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A little quick starter: the eurojackpot is gambling / the essence of the euro lottery

On a standard euro jackpot coupon (assistant on a ticket) 5 db, there is a number plate suitable for playing a completely independent game. Each number table consists of two number fields: „A”, or the number field "B". The number field "A" 50 contains a number (1-from 50 to 50); while in the number field “B” 10 number found (1-from 10 to 10). To the recipient in the "A" field 50 number 5 db-ot, in field “B” 10 and two of the numbers must be selected / mark (in the case of a paper-based auxiliary game mode, with an “x”). By definition, the host plays as many base games as possible, the greater your chances of winning the jackpot (is).

It is extremely important when using multiple number fields, for the recipient to fill in the fields to be played in left-to-right order. Of course the euro jackpot (euro lottery) the possibility of machine play is also provided, and the quick tip type game mode (in this case, the game is played with randomly generated numbers). In addition, Hungarian bettors are online (pl. Szerencsejáték Zrt. through its online platform), and you can also play this gambling with the Smart lottery mobile application using the SMS-based system.

Like other lottery types, in the case of eurojackpot gambling, bettors have access to the so-called combination game., which is more expensive compared to the base game, however, it offers significantly higher chances of winning. If the bettor chooses the combination game mode, then you must mark combination numbers in addition to the fixed numbers.

The euro jackpot / euro lottery rankings per week (on Fridays) will be held. The draws will take place in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The winning numbers in the number fields “A” and “B” are drawn consecutively (The recordings of the draws were made by Szerencsejáték Zrt. can also be viewed on its website). Five for field “A”, and for field “B”, two winning numbers will be drawn. Eurojackpot winning numbers / eurojackpot joker numbers, among others, Szerencsejáték Zrt. will also be posted on its website (shortly after the current draw), so they can be viewed at any time later. Of course, this is also true of the winning numbers in the eurojackpot so far.

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