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Comparison between Eurojackpot and EuroMillions

Not sure what the difference is between Eurojackpot and EuroMillions? The two lotteries are highly popular across a combined 26 European countries, with millions of players winning prizes each week. You can find a comparison of the draws below:

5 from 50 and 2 from 10 Game Format 5 from 50 and 2 from 12
€10 million Minimum Jackpot €17 million
€90 million Highest Ever Jackpot €200 million
18 Participating Countries 9
1 in 26 Overall Odds of Winning a Prize 1 in 13
1 in 95,344,200 Odds of Winning Jackpot 1 in 139,838,160
Friday21:00 EEST (19:00 BST) Drawn Tuesday and Friday21:00 HONOR (20:00 BST)
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Top ten lotto wins in Eurojackpot history

Despite his very young age, the European Eurojackpot draw has already played its maximum jackpot of € 90 million and has come close to this amount several times. Below is a list of 10 record Eurojackpot lottery winnings since its inception..

  1. The EuroJackpot maximum jackpot of € 90,000,000 has been hit 15 May 2015 happy winner from the Czech Republic.
  2. The second jackpot was € 84,777,435.80 €. It was played out 29 july 2016 years and went to a lottery fan from the Czech Republic.
  3. In third place is the jackpot of € 76,766,891.40 €. It was played just four months earlier, 25 Martha 2016 of the year, and an anonymous player from Germany became its owner.
  4. In fourth place is the grand prize of € 61,170,752.70, ripped off on a single ticket, bought in Finland, 12 september 2014 of the year.
  5. The fifth line contains the jackpot from 5 December 2014 years in the amount of € 58.683.173.90 euros. It was ripped off by a lucky player from Germany.
  6. In sixth place was the main prize of € 57.275.841.60 euros. It was played out 4 april 2014 years and went to the anonymous winner from Finland.
  7. On the seventh line the jackpot, won with one ticket from Germany 1 january 2016 of the year. Its amount was € 49.685.851.50 euros.
  8. The eighth was the jackpot, inherited by a Danish player 20 february 2015 of the year. Its size was € 49.670.283 euros.
  9. The main prize is in ninth place, played out 24 july 2015 of the year. The owner of the sum of € 46.154.745.90 is an anonymous lucky man from Finland.
  10. Rounding out the top ten jackpot for € 46.079.338.80 €, who found its owner 12 april 2013 of the year. The winner is an anonymous lottery fan from Germany.
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