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My Million et option Etoile +

My Million, a specificity of each Euromillions draw for France (French Republic and Principality of Monaco), is maintained as it is. It guarantees a saving of 1 million euros in France with each draw. My Million was added to the game in February 2014, to attract players frightened by the very low odds of hitting the jackpot (of the order of a chance on 116 million then 1 sure 139 millions - read below). So there is another way to make money with Euromillions. And this, without having the winning combination of the ball draw !

The principle of My Million is simple : for each validated Euromillion grid, a code is generated (with two letters and seven numbers). Then a draw is made between all the codes generated. In practice, the draw is made among all those who have purchased and validated a Euromillions grid. The lucky owner of the right combination becomes a millionaire by pocketing a million euros. Beyond 10 assigned codes, you will be assigned an interval of consecutive codes. All codes in this interval will be participating. See the full explanation of the My Million Code Allocation Mode on the FDJ website

Etoile + is an option added to the game only in France. Euromillions players have the opportunity to win a sum of money from a lucky star ticked in the grid. To bet on its “good star”, on the other hand, you have to pay 1 euro more at each grid. The cost of the grid is therefore increased to 3,50 euros.

How many numbers does it take to win ?

To win in the evening Euromillions draw, the minimum is to have found two stars or two correct numbers. To win the jackpot and get very rich, on the other hand, you must have checked the 5 numbers and 2 stars drawn during the draw. Your winning will then depend on the numbers released, but also the number of people who had the same winning combination as you. Rank winners 1 share the jackpot amount.

How to view the results ?

To allow its players to consult the result of the Euromillions draw every evening, the FDJ has set up a partnership with TF1. The Euromillions results are unveiled on the air every Tuesday and Friday evening between 10:30 p.m. and 11:15 p.m.. It is also possible to obtain the list of numbers drawn on the website where the My Million codes are published around 8:35 p.m. and the evening Euromillions draw from 11:30 p.m.. L’application mobile Euro Millions – My Million also allows you to be informed of the result of each draw. It is also possible to consult the verdict by telephone at 3256 (0,35 euro TTC / min) or by SMS by sending “euml” at 61113 (0,35 euro per sending excluding cost of an SMS). Every night of the draw, broadcasts the results of the lottery from 9:30 p.m.. All Euromillions results are published in the Official Journal.

Claim your win

If you have played at a tobacconist, you just have to go to a FDJ point of sale in the 60 days to withdraw your winnings. They will be paid immediately upon presentation of the receipt.. The FDJ informs that these are exempt from income tax. Beyond 300 euros on the other hand, you will have to go to a La Française des Jeux payment center. Past the 3 000 euros, you will need to present an identity document.

If you have played online, payment is made by credit to the FDJ account until 3 000 euros. Beyond, an automatic transfer is made to the player's bank account, but once again, presentation of identification documents will be required. For more details on payment terms, the FDJ refers to the section “Legal notices and regulations” of his site.

How to play Euromillions

5 numbers and 2 stars : this is what you must tick to hope to win in the Euromillions draws. During the draws, 5 balls are indeed drawn among 50 numbers ; then 2 balls, matching the stars, are drawn among the 12 of the machine (11 before the new formula).

Play at a tobacconist

The name of the FDJ 23 000 points of sale “draw” in France. When you go to a tobacconist, get a game slip. You then have several grids under your eyes. You can fill in one or more. The minimum bet is 2,5 euros for 1 grille simple Euro Millions + 1 My Million code per draw.

In the grid, you must first check (in the form of a cross) 5 numbers among the numbered boxes of 1 at 50. Ensuite, you must check 2 stars among the 12 stars numbered 1 at 12 (11 before the new formula). This is the easiest way to play Euromillions.

However, if you wish it, you can make the game more complex and tick more than 5 numbers or more than 2 stars. You can for example choose 7 numbers, hoping that among these 7 numbers are the 5 “winners”. By doing this, you potentially increase your chances of winning… But in this case, your grid will cost you more than 2,50 euros. Once your grid is filled, give it to the tobacconist who will register your game and give you a game receipt in return. It is this document that you will use to claim your prize if you win.

Using the Flash system : If you don't want to choose specific numbers, you can make a grid “flash”. In that case, you simply tell the tobacconist that you want a Euromillions “flash” and the computer will randomly choose numbers and stars for you. The cost of the grid is the same.

Play on the Internet

You can also play on the official website of La Française des jeux directly. But for that, you will have to create an account, fill out a form with your personal details and your bank details, provide a photocopy of your identity card (or your driver's license or passport), as well as a bank details in your name (for payments in case of winning). You will have to wait for the validation of the FDJ before you can play. But then, the principle is the same as in a point of sale “physique” : you virtually tick 5 numbers and 2 stars ; 2,50 euros are debited from your account and you are impatiently awaiting the draw ...

Euromillions and FDJ : how much does it earn ?

