto draws 6 out 49. Connect to stream at 20:30 on wednesday or at 21:30 on Saturday, to see the results.

#7. Receiving winnings

There are two ways to get your winnings ^

  1. if the prize is less 500-600$. AgentLotto will credit the winnings to the balance, as soon as the intermediary receives the prize. Money can be withdrawn to an electronic wallet, bank card, cryptocurrency wallet or mobile phone.
  2. for bigger prizes (from 600$). AgentLotto staff will ask for a power of attorney to receive the prize. This is due to the fact, that for the issuance of large winnings, the personal presence of the winner is required. As soon as AgentLotto receives the money, he will credit them to the balance in his personal account.

Where is the best place to buy lottery tickets online?

so, are you ready to start playing. However, one big question remains: where you can buy lottery tickets?

If you are fortunate enough to live in one of the areas with direct online tickets, you have nothing to worry about. You can get lottery tickets directly from your local operator, or you can check, where can I buy tickets near you!

Here are some states, which allow you to buy tickets online.

  • UK National Lottery
  • Australian lotteries
  • Georgia Lottery
  • Kentucky Lottery
  • Illinois Lottery
  • Michigan Lottery
  • North Carolina Lottery
  • North Dakota Lottery

Not sure, that in your area lottery tickets are sold online? Just search your state lottery website (or country) and see, can you buy tickets directly from the national lottery operator. If your country does not include, then you can purchase lottery tickets from lottery agents.

To save a few clicks, here are some of our best reseller options.

  • theLotter offers variety for new, and experienced players. You can play any of 50 lottery games, as well as syndicates and raffles for millionaires. The site is very easy to use.
  • Bmillions is a good place to start, if you were interested in group play. He offers 11 syndicates to choose from, as well as combinations in terms of value for money, which combine several syndicates into one package.
  • WinTrillions is a great choice, if you want to opt out of your credit or debit card. Thanks to the support 32 different payment methods, including Bitcoin, WinTrillions is an accessible portal for 20 lottery games and several syndicates.

Lottery rules

Unlike Russian lotteries, every EuroMillions ticket has more than one, and two fields:

  • the main (with numerical values ​​from 1 to 50);
  • additional, or "star" (with numerical values ​​from 1 to 12).

Participant, holding a lottery ticket, must cross out 5 numbers in the main window and two numbers in the additional.

Winning numbers in each field of the ticket are drawn using different lottery machines.

The size of the winnings will depend on the total number of matched numbers. If in the main field the player has correctly marked at least two numbers, his ticket will already be a winning one.

All possible combinations are shown in the following table:

Number of guessed digits in the main field Number of guessed digits in the additional field Probability of winning Winning amount (in euros)
2 1 of 23 4
2 1 1 of 46 8
1 2 1 of 156 10
3 1 of 327 12
3 1 1 of 654 14
2 2 1 of 821 19
3 2 1 of 11 771 59
4 1 of 14 387 101
4 1 1 of 28 773 201
4 2 1 of 517 919 4 143
5 1 of 3 236 994 51 792
5 1 1 of 6 473 989 310 751
5 2 1 of 116 531 800 jackpot

Additional features

An additional draw called Millionaire Raffle is available for EuroMillions participants in England ("Circulation of Millionaires"). This option makes tickets, acquired in UK, somewhat more expensive compared to other countries.

The Millionaire Raffle is drawn after, how the lottery main numbers have already been drawn. Each ticket has a specific number, and if it turns out to be winning, the participant receives a fixed prize in the amount of 1 000 000 pounds. Respectively, the more tickets a participant has on hand, the more likely it is to hit the coveted jackpot.

Lottery "Sharkona Lotto" («Eastern lotto»)

Online ticket sales: not carried out.

Ticket price (one position): 3 000 I am (to 06.11.2019 – 2 000 I am).

Minimum jackpot: formed based on the number of tickets sold for the circulation.

Maximum jackpot: accumulates from circulation to circulation (was previously capped at 500 000 000 I am).

Max Jackpot Drawn: 2 664 882 250 I am (circulation №147 from 18.12.2019 of the year).

Payment of the jackpot: produced after formal procedures.

Drawing: held once a week, on Wednesday.

Sharkona Lotto rules:

From the lottery drum with 36 balls fall 6 balls. One more ball is drawn additionally. This ball has been introduced into the rules since 70 circulation, past 27.06.2018. To get the minimum cash prize, you need to guess 4 event. Guess all 6 balls claim the jackpot in equal shares. The player can mark on the ticket up to 10 digits, by paying additionally for each game combination. The 7th bonus ball is drawn in the draw, winnings (cash and clothing) in this case paid from a special prize fund. If the jackpot is guessed in the draw, then the winner in this case does not participate in the drawing of the prize ball. The prize fund is 50% of the total cost of tickets sold.

