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Types of scams in EuroMillions

EuroMillions scams can turn the popular dream of winning a jackpot into an expensive nightmare. Here are some of the most popular methods used by scammers.

The first contact is usually made by one of the following means:

Direct mail

A letter is sent informing the recipient that they have won a lottery prize and that they need to register their claim in order to process their winnings.


A “lottery staff” calls the potential victim to tell them the “good news” and, during the phone call, attempts to get bank details and / or payment processing while the victim is still impressed.


This approach is similar to direct mail, except that the potential victim receives an email informing that they have "won". Email scams seem very truthful and can even link to fraudulent clones of official websites.

Social media

They send a direct message to members of social networks like Facebook saying that they have won a lottery or raffle on a certain web page.


A text message is sent informing the recipient that their mobile number participated in a draw or lottery and that they were randomly selected as the winner.

By whatever means a lottery scammer contacts you, his aspiration is always the same, try to obtain your personal data, banking information and, Finally, your money.

Players can stay safe by never giving personal details to strangers via email, paper, phone or text message.


To be able to bet to win in euromillions, must be marked with a sign in the tables of each of the blocks containing the chosen numbers. In multiple system, all reserved areas need to be marked, the star chart, the matrix and the other spaces for this purpose.

Within the types of bets, we find 2 ways to do it. In Euromillions the game has many variables, so you must know them:

  • Multiple bet: in this case, bets can be placed on a ticket. This is done by marking forecasts (between 2 a 10) In the table of numbers and in the tables of stars (of 2 a 5), are made with the block 1 and should be placed in the reserved area, right on the right side.
  • Simple bets: in this case, You can bet as many times as the ticket indicates according to the blocks. If you want to place a bet, you need to mark 2 forecasts in the star table in the lower area, and 5 on the top side of numbers.

It is also necessary to highlight the Special Euromillions Draw. This one has a prize between 100 a 130 millions of euros, and it is played exactly that the common draws, 5 numeral forecasts and 2 soles. If nobody wins, the jackpot increases to the maximum, and if a success does not occur in the following 4 Attempts, prizes will be distributed to the winners of the next division.

Within the 9 countries that make use of Euromillions in their nations, there are other additional prizes for each of the participants. In Spain, this lottery is organized by state lotteries, and they are one of the largest and oldest operators in the world.

On the other hand, It is noteworthy that the rest of the Euromillions lotteries are organizing this type of raffles in the 8 remaining countries, with certain differences. In France the winner is part of the hall of fame, in Austria and Switzerland it is televised, in the UK they offer luxury prizes like cruises and diamonds, and in the other nations they are regulated by relevant bodies.

All this is summarized in a lottery system of the highest fame given its prizes and types of draw.. There are many people who bet to obtain it, thus being a unique opportunity to achieve victory and take hundreds of millions to your pocket.

Rules governing the game of Euromillions.

What does it consist of?

The EuroMillions contest is held on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week, the draw takes place in Paris (France) and has the participation of nine countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK and Switzerland.

To play you must choose, within two matrices or tables of consecutive numbers (numbers and stars), a certain number of them in each one to be eligible for the corresponding prizes after the corresponding draw.

The ticket edited for this purpose to make the forecasts consists of five equal blocks.

Each block consists of two matrices or tables, one of numbers formed by 50 boxes or squares and another of stars formed by 12 boxes or boxes, both numbered consecutively.

How to play

To make your predictions you must mark with the X sign the numbers chosen in the tables of each block of the ticket.

The simple EuroMillions bet consists of selecting five numbers from a first table with fifty numbers (of the 1 al 50) and two stars from another table with twelve numbers (of the 1 al 12). Multiple bets can also be placed, thus multiplying the options to obtain a prize, being able to arrive
to choose a maximum of 10 numbers and 5 stars. (see multiple bets table)

To play Euromillions through the multiple system you must mark with the X sign, in the area reserved for it on the ticket (Right side – marked predictions), the box that indicates the number of predictions marked in the matrix or table of numbers and / or the box that indicates the number of
forecasts marked in the matrix or star table, keep in mind that in this case these forecasts must be marked exclusively in the block 1.