If the players have very little chance of winning the rank 1, la Française des Jeux, she, is a winner every time. The payout rate to players is only 50 at 60 %. In other words, only half of the amounts spent by the players are involved. When a person buys a grill from 2 euros, 1 euro is kept by the Française des Jeux and the other euro will then be put into play for a future draw. In 2015, year of many jackpots, the FDJ recorded a record turnover of 13,7 Billions of Euro's, with an increase in sales of 5,4 %. The company then donated 9 Billions of Euro's, either all the same 66 % bets, to the players. A performance linked to the progressions of the Loto and scratch cards. The Euromillions, his, recorded a slight decrease. The total turnover of the Euromillions recorded in 2013 set at 6,6 Billions of Euro's. In ten years, it amounted to almost 50 Billions of Euro's.

About the game

The idea of ​​a European lottery, although it did not officially materialize until the 13 February 2004, emerged ten years earlier. It is ultimately the national lotteries of 3 countries that marketed the game in February 2004. Bets can be taken from Friday 11:30 p.m. to the following Tuesday at 8 p.m. for the Tuesday draw ; and from Tuesday at 11:30 p.m. to Friday at 8 p.m. for the evening draw.

To play Euromillions, first you have to choose 5 different numbers between 1 and 50. Ensuite, it is advisable to select two "lucky stars" between 1 and 11. Next to that, it is possible to play Joker + in France (similar systems exist in other countries). The price of a Euromillions participation is € 2.

The probability of winning the jackpot (rang 1) is of 1 luck on 116 millions. The minimum gain for this rank is 15 millions of euros, and it increases with each draw as long as there is no winner. A player wins at rank 2 if he has them 5 correct numbers but only one lucky star. The probability of winning this Euromillions rank is 1 luck on 6,4 millions. The payout for this rank is usually around € 400,000 per winner. Finally, you can expect to earn around 100,000 € if you have the 5 correct numbers but no stars. The probability of winning at this 3rd rank is 1 luck on 3,2 millions.

There are ten other ranks (up to row 13). However, the gains quickly become very low. In a general way, to win a Euromillions prize, it is necessary at least 3 "Good balls", it doesn't matter if it's just numbers or a mixture of numbers and stars. An exception exists for the 13th row which is a winner with only two numbers. Also note that when you buy a Euromillions grid, you have a chance on 13 to win a prize, whatever rank.

Finally, note that in most participating countries, you must have minimum 18 years to be able to play. The only exception is England, where you can participate in the Euromillions from 16 years. otherwise, keep in mind that you can only claim your prize in the country where the Euromillions game ticket was purchased. If you go on vacation to Spain for example, so it is better to avoid buying your Euromillions grid there.

Record wins at Euromillions

The Euromillions jackpot, who is from 17 millions of euros, increases every night until it is won. Over the past six years, records of sums involved have accumulated. The dizzying gain of 190 millions of euros, Euromillions winning record, was picked up on two occasions : the 10 August 2012 by a Briton and the 24 October 2014 by a Portuguese. But during the two draws, banknotes validated in the UK that allowed the lucky ones to become a multimillionaire. This record cannot be broken yet : 190 million euros is in fact the maximum amount set by the Française des Jeux. In the event of no winner when the limit is reached, the jackpot rolls over four times. Beyond, the row jackpot 1 “will be redistributed in full to the next rank with at least one winner” specifies the FDJ.

185 million euros were also won on 12 July 2011 UK, 169 million the 13 November 2012 as well as 162 million the 13 September 2011 in France, 137 million the 13 June 2014 in Spain… Exceptional jackpots, since since the creation of the game, the average gain is 37 millions of euros.

But Euromillions records remain very far from world records. The all-time world lottery record is 1,6 billion dollars. This sum was won by three lucky people in January 2016 au Powerball, main American gambling. Before, 656 million dollars had been won in March 2012, in the USA, in a historic Mega Millions draw. But because 3 players had the same winning ticket, they touched a little more than 218 million dollars each. The 18 May 2013, during the Powerball game draw in the USA, on the other hand, only one lucky had the right ticket. He pocketed 590 millions of dollars. Not far from the 2016 record ...

Euromillions statistics : the chances of winning

A l’Euromillions, you have 1 luck on 139 million to hit the jackpot. If the chances of getting very rich are low enough, the average amount of the pot makes you dizzy : with 5 correct numbers and 2 good star numbers, this is about 49 300 000 euros. With one star number less, the average of the stalled gain collapses and goes to 470 300 euros, with 1 luck on nearly 6,9 million to take it away… The player who found 5 good numbers, but no star number picks up 80 000 euros on average, but have only one chance 3 million to win. With only 4 correct numbers and 2 star numbers, the average gain is only 4 800 euros (a chance on 621 000). You need at least 2 good numbers or a good number (a chance on 22) and two star numbers (a chance on 50) to get a gain, but this does not exceed a few euros on average.

Rang de gain

Good numbers

Good stars





1 sure 139 838 160




1 sure 6 991 908



1 sure 3 107 515




1 sure 621 503




1 sure 31 076



1 sure 14 126




1 sure 13 812




1 sure 986




1 sure 707



1 sure 314




1 sure 188




1 sure 50



1 luck on 22

Other statistic, probably more interesting for gamers, the FDJ offers to consult the most and least released numbers on its site. Many other specialized sites calculate statistics according to the balls fallen or not during the last draws.

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