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Player, which matches all five main numbers and both complementary numbers, wins EuroJackpot Grand Prize. If more than one person guesses the coveted combination, the prize is divided between the winners in equal parts. If no one guessed the right combination, then the entire main prize goes to the next EuroJackpot draw, until it reaches the maximum set limit of 90 million euros.

Players, guessed less than seven numbers, can win a consolation prize, whose size depends on the guessed combination. As expected, the biggest consolation prize in EuroJackpot will go to that player, which will guess more numbers, Well, a smaller number of guessed numbers will bring a smaller consolation prize. Smaller consolation prizes are based on the total EuroJackpot prize pool, as well as the number of players, guessing combinations in each prize category.

Any lottery, which offers an initial cash prize of € 10 million, doomed to become popular. But whether EuroJackpot will appeal to online players, similar to the famous EuroMillions lottery, time will tell.

Follow the updates on the site, to keep abreast of the latest news from the world of the new European lottery EuroJackpot!

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EuroJackpot FAQ

To play this exciting lottery game, one needs to purchase a EuroJackpot ticket from a licensed lottery retailer. These retailers are spread out all throughout the country. It is certainly not difficult to find them. The cost of such a ticket is simply two Euros. As such, for a little pocket money one can get in on the action.

When submitting the ticket for entry in the drawing, the lottery player needs to either select their own numbers or have the computer system pick those numbers for them. Either way, they will have a ticket printed out which reminds them of which numbers they have selected for the drawing.

As mentioned above, the cost of a EuroJackpot ticket is just two Euros. One may select to play more than one ticket per drawing of course. The total cost of playing in any particular drawing depends upon how many tickets an individual buys as well as how many drawings they would like those tickets to run for.

This exciting drawing takes place every Friday night. This is a once a week drawing which gives people plenty of time to buy up the tickets that they want for this game. It is usually a rather impressive jackpot that is available to the winner of the drawing if there is one. If no one wins on a particular drawing, then the prize money is rolled over to the next drawing.

There are different odds based on the prize one wins. The jackpot odds are 1 in 95,344,200. However, there are 12 other prizes up for grabs in this game. The easiest to win comes in at odds of 1 in 35.

The minimum jackpot for this game is set at ten million Euros. This is the level at which the jackpot gets reset to every time there is a winner drawn. Of course, every time that there is not a winner, a certain percentage of the money put into the drawing is then rolled into the next jackpot. This means that the jackpot can get quite high over time.

There are different rules and regulations regarding the minimum age to play this lottery game depending on the country you are in. Most of the participating countries have set the age limit at eighteen, but there are a few that require someone to be at least twenty-one years old. Given this, it is important to check out the local laws and regulations before trying to purchase a ticket.

It is possible to participate in the EuroJackpot in an electronic way via LottoLand if you are residing in any of sixteen European countries. Basically, you do so by doing everything that you would be doing to play the game the typical way, except that you are doing so via your computer. Since the results are posted on the Internet, it is easy enough for LottoLand to match up the results from the Internet to the numbers that you picked electronically. As such, you are paid the same prize winnings from LottoLand as you would have been paid via the lottery itself.

The answer to this one is a simple yes. You have to be lucky in order to win a prize from the lottery. There are no systems that one can use that beat the overall odds of the lottery. All players should play responsibility with money that they can afford to lose. The lottery is intended to be a source of entertainment, not a way to consistently make money. If you get lucky you could walk home with a huge jackpot, but you might also just end up with no winnings at all.

Eurojackpot Joker

The game in the Joker is identical to the game, played in Vikinglotto, can also be played in Eurojackpot. This game is often referred to as Friday Joker (friday joker), while the Vikinglotto game is named Wednesday Joker (joker wednesday).

For, to play, select numbers from 0 to 9. The same number can be selected multiple times. You will win a prize, by guessing the digits of a randomly generated Joker number in the same position. The game is played in each participating country separately, each country generates its own Joker winning streak and pays its own prizes.

You can play Joker with Eurojackpot in Finland, Iceland and Latvia. In other countries, such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark, Joker is raffled along with Vikinglotto and cannot be raffled alongside Eurojackpot. Visit the Joker page for more details.

Interesting Facts

The first Eurojackpot draw took place 23 Martha 2012 g., which was attended by seven countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Netherlands and Slovenia. The latest in 2017 r. Poland joined, becoming the 18th participating country.