Winnings distribution table "Sharkona Lotto" as a percentage of the prize fund:

  • 30% – guessed 4 event;
  • 18% – guessed 5 balls;
  • 35% – jackpot, guessed 6 balls.
  • 17% – guessed 6 balls through the bonus ball.

Historical reference: the first lottery draw was held 1 Martha 2017 of the year. Until the 71st draw, cash prizes were paid for 3 guessed balls, and an additional bonus was played every 10th, as well as in festive and anniversary editions. The winnings were paid in the following way (as a percentage of the prize fund):

  • 40% – guessed 3 event;
  • 30% – guessed 4 event;
  • 17% – guessed 5 balls;
  • 10% – jackpot, guessed 6 balls.

Beginning with 4 july 2018 this three-ball prize category has been canceled, and the 7th ball began to be played on an ongoing basis. До повышения стоимости билета с 2 000 to 3 000 I am (from 06.11.2019) win distribution table looked like this:

  • 32% – guessed 4 event;
  • 18% – guessed 5 balls;
  • 40% – jackpot, guessed 6 balls.
  • 10% – guessed 6 balls through the bonus ball.

Why you shouldn't trust TheLotter

In addition to reviews from real people, which we have provided you, there are a couple more points, which make you think, is it worth trusting this resource.

For years there have been disputes about the existence of official representatives among intermediaries. If you are interested, browse the internet there you will see, that there are no such lotteries, who distribute their ticket through intermediaries. To purchase a winning ticket, нужно посетить официальные точки продаж.

For example, serious showdown was with the most popular lotteries in the world Mega Millions and Powerball. On their official website, written in black and white, that over the past years, the number of scammers has grown exponentially. The FTC website has clear definitions of illegal distribution intermediaries.

There is one interesting law in the USA, about which, apparently, Zelotter developers don't know, although we could have prepared better. "If you play foreign lotteries by mail or by phone, you are breaking federal law.". Interesting, is not it? The conclusion is simple: Thelotter is in violation of United States federal law, distributing tickets online. You can say for sure, no collaboration with Mega Millions and Powerball is out of the question.

How to play online

One of the ways to participate in the drawing of foreign lottery tickets is to use intermediaries of foreign games. The principle of work of intermediaries is quite simple - specialized sites have agents in the states, carrying out drawing of tickets of world lotteries.

Resellers purchase original tickets for common games. The participant receives a scanned copy of the ticket, and filling in the original is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the participant of the drawing.

The income of intermediaries consists in the sale of tickets for foreign games at a cost, an order of magnitude higher than the market, the intermediary charges a commission for the provision of his services. This is the disadvantage of using intermediary services.

Upon receipt of the winnings, funds are withdrawn to the player's account, which he binds when registering his account on the intermediary's website.

In case of receiving a large cash prize of the second or third category, the account owner must go through the verification procedure, which confirms the identity of the owner of the registered account.

If you win the jackpot, it will only be handed out in person, therefore, in such a situation, it will be necessary to prepare for a trip to the country where the lottery is held. Some large services in such a situation partially cover the costs of organizing the trip., which is the undoubted advantage of using intermediary services.

After that, it is possible to make a payment to the system in any convenient way and pay for the purchase of tickets. Large sites provide the ability to deposit money using any of the most electronic payment methods.

In this case, you can use both bank cards of the most common systems, and various virtual wallets. The disadvantage of most of these sites is the lack of Russian in the interface.

After depositing funds, they are reflected in the game account, the player only has to independently choose the foreign lottery that interests him. The ticket price is equal to the real, there are no markups of intermediaries, what can be considered one of the advantages of this way of playing.

In order to protect yourself from fraudulent activities, you need to know, that there are two types of intermediaries - transparent and invisible, they work differently.

Transparent intermediaries conduct open activities. The buyer can see all markups before purchasing the coupon and decide, whether or not to invest in the purchase of a ticket. In order to see the available prices, you do not need to go through the registration procedure on the intermediary's website.

Invisible intermediaries do not provide information on extra charges and the real cost of the ticket, when selling it by an intermediary, the player can see, just putting it in your basket, after completing the registration procedure on the intermediary website.

To protect yourself, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • choose only reliable ones for the game, large and time-tested services;
  • before using the services provided, you need to check the availability of an activity license, especially when purchasing a real ticket, the license is a guarantee of the supplier's honesty;
  • you should rummage on the Internet and study the available fresh reviews about the games and sites on which the game was carried out.
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