Eurojackpot nyerхszámok

EuroJackpot lottery

The EuroJackpot lottery 5/50 and use a 2/10 system. So every draw 7 they bring a winning number: 5 bullet it 1-50 number range, and 2
It is a Euro ball 1-10 number range. It wins the prize, who hits every lottery number, but there is more 11 also prize level:
here mбr 3 by hitting a number (pl. 2 lottуszбm + 1 Euro-szбm) you can also get the smallest prize.

EuroJackpot is a newcomer
2020.08.21.-i lottery numbers:
  • 26
  • 27
  • 30
  • 46
  • 49
  • 1
  • 2
EuroJackpot prizes
All Of which Hungarian Prize
Db Db
5+2 0 €
5+1 0 €
5+0 7 31 287 310 Ft
4+2 40 1 1 825 075 Ft
4+1 636 10 103 280 Ft
4+0 1232 21 41 450 Ft
3+2 1578 34 27 740 Ft
2+2 25749 404 8 775 Ft
3+1 30645 577 7 140 Ft
3+0 56850 1009 5 505 Ft
1+2 142947 2467 3 965 Ft
2+1 493058 9736 2 800 Ft
Joker szбmok

There was no full party at EuroJackpot, This is how the lottery prize goes on. The gross prize money that can be expected in the next week (in the case of a winner): 11,8 billion forints! (34 milliу Eurу)
EuroJackpot payouts
kцv. lottery:

Helsinki (Finland),

August 28, pйntek 21:00 йs 22:00 kцzцtt,
fresh data 22:30 after. EuroJackpot lottery numbers Friday 19:00-can be played until.

The prize 90 may accumulate up to EUR 1 million, if there is no winner by then, the prize is
draw between lower payout classes.
In Hungary, the winnings and the winnings of the 5 + 1 match are transferred, can only be taken in euros, from which PIT is deducted.
The winners can only receive the smaller prizes in HUF, they were already taxed, net prizes.

If you want to play in euros and you want to win the prize, and avoid queuing, then you can also play your numbers via the internet a
theLotter segнtsйgйvel, who is buying a real lottery ticket in your name.

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Eurojackpot rules

The rules are simple, but the game is more difficult. Eurojackpot jackpot odds are like 1 do 95 344 200, for this, the winnings are much greater. In Lotto, the chances are greater – 1 do 14 mln. This is because of this, that the game applied until 50 balls in one drum and 10 in second – the drawing machine.

The rules

  • He takes part in the drawing 50 bullets from what it is 5.
  • Additionally, the player chooses 2 with 10 kul.
  • It is up 12 degrees winnings!
  • To hit the Jackpot i.e. cumulation you have to choose correctly 5 and 2 numbers (5 + 2).
  • Price for bet it 12,50 PLN.
  • There are rollovers for 1st degree winnings, minimal it 10 million euros the maximum is 90 million euros. In principle, if this amount is exceeded, the payout for the second step increases (5 + 1).
  • Eurojackpot bets can be purchased at any Lotto outlet.
  • The closing of the sale for the draw on the day of the Eurojackpot draw is at 19:00 (invalidation up to one hour 19:04:55).
  • The PLN / EUR exchange rate differences are added to the pool of the highest prizes in Poland in a given drawing.
  • Only Polish coupons are valid in Poland, similar to e.g.. in Germany only German.
  • The jackpot is paid in euros, and on request in PLN.
  • Lower winnings are paid in PLN.
  • Super Chance – not applicable.
  • The lottery is conducted, sets the rules and oversees the Finnish lottery organizer Veikkaus Oy.

When is the Eurojackpot draw?

Drawings only take place once a week on Friday, between. 20 a 21 in Helsinki. Online-only transmission in the form of retransmission at: Eurojackpot results on the website are entered at the same times.

History and organization of the European lottery

Currently, residents of countries such as Italy can participate in this lottery, Hungary, Sweden, Slovakia, Norway, Slovenia,
Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, The Netherlands, Spain, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Croatia. Since September 2017 r. Poland joined this group. You also need to know, that every resident of the Union can play while temporarily in one of the countries mentioned, however, withdraw only domestically, who issued the coupon. Eurojackpot scores are exactly the same in every country.

The first big number game was Euromillions, and the Eurojackpot was supposed to be a competitive response to the demand. Statistics they showed, that no domestic “totalizator” was unable to guarantee such high winnings. It's just that the drop of many players from many countries was amazing big rollovers. Because, only in a few countries at the beginning, a new game was created, so that players can be excited about its results late in the evenings. The first Eurojackpot draw took place 23 brand 2012 year, and currently you can play Eurojackpot online in some countries.

Lottery Eurojackpot – what you need to know?

A short film describing the rules of the new European number game. You can check the price in it, rules – how many deletions, the days and time of the draw and other video information.

EuroMillions – the big brother of EuroJackpot

The EuroJackpot lottery (nйpnyelven: “eurolotto”) the level of the pan-European lottery, created in the EuroMillions lottery.
Both lotts use the same system on the same profile: for players 5/50 normal lottery number and 2 they have to hit a number.
There is so much difference, to the EuroJackpot add-ons 10 Euro ball, mMg EuroMillions add-ons 12 Let's draw lots from a star ball.
This seemingly small difference significantly increases the chances of winning EuroJackpot players against the EuroMillions lottery..

The smallest prize in EuroMillions 17, his biggest prize 190 one thousand euros, йs 13 winnings level (mбr a 2+0 also pays) on the occasion of two draws per week (Tuesday and Friday).

We are looking for EuroMillions lottery tickets in vain in Hungarian lotteries, in the hope of fabulous prizes.

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