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Jackpot Limit History

When EuroMillions was first presented to the public in 2004 year, lottery jackpot was capped by the maximum number of transfers - 11 time. When, if in the twelfth draw none of the participants guesses correctly 5 main numbers and 2 "Lucky stars", then the main prize will be transferred to the next prize tier, which has a winner.

In November 2009 of the year, Jackpot transfer rules have been revised and replaced with a limited jackpot(ang. Jackpot cap), equal 185 million euros. However, the rules also stated, that in case of reaching the maximum ceiling, the jackpot will be increased by 5 million euros. What happened 12 july 2012 of the year, when a couple from Scotland, Chris and Colin Weir (ang. Chris and Colin Weir), won the maximum allowed jackpot, after which the maximum amount was increased to 190 million euros.

In September 2016 r. some changes were made, so that you can generate bigger jackpots more often. One of these changes was an increase in the number of jackpot draws for the total 190 000 000 € before downgrading to a lower prize tier and splitting between ticket holders in that tier. Initially, the total prize could reach the limit and remain active for one draw before being downgraded in the second draw; however, these changes have increased the limit to four draws.

In February 2020 the EuroMillions prize distribution scheme has changed, as a result, now a larger percentage of the prize pool of each draw is credited to the jackpot. To make the prize even bigger, upper jackpot limit increased from 190 to 200 million euros. According to the new rules, the upper limit of the jackpot is increased by 10 million euros every time, when the jackpot is won or rolled over to a lower prize tier, and the absolute maximum jackpot is 250 million euros.

Saturday, 1 february 2020 of the year. EuroMillions jackpot cap increased from 190 to 200 million euros.
24 september 2016
Jackpot cap rules have changed, which allowed the jackpot to reach 190 000 000 € and stay at this level for the next four draws, after which it must be won.
24 October 2014
EuroMillions jackpot has reached 190 000 000 € on Friday, 24 October 2014 g., and was won that evening with one ticket, bought in Portugal.
10 August 2012
Adrian and Gillian Bayford (ang. Adrian and Gillian Bayford) from the UK won a jackpot of 148 600 000£ (€190 000 000).
January 2012 Jackpot limit has changed to mark 190 000 000 €.
8 july 2011
The jackpot has reached a new level 185 000 000 euro on friday, 8 july 2011 g., and was won on Tuesday, 12 july 2011 g., Chris and Colin Weir from Largs, Scotland. Jackpot in size 161 653 000 £/185 000 000 € is the largest EuroMillions jackpot in pounds sterling.
November 2009 Jackpot limit has changed to mark 185 000 000 €.
17 November 2006
The EuroMillions jackpot rolled over 11 draws and was ultimately won on Friday, 17 November 2006 r. Since none of their ticket holders guessed the winning numbers, the jackpot has moved to the prize category 5 rooms + 1 Lucky Star. The jackpot was split between 20 ticket holders, each of which received a prize in the amount of 6 750 278,40 £/9 652 340,00 €.
27 january 2006
The jackpot rolled over during the maximum 11 draws and was won on Friday, 3 february 2006 g., three ticket holders. Of the three jackpot winning tickets, two were bought in France, and the third in Portugal. Each of the winners won a prize of 61 191 026 €.
February 2004 The transition limit is 11.
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