Initially there was no separate jackpot limit, however, he could only change during 12 consecutive draws before, how will be won. In this regard, the jackpot amount could not rise to high values, so in February 2013 r. this method has been replaced by a certain limit in the amount 90 million.


There are two different Joker games in Latvia, both of which are played alongside Latloto 5 of 35. The standard game is played with six numbers, and there is another game, which is played with seven numbers.

Joker Latvia
19 August 2020

  • 7
  • 3
  • 8
  • 5
  • 2
  • 4

Latvian Joker 7
19 August 2020

  • 6
  • 2
  • 8
  • 4
  • 9
  • 6
  • 4

For, to play, choose six or seven numbers (whichever, what game are you playing) ranging from 0 to 9. The same number can be selected multiple times. Joker winning number streak will be drawn alongside the Latloto draw 5 of 35. You win prizes, guessing the numbers, the last digits of which coincide with the Joker winning streak in exact sequence from the end.

for example, if the generated Joker number 7 — 2233567, selected number 1234567 will win, since three identical digits are in the same place from the end: ****567. The more numbers match, the bigger the prize.

The ticket price of both Joker games is 1,50 €. With an extra digit in the Joker 7 harder to win, but the prizes are higher here. Two Joker games are played separately with different winning numbers and prize pools. Below are the prizes and probabilities of winning in each game.

Matching numbers in the correct position (from the end) Probability of winning Prize
6 1 of 1 000 000 150 000 €
5 1 of 100 000 6 000 €
4 1 of 10 000 600 €
3 1 of 1 000 60 €
2 1 of 100 15 €

Joker 7:

Matching numbers in the correct position (from the end) Probability of winning Prize
7 1 of 10 000 000 750 000 €
6 1 of 1 000 000 75 000 €
5 1 of 100 000 6 000 €
4 1 of 10 000 600 €
3 1 of 1 000 60 €

System games

Latloto also plays system games. Choose from six to ten numbers, after which each combination of five numbers of your chosen set will participate in the drawing. The price rises with each additional combination, which you are kidding, however, the chances of winning also increase.

Selected numbers Combinations total cost
5 1 0,75 €
6 6 4,50 €
7 21 15,75 €
8 56 42 €
9 126 94,50 €
10 252 189 €

Interesting Facts

The first Latloto draw 5 of 35 took place in January 1993 r. Biggest jackpot registered in May 2014 g., when the player from Tukums won 175 942 €.

Jackpots, lotto winnings and prize categories lotto Eurojackpot

The Eurojackpot lottery was originally created in this way, so that the main prize of the drawing is won more often, how competitors do it. Don't be confused by the relatively modest maximum prize limit of € 90 million. In fact, the jackpot simply does not have time to accumulate to a too solid amount., instead, another lucky one becomes its owner.

Lotto Eurojackpot boasts some of the industry's most favorable chances of winning the top prize. Probability to guess everything 7 the winning combination of the Eurojackpot draw is approximately 1 of 95 million, while the same figure for the Euromillions lotto is almost 2 times lower - 1 of 140 million.

The Eurojackpot lottery jackpot starts the accumulation cycle at € 10 million and can reach the € 90 million limit. The number of accumulations themselves is not limited..

When, if the Eurojackpot main prize reaches its upper limit, but there is no winner in the first prize category, the jackpot is split among the winners in the next prize tier.

Except for the jackpot itself, the Eurojackpot lotto format contains more 11 prize categories. Their structure with an indication of the probability of winning is shown in the table below:

Category Required matches Probability of winning % prize fund Estimated winnings *
In shares In percents
12 2 major + 1 additional 1 of 42 2.38% 9.55% €8
11 1 main + 2 additional 1 of 128 0.78% 3.9% €10
10 3 major 1 of 344 0.29% 2.15% €15
9 3 major + 1 additional 1 of 602 0.17% 1.5% €18
8 2 major + 2 additional 1 of 672 0.15% 1.55% €21
7 3 major + 2 additional 1 of 9631 0.01% 0.3% €58
6 4 major 1 of 15134 0.0066% 0.35% €106
5 4 major + 1 additional 1 of 26485 0.0038% 0.45% €238
4 4 major + 2 additional 1 of 423752 0.00024% 0.5% €4238
3 5 major 1 of 3405150 0.000029% 1.5% €102155
2 5 major + 1 additional 1 of 5959013 0.000017% 4.25% €506516
1 (Jackpot) 5 major + 2 additional 1 of 95344200 0.000001% 18% Jackpot
To increase the prize fund: 6%

*It is worth noting, that the amount of the win is indicated only approximately. The actual amount of lotto winnings for each prize category depends on the size of the prize fund of a particular draw and the number of winners in each of them.

