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Maintaining Lotto Success

Ten years later, in the face of competition, a large, but it was hard for the young Lotto to repeat the past success. Nevertheless, compared to the current state of the brand, in the 90s, the company still managed to stay at the top of the sport. Since 2005 by 2012 year the brand was a sponsor of the Italian football club Fiorentina, which in 1992 a year already wore purple shirts with a double diamond on the chest. For the brand, who was the darling of the sports industry at the time, there would be nothing strange about it.

AC Milan players wearing Lotto brand uniforms at the Champions League final 1994 of the year

In addition to the iconic German tennis player Boris Becker, the Austrian champion Thomas Muster and the winner of all women's tennis titles Martina Navratilova also wore Lotto clothing at the biggest sporting events.. The Italian company remained at the top, despite Nike's rise. 18 May 1994 year at the Olympic Stadium in Athens, the Champions League final between Milan and Barcelona took place. The future European champions wore white T-shirts from the Lotto brand with red numbers.

Albertini's shot from the right flank was intercepted by Nadal in the second half, which the, although he had a clear advantage, waited too long, to pass the ball to your team. Savichevich hit the ball, which flew over the head of Zubizarreta right into the gate. This goal is considered one of the most beautiful in the history of Milan.. The sponsorship of the Italian club lasted until 1998 of the year. In those years, the brand also sponsored Holland and the champion Ruud Gullit, who wore Lotto "Stadio" sneakers with the iconic tongue, closing the laces. IN 1998 year at the World Championships in France, recognized as the top scorer of the tournament, Davor Shuker led the Croatian team to third place along with the Lotto logo on the shirt.

Davor Shuker in Lotto uniform and boots at the FIFA World Cup, 1998 year

Golden age: 80-e years

Boris Becker in Lotto uniform

Over the next three years after Antonio Zugarelli's victory in the Davis Cup in 1976 the brand was successful in almost every sport. 11 july 1982 of the year the company won its biggest victory: at the World Cup in Madrid, the captain of the Italian national team Dino Zoff lifted the World Cup over his head, being in Lotto sneakers.

Achieving such an important result became the starting point for the brand. In the 1980s, Lotto also sponsored several other Italian athletes.: from track and field athletes to soccer midfielder Salvatore Bagni and striker Aldo Serena

Dino Dzoff in Lotto brand shoes

So, one of the brand ambassadors was an athlete from Morocco, who from childhood wanted to become a football player, but chose running for myself, because "in this sport, everything depends only on one's own efforts". At international running competitions at distances from 800 to 10000 meters Said Auita won 44 times in a row, thus rewriting the history of middle distance running. After Auita won gold at the Olympic Games in 1984 year in Los Angeles, the Venetian brand signed a contract with a runner, to accompany the athlete in his great victories. 22 july 1987 of the year at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, wearing Lotto running clothes and shoes, Auita became the world's first person, ran 5000 meters for 13 minutes, what led the Venetian company to the best results in athletics.

Mike D'Anthony in Lotto uniform and sneakers

Moving from tennis court to basketball court, where Nike dominates today, Lotto, though not for long, but was at the top thanks to the historic victories of the Olympia Milan club in the Champions Cup in the seasons 1986-1987 and 1987-1988 years. In the first season, the basketball team won the Grand Slam Tournament. Besides, that she was European champion, under the guidance of coach Dan Peterson, the team also won the Italian Cup. A year later, in collaboration with basketball players Mike D'Anthony, Bob McAdoo and Dean Menegin repeat the European success. However, the company failed, when the Maccabi Tel Aviv football team lost twice in a row in the final. Philips became the main sponsor of football games, but the Lotto logo was also present on the clothes in the upper right corner, accompanying the Milan team on the biggest victories in its history.

The basis of the Lotto brand

IN 1975 year the brand signed a contract with three-time Wimbledon champion John Newcomb. Together they created the first Lotto tennis shoe. This shoe became revolutionary: she had a seamless leather upper, providing more comfortable wearing for the athlete

The now discontinued sneaker resembles the iconic adidas Stan Smith, which became an important milestone in the history of sports shoes. They could be easily recognized by the patch on the back of the model with the athlete's mustache and his autograph on the side panel

They opened the doors to the world of tennis and sports for Lotto, which soon filled with shoes and clothes with the double diamond logo.

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