Also, after the latest changes to the rules, With each bet a code will be assigned to participate in the associated game called El Millón, with which you can get up to a million euros.

Number of EuroMillions draws

two weekly Euromillions draws are held, that will take place, respectively, Tuesdays and Fridays.

To participate in a single raffle, you must submit the forecasts made for validation before the sales deadline and the start of the raffle, either Tuesday's or Friday's draw, participating exclusively in the one held on that day.

To compete in the two draws of the week (Tuesday and Friday), the predictions made must be submitted for validation before the start of the draw on Tuesday.

In this way, the bets contained in the receipts participate in the two consecutive draws on Tuesday and Friday immediately after their validation., being the amount to be satisfied the sum of the number of bets, multiplied by the price of each one and in turn multiplied by two.

There is also the option to play in the draws that are held for two consecutive weeks with the multi-weekly EuroMillions pass, using specific tickets for this purpose and which must be validated before the start of the draw on Tuesday of the first
week to participate in four draws, or before Friday's drawing to participate in three drawings.

The prizes corresponding to one or more draws will be received when the receipt is delivered in a single act once all the draws have been held. the date of the last draw is the one that will be used for the calculation of terms.

Euromillions bet price

A bet on the set of seven predictions is considered, formulated within a block, made up of five numbers from the table or matrix of numbers plus two stars, of the table or matrix of stars.

The price of the bet is fixed at 2,20 Euros or its equivalent in legal tender for citizens residing in the countries to which the participating lottery operators not included in the Euro Zone belong.

To this price is added the amount of 0,30 euros of the associated compulsory game called El Millón, being the total price of the EuroMillions bet of 2,50 euros.

Examples of lottery fraud cases

As more and more people know about lottery scams, the fraudsters are getting more and more creative. Here are just a few examples of lottery scams:

Second chance in a lottery / raffle

If the prizes were not awarded in a drawing, the cheater will claim, that you have a "second chance."” have received and won in another EuroMillions drawing. EuroMillions does not hold any such draws. Prices, which are not claimed, are always added to either the prize pool for legitimate future winners or to the fund for charitable purposes, which is supported by the lottery, fed.

The Facebook lottery

Facebook members are usually the target here. It is usually claimed, that their Facebook account was randomly selected as the winner of a prize.

Lottery winners' foundations

Some scammers use the names of well-known non-profit lottery winners, to try, extract personal information from the victim, by claiming, that the rightful jackpot winner folks, who have been less fortunate or are in need, Want to donate money.

Amount and statistics on the EuroMillions prizes

Hits % of funds for the award Odds of winning Minimum amount awarded to the prize Maximum amount awarded to the prize Average amount of prizes per draw Lesser winners Winners of more amounts Average winners per draw
5 + 2 50% 1 in 139.838.160 17.000.000,00 € 190.000.000,00 € 59.501.591,35 € 2 0,2
5 + 1 2,61% 1 in 6.991.908 64.840,10 € 5.227.531,10 € 422.836,78 € 17 3,5
5 + 0 0,61% 1 in 3.107.515 7.000,00 € 969.918,10 € 60.700,70 € 36 8,3
4 + 2 0,19% 1 in 621.503 309,80 € 9.956,60 € 3.196,61 € 8 172 42
4 + 1 0,35% 1 in 31.075 61,30 € 266,30 € 163,94 € 249 3.119 823
3 + 2 0,37% 1 in 14.125 23,10 € 179,30 € 102,53 € 517 6.898 1.838
4 + 0 0,26% 1 in 13.811 21,50 € 91,90 € 56,86 € 630 5.668 1.846
2 + 2 1,3% 1 in 985 8,40 € 31,10 € 18,91 € 7.338 98.958 26.263
3 + 1 1,45% 1 in 706 7,40 € 20,30 € 14,06 € 12.558 116.308 35.976
3 + 0 2,7% 1 in 314 6,40 € 17,30 € 11,74 € 29.444 221.456 80.571
1 + 2 3,27% 1 in 188 4,40 € 16,50 € 10,01 € 38.881 486.402 136.819
2 + 1 10,3% 1 in 49 4,30 € 11,10 € 7,69 € 181.198 1.438.780 512.210
2 + 0 16,59% 1 in 22 3,20 € 5,30 € 4,30 € 488.245 2.959.529 1.145.546

Figures calculated using the results of the draws between the 27/09/2016 and the 21/08/2020.