As indicated in the table, 6% the prize fund from the draw is determined to ensure the accumulation of the jackpot for the next draw.

How to play

Eurojackpot lottery is a fairly simple game, like most of the world's analogous lotteries. You need to guess as many numbers as possible from 7 dropped balls, to get the long-awaited jackpot today. Pick five numbers with 1 to 50 inclusive and two additional balls from 1 to 10. If you have 7 of 7, congratulations, you won the main prize!

Additional drawing of prizes

In addition to these numbers, there are additional draws with 11 prize places, where you can win an amount from 8 000 000 euros. Can, it's time to try your hand and buy a ticket? It's much easier to win, what you think. Luck smiles only at those, who is trying, not jealous, when others get millions.


The idea of ​​creating the Eurojackpot lottery was first announced several years ago, in 2006 year as a potential competitor to EuroMillions. Thanks to, that many countries participate in the drawing, lottery is able to accumulate jackpots much more impressive, than one national lottery. After, how the EuroMillions lottery has established itself as a successful venture, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy and the Netherlands organized a joint meeting in Amsterdam in November 2011 years with the aim of negotiations on the EuroJackpot lottery with the hope of launching the drawing already in 2012 year. After negotiations, Estonia also expressed its desire to join the lottery. Spain joined EuroJackpot 30 june 2012 of the year, commemorating this event with a charity event, according to which the National Association of the Visually Disabled of Spain (ONCE) received a free ticket grant. 1 february 2013 of the year Croatia also joined the draw, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

For the first time EuroJackpot tickets went on sale 17 Martha 2012 of the year, the first draw took place in Helsinki 23 Martha 2012 of the year.

Eurojackpot lottery and charity

As befits a lottery, Lotto Eurojackpot was created and is maintained mainly for charitable purposes. Most of the lottery income, about 50% from the sale of tickets for each draw, go to the state treasury of the respective country (one of 17), and after that it is already allocated for social needs and projects.

In general, each country independently determines the directions, supported by funds, collected by the Eurojackpot lottery. In some cases, charitable activities are actively promoted, thereby attracting even more attention to the draw.

A prime example is a charity organization in Spain called ONCE., national society of the blind. ONCE helps visually impaired people find work, получить образование и жилье. Members of the organization emphasize in every possible way, that every lottery ticket sold in Spain contributes to helping blind people with disabilities in the country, thus increasing the reputation of the draw.

ONCE has existed since 1938 has enjoyed government support for years and many years, in particular, a charitable foundation with funds from the Eurojackpot lottery and others.

Who can play Eurojackpot lotto

As is the case with any other lottery in the world, players are allowed to participate in the Eurojackpot lotto, come of age. The age of majority varies by country, where the lottery ticket is purchased, or from the rules of the lottery operator, if the bet is made via the Internet. Generally, older people can play the EuroJackpot 18 years or as a last resort 21 of the year.

Despite, what officially unites the lottery 17 member countries, the rules of the drawing do not in any way discriminate against nationality. You can participate in the lottery as residents of European countries, and guests of these countries. The main condition is that lotto winnings are issued there, where the lottery ticket was bought.

Eurojackpot lottery tickets can be bought at official points of sale in any of the countries, included in the list of participants. Also, in our age of information progress, your bets can be made via the Internet..

In most European countries, lottery tickets are sold by private licensed vendors, excluding Slovenia, Iceland and Italy, where this right is reserved only for the state.

Lotto ticket providers can also impose their own conditions on the sale of tickets to certain groups of players. Usually these conditions are spelled out in the rules for the provision of services..

Requirements for players

There are some rules to participate, which should be observed during the Eurojackpot prize draw. Read them before, how to start fighting for your millions.

Coming of age

To take part in the Eurojackpot game, you do not need to be in the country of the draw. The main requirement of lottery organizers is the age of majority. For persons, did not reach 18-years old, it is strictly forbidden to take part in the prize draw.

