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How to get your lotto win in Eurojackpot lottery

Lotto Eurojackpot lottery winnings are paid to the winner upon presentation of the winning lotto ticket in that country, in which the bet was made.

All winnings are paid out in a lump sum!

A winning lotto ticket also has an expiration date, which varies by country, in which it was purchased. Usually it is at least 180 days and maximum 12 months. To claim your cash prize, you must present your ticket within the specified time to the official lottery office. If the bet was made via the Internet, request the necessary procedure from the service provider (usually, you are introduced to it when registering on the site).

Eurojackpot prizes may be tax deductible, which is determined by that country, in which you played the lottery, and also depends on the amount of the win. In some countries, for example in Spain, jackpot tax can be as high as 30%. If you played the lottery through an online lottery ticket provider, company employees will inform you about taxation.

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