The table is updated after each draw to reflect the latest EuroMillions results..

This column shows the percentage of prize funds allocated to each prize level. He 8,6 % remaining goes to a separate fund, known as "Booster fund" (Reserve funds) which is used to ensure that there is always a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 17 millions of euros. EuroMillions occasionally hold special draws, known as "Supersorteos", that have a guaranteed minimum jackpot of 100 millions of euros, using surplus funds from the Booster Fund.

He 50 % allocated to the jackpot only applies to the first five draws in a jackpot cycle. When the jackpot has been rolled over five times in a row, the assignment of “5 + 2 raffles” fits the 42 % until the jackpot is won. He 8 % remaining goes to reinforcement fund, ensuring that this reserve fund receives the 18 % of funds from the sixth draw of a jackpot cycle until this.

The minimum and maximum amounts of the prizes for each category, other than the boat, are indicated in relation to individual winning tickets.

The value of the prizes for hitting the 5 main numbers + the 2 Stars represent the total amount of the jackpot value regardless of how many winning tickets have.

All the prize data included in the table above shows the results of the EuroMillions lottery from 10 May 2011, when the number of stars was increased from nine to eleven and a new category was introduced. Details provided are for informational purposes, and are not indicative of the value of future awards.

General rules

Play EuroMillions

Players must select five main numbers among the 1 and the 50, followed by two Star numbers between 1 and the 12.

Ticket sales close on the day of the relevant draw at 20:30 THIS hours (19:30 GMT)

All players must have 18 years or more, except for participants from the UK, they must have 16 years or more.

Just playing EuroMillions, players are introduced to complementary juices, in the Million and in the European raffle Rain of Millions.

Claim EuroMillions Prizes

Prizes can be claimed in the country in which the winning ticket was purchased. For players who have won a prize through of a service online concierge, lower value prizes will be paid directly for said service, which will also support players in the process of collecting jackpots.

The process for claiming EuroMillions prizes is different in each of the participating nations. This table shows how much time you have to claim a prize and what happens to it if you go past the deadline.

country Claim Period What Happens to Unclaimed Prizes?
Austria 3 years Returned to the lottery for three years before being used to fund increased prizes.
Belgium 140 days Returned to the Belgian National Lottery.
Spain 3 months Transferred to the State Treasury.
France 60 days Used in the background of special promotions, creating a number of millionaires over the course of a week.
Ireland 90 days It has returned to the Irish National Lottery and is used to promote their games in order to raise money for good causes.
Luxembourg 60 days Returned to the lottery reserve fund.
Portugal 90 days Transferred to Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa, which takes care of hospitals and funds for other noble causes.
Switzerland 26 weeks Returned to the lottery to be distributed to good causes.
UK 180 days Transferred to the Good Causes Fund of the National Lottery.

For more details on what to do if you want to win a prize, visit the How to Claim page.

Pot Limit

If there are no jackpot winners in the EuroMillions, this will accumulate and will be added to the fund of the next draw, until the boat reaches the 200 millions of euros. This jackpot can be held a maximum of four times without a winner before the total amount is shared among the winners of the next prize category. Visit the Jackpot Limit section for more information.


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    Rules for playing the EuroMillions lottery. What does it consist of, types of bets, number of weekly draws and price per bet.

  • Types of bets

    Types of bets authorized in EuroMillions. Single and multiple bets, number of bets that can be played and table of bets allowed for the multiple method.

  • The EuroMillions ticket

    How to fill in the EuroMillion ticket. Amount of Numbers and stars that you must select depending on your type of bet and number of draws in which you can participate.

  • Types of giveaways

    Types of EuroMillions lottery draws: Cycle, Super Giveaway, Special Draw with a guaranteed minimum jackpot and Occasional.

  • Distribution of awards

    Percentage destined to cover the thirteen EuroMillions prize categories. Rules for the distribution of prizes for the different types of draws: Special Giveaway, Super Giveaway.

  • News in Euromillions

    News that occurs in the EuroMillions game. Modification of the characteristics of the contest, new award categories, extraordinary giveaways.