One ticket - one winner

There is only one winner per ticket. But a single ticket is optional.. This does not mean, that you only have to buy one ticket. More tickets - more real opportunities to get the jackpot. In case of winning all tickets, you will be able to pick up the winnings from only one of them to choose from.

Tax free lottery online

If you buy your ticket online, then the winnings come to your account instantly and without tax collection. Therefore, buying a ticket online is much more profitable.. Consider this fact when buying a ticket. Who, if not you, become a millionaire in a few minutes? Just follow this link, and you will make your dream come true.

Distribution of winnings

For, so that there are more winners in EuroJackpot, there are tiered winnings. The lucky ones can win the jackpot, and subsequent stages will bring players more tickets 8 000 000 euros.

Eurojackpot results and prizes

It's time to find out the Eurojackpot results, because who knows, may be, the last drawn numbers will help you to win the Eurojackpot. Sure, it is one of the most popular lottery games due to the large jackpot and participation of most European countries.

We have several ways to help you win the jackpot, and one of them is to find the last drawn numbers.

The last draw took place 7 December with numbers 4 16 21 31 42 and two additional numbers 4 i 6, the jackpot was 33 208 147 euros.

maybe, with this information you can find out, what numbers to choose next time.


18 22 35 36 41 and two additional numbers 3 and 4

The jackpot was 22 582 415 euros.


17 22 28 31 46 and two additional numbers 5 and 10

The jackpot was 12 440 223 euros.


13 15 18 39 45 and two additional numbers 5 and 6

The jackpot was € 90 000 000.


8 32 34 46 49 and two additional numbers 3 and 5

The jackpot was € 90 000 000.


5 17 27 33 42 and two additional numbers 9 and 10

The jackpot was € 90 000 000.


18 19 33 38 44 and two additional numbers 4 and 10

The jackpot was € 90 000 000.


9 12 28 32 48 and two additional numbers 7 and 8

The jackpot was 76 248 733 euros


6 26 31 42 50 and two additional numbers 2 and 9

The jackpot was 62 122 111 euros.

How to play lotto Eurojackpot

In addition to this list of other successful lotteries, there are also games such as French Lotto, EuroMillions, and UK Lotto.

Do you know what is common to all these games? Each of them offers their players an opportunity to become a millionaire.

Also when you consider that the minimum amount of jackpots at EuroMillions is € 17 million you know that everything is possible.

Want to increase chances of winning the jackpot and guess lotto numbers eurojackpot? Therefore, if you want to play this game you need to prepare it first.

First of all, you should read the rules. Since they are not complicated you will have a big chance to win a lot of money.

To guess euro jackpot winning numbers, consider what method
to choose to guess all drawn numbers.

Chances of winning a jackpot are 1 to 95,344,200. The biggest jackpot won so far was €90,000,000.

Players must choose two Euro numbers from 1 to 8 and five
main numbers from 1 to 50.

However to win the jackpot you need to guess all seven
numbers. Furthermore, if no one wins the main prize, the amount will increase
in each subsequent draw.

Before you decide to choose numbers, consider whether you
are going to play online or buy tickets from an authorized retailer.

Online playing has a lot more advantages, like choosing a quick pick. You can buy tickets from your PC, cell phone, or tablet, but about that a little later.

In conclusion, this famous lottery game can be played online over Lottomania as well as many others.

Before selecting the numbers, check the draw time and when the results will be available.

Eurojackpot online

Did you know that the famous lottery game with high prizes can play online too? You can do everything with the help of Lottomania.

In other words, this online website allows you not only to
buy tickets and pick numbers but also keep track of euro jackpot draw time.

You can try to beat euro jackpot odds by first checking out
all the winning methods and with which you have the most chance to win.

For playing online, check out what you need to do. First of all, you need to register.

At Lottomania you have several options that can be of great
use to you. For instance, you can use the “My tickets” option.

After you choose this option you will find out if you
guessed the drawn numbers, in other words, whether you won a jackpot.

Before choosing the numbers, consider whether you want to
choose them by yourself or randomly with the help of the system.

However, if you choose a quick pick you will lose much less time.

For any question, you can always contact customer support
that will answer you as soon as possible.

In addition to paying taxes, each player is subject to the laws of the country in which he lives. For example, if you win over $ 2,500, you will need to contact customer support.

However, every smaller amount will be credited immediately to your account. Its time for eurojackpot live and to play eurojackpot online.