  • Draws from previous years

    History of Euromilion draws from previous years. List of draws classified by year since its inception, in the year 2004 until the last full year, for your consultation and download.

  • Changes in EuroMillions

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  • Euromillones odds

    Calculation of probabilities of success in the various categories of the Euromillions lottery. From the origins of the game to the current moment with the current regulations.

  • Rain of millions

    Award-winning codes in “The Rain of Millions” by Euromillones. List of the winning codes that have been validated in Spain and those of the other participating countries.

  • Tips to play EuroMillions

    Tips for participating in the Euromillion draws, how to buy tickets early enough to play in the next draw and keep bets in a safe place.

  • Participating countries

    Information on the countries participating in the Euromillions draw. Bet price, associated games with which each nation participates and highest jackpots won by country.

  • Charitable contributions

    Contributions to charitable causes of the participating countries, from the sale of Euromillions and the rest of lotteries. Help and promotion of solidarity projects.

  • Big Euromillions jackpots

    Largest jackpots spread over EuroMillions. Winner details and list of the highest prizes up for grabs so far.

  • Frequent questions

    Taxation, expiration and collection of Euromilones prizes. Information on where prizes can be collected, taxation and options to get the most out of the prize obtained.

  • Notice of fraudulent emails
  • Resumption of ticket sales

    These are the plans so that we can play EuroMillions again, and to the rest of lotteries, in Spain. Scenarios planned for the return of the draws.

  • EuroMillions sale suspension

    In this section we offer information on the suspension of the sale of Euromillions and the rest of lotteries due to the state of alarm decreed in Spain.

What to do if you have received a fraudulent communication

If you receive a letter or email telling you that you have won a prize, draw, lottery or competition in Euromillions in which you have not participated, we strongly recommend that:

  • DO NOT send any money
  • DO NOT open any link that contains a suspicious email
  • DO NOT reply to any suspicious letters or emails
  • DO NOT disclose any personal or financial information either by email, letter or phone
  • IF you have already answered, stop contacting the scammer immediately
  • IF you have provided personal or financial information, alert your bank immediately
  • REPORT this to your local authorities, that will provide you with additional information on how to proceed, As well as they will offer you advice in the event that you suspect that you have been the victim of a scam.

Although law enforcement agencies around the world work hard to identify lottery scams and bring criminals to justice, the best way to avoid being a victim of a scam is to be constantly vigilant.

How to spot a EuroMillions fraud

  • It is impossible, a price, a raffle, to win a competition or contest, if you did not attend.
  • To win something at EuroMillions, you must have purchased a ticket for the correct date of the drawing. In addition, your selection of numbers MUST match the numbers drawn, so that you can win the prize in question.
  • There are NO prizes at EuroMillions, which are given to randomly selected phone numbers or email addresses for games, WHICH INDIVIDUALS HAVE NOT PARTICIPATED.
  • EuroMillions will not contact you directly, when you win a prize. It is your own responsibility, claim the prize and show the winning ticket for the lottery in question.
  • EuroMillions will not charge you any “fee” desire, so that you can get your prize.
  • EuroMillions will not ask you to do so, a "tax” to pay on the profit, before you get the profit.

Indications of fraud

All of the points below are a good guide to this, that the winning notification you have received is an attempt at fraud:

  • The email was from a free webmail address (like @, or or from an address that does not belong to EuroMillions, that could be compromised, Posted.
  • You will not be addressed personally in the letter or e-mail, but with a vague phrase such as “Dear winner”.
  • Fraudulent letters are often of poor quality and have copied letterhead (even if some give a real business address, to feign legitimacy. The use of such addresses is not permitted and the scammers hope, that the “victim” by email or telephone and not by letter.)
  • There is an exact deadline, in which the "profit" must be claimed. This is supposed to put the potential victim under pressure and keep them from doing so, Seek advice or investigate further.
  • Confidentiality is often required as a "win condition". That should also keep the recipient from doing so, seek advice from friends and family, who may have more experience with this type of scam.
  • Bad spelling, Grammar and sentence structure are a good indication of this, that the letter or email constitutes an attempt at fraud.
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