Eurojackpot winnings

You are surely thinking a lot of the winnings euro jackpot.
It’s reasonable since the minimum prize is €10 million.

So if you’ve been thinking about winning, you’ve certainly
wondered how to increase the chances of winning the jackpot and what is the
best method for the euro jackpot pay winning numbers.

First of all, when you are thinking of lotto numbers it
would be good to have the same ratio of even and odd numbers.

For instance, did you know that it doesn’t happen very often
to be drawn only even or odd numbers? If this happens, it’s in less than 3% of

Finally, it would be best to have a combination of 2/3 or
3/2. In other words two odd and three even or three even and two odd numbers.

At least one of these two forms will appear in over 60% euro
jackpot draw. However, beware of eurojackpot draw time so you don’t miss to
select numbers.

The winning numbers are in the whole field. However, if you
divide that area you will have a low and a high half.

In a 50-numbers game, the numbers from 26 to 50 are in the
high half, and the numbers from 1 to 25 in the low half.

All low or high numbers rarely get drawn out, in other words, it happens in just 3% of cases.

In conclusion, the best would be to decide on one of two combinations such as 2/3 or 3/2. In other words two high and three low or three high and too low.

Record wins

Rating Date Prize in euros Prize in pounds sterling Country
1 23 August 2019 90.000.000,00 82.399.500,00 Finland
1 14 October 2016 90.000.000,00 81.022.500,00 Germany
1 9 february 2018 90.000.000,00 79.744.500,00 Finland
1 1 May 2020 90.000.000,00 79.672.500,00 Germany
1 7 february 2020 90.000.000,00 76.436.550,00 Germany
1 15 May 2015 90.000.000,00 65.506.050,00 Czech Republic
7 14 april 2017 86.970.702,80 73.677.230,88 Finland
8 29 july 2016 84.777.435,80 71.628.031,62 Germany
9 25 Martha 2016 76.766.891,40 60.665.419,76 Germany
10 8 february 2019 63.248.942,30 55.367.807,84 Germany
11 12 september 2014 61.170.752,70 48.811.202,12 Finland
12 5 December 2014 58.693.173,90 46.215.005,13 Germany
13 4 april 2014 57.275.841,60 47.351.370,15 Finland
14 1 january 2016 49.685.851,50 36.638.098,47 Germany
15 20 february 2015 49.670.283,00 36.678.772,13 Denmark
16 24 july 2015 46.154.745,90 32.663.944,45 Finland
17 12 april 2013 46.079.338,80 39.388.618,81 Germany
18 19 july 2013 41.522.930,10 35.730.481,35 Germany
19 4 september 2015 38.878.827,50 28.567.968,05 Finland
20 13 November 2015 32.657.956,90 23.091.624,88 Germany
21 9 October 2015 31.579.233,10 23.412.685,52 Spain
22 25 january 2013 29.540.641,50 25.168.626,56 Finland
23 22 april 2016 29.071.164,30 22.649.198,75 Germany
24 16 May 2014 28.207.473,90 22.962.999,32 Slovenia
25 10 August 2012 27.545.857,50 21.576.670,18 Germany
26 5 june 2015 23.251.598,30 16.926.117,24 Finland
27 26 October 2012 21.320.215,00 17.120.132,65 Denmark
28 27 september 2013 21.256.582,40 17.810.890,39 Finland
29 6 December 2013 21.047.334,80 17.635.561,83 Slovenia
30 11 May 2012 19.536.863,80 15.713.499,55 Germany
31 22 january 2016 19.379.323,30 14.667.047,05 Finland
32 20 june 2014 19.318.051,40 15.440.918,48 Germany
33 26 December 2014 17.783.911,00 13.927.469,90 Finland
34 10 january 2014 17.283.821,50 14.335.201,55 Croatia
35 3 October 2014 16.606.337,30 13.010.234,96 Germany
36 16 August 2013 15.541.392,00 13.259.915,65 Italy
37 6 May 2016 14.476.862,80 11.440.196,06 Germany
38 3 May 2013 13.486.561,10 11.363.776,38 Norway
39 18 October 2013 13.308.947,80 11.263.362,52 Germany
40 24 August 2012 11.265.231,40 8.916.430,65 Germany
41 21 October 2016 10.549.199,70 9.387.310,22 Germany
42 13 May 2016 10.000.000,00 7.874.600,00 Finland
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