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Prizes at El Gordo

El Gordo prize pool is formed, based on the number of tickets purchased. In each drawing there is an opportunity to win an amount, equal 45% from sales. Moreover, the jackpot is 22% of 45%. Fixed is the winnings of the players, who guessed 2 numbers, it takes an additional part of the prize fund. The rest of the money is divided equally among the winners of each category..

The probability of winning at El Gordo is 1:10. The same ratio in guessing the bonus ball, which allows you to recoup the ticket price. Generally, the chance of getting at least some win is 1:6.

Winning combinations are subdivided into 8 categories:

  1. Guessed 2 balls - fixed prize 3 euros.
  2. 2 ball and 1 bonus - 20% prize fund.
  3. 3 event - 26%.
  4. from the ball and 1 bonus - 8%.
  5. 4 event - 7%.
  6. 4 ball and 1 bonus - 6%.
  7. 5 balls - 33%.
  8. 5 balls and 1 bonus - the main prize in the amount of 5 000 000 euros.

How to see the results and get a prize?

At the end of the draw, a notification with the results of the draw will appear in your personal account. Any reward, except for the main, transferred to the account during 3 hours. The received amount can be transferred to a bank account, payment card, e-wallet or buy a new ticket. The smallest win, which will be output - 15 dollars.

Getting the jackpot takes more action. Sometimes the organizers require the personal presence of the player. In such cases, the dealer will assist in purchasing a ticket., hotel booking, meeting with representatives of the Spanish lottery. To clarify personal information, a service employee contacts the winner.

El Gordo de La Primitiva - лотерея, which Russians can play. A high winning percentage gives you a chance to get rich. Especially considering, that the cost of one ticket is low, many potential players can afford to buy it.

This year alone the Spanish El Gordo Draw will pay out over €3 BILLION to over 1,202,490 cash prize winners in Spain and around the world.

70% of Ticket Revenue Paid Out as Prize Winnings

70% of all monies invested in El Gordo are returned to players in cash prizes – compared to only 45% or 50% paid out by North American and European Lottos.

One out of Every 3 Tickets Wins a Prize!

Only 100,000 ticket numbers are printed for each draw – and over 37,000 prizes are paid out! This gives you 1-in-3 odds of winning a share of the huge cash payouts. These are the best odds for a big win you’re likely to find anywhere.

All Prizes Paid Out in a Lump Sum

El Gordo cash prizes are paid out in a single lump-sum — not spread over 20 years like some North American Lotteries. When you win, your prize money is transferred directly to you – IN FULL and in the currency of our choice – to any bank in the world you specify.

Play El Gordo from Anywhere in the World!

You don’t have to be a Spanish national to play and win in the El Gordo Draw. Through the services of Overseas Subscribers Agents, you can enter Spain’s Richest Lottery from wherever in the world you may be.

OSA has been entering players into overseas Government Lotteries, and collecting and sending them their winnings since 1988. Over 155,000 international players have taken advantage of this service, and many still continue to enter their favorite Lotteries with their special numbers.

Through OSA, you’re kept up to date on all current Jackpots and Draw results so you can join in whenever you want. The company processes your entry, and then collects and sends you your cash winnings IN FULL.

Bold Jackpot - El Gordo.

Since the New Year's lottery isn't cheap -20 one euro part of the ticket, a full ticket from 10 parts worth 200 euros, it is customary to buy it collectively. Main prize, called El Gordo, which literally translates as "Fat Man" - "Fat Jackpot" is 3 000 000 euros! Therefore, resourceful Spaniards and people from other countries, uniting in groups (at work, at the place of residence, etc.), buy dozens of lottery tickets hoping for luck and winning.

Specialists, true, have been sounding the alarm for a long time. General insanity and general excitement scare them. But nothing can be done about the lottery. She's even more popular, than bullfight.

Rules and Regulations

The El Gordo rules are straightforward and easy to understand, even if you have never played the game before. These rules and regulations for the El Gordo were established by the State Lotteries Company (SELA) to ensure that the game is fair and that players know what to expect when they participate. The main El Gordo rules are as follows:

  • Players must be 18 or older to buy El Gordo tickets.
  • All El Gordo prizes worth more than €2,500 are subject to a tax of 20%.
  • This yearly draw takes place in Madrid and is organised by the Spanish Government.
  • Players must claim their El Gordo prizes as soon as possible as prizes will expire in 90 days if no winner comes forward. If you think you are an El Gordo winner, it is worth contacting lottery officials and claiming your prize as soon as possible.
  • 70% of the money raised through El Gordo ticket sales is allocated to funding prizes.

How to play

Lottery tickets of the game "El Gordo de Navidad" are not like tickets of other world lotteries. Instead of buying a single ticket, El Gordo de Navidad lottery participants can purchase as full tickets (isp. Ticket), and a tenth of a ticket (isp. Tenth). Similar to the Ruffle draw, participants buy pre-printed tickets, and each number can be purchased before 180 time, hence the name "Series", signifying, that many tickets with the same game numbers will be printed.

Distribution of prizes

Prize categories in each ticket:

El Gordo main prize 1 4 000 000€
Second prize 1 1 250 000€
Third prize 1 500 000€
Fourth prize 2 200 000€
Fifth Prize 8 60 000€

* The number of prizes is calculated by multiplying the number of winning combinations by the number of tickets in the series. for example, 180 x 4 000 000€ if the number of tickets in the series is 180.

† As this number of prizes is shown on one ticket, then the prize amount is divided by the number of players, who bought a share of the ticket. for example, if each of 10 players have 1 share of the ticket, then in case of victory, everyone will receive 1/10 of the ticket prize amount.

The table above shows only the first five prize categories, however full list (isp. Pedrea), including 100 prizes, will be presented on the day of the draw.

El Gordo de Navidad circulations often contain additional "variations", giving participants a chance to win additional prizes. So, in the draw for 2012 year there was a special prize for all ticket holders ending in a number 8.

Christmas lottery 2012 – "Every Christmas, the lottery makes dreams come true"

16 November National Lottery Association of Spain (LAE) held an official presentation of the Christmas lottery 2012 and presented a promotional video entitled "Dream Catchers", for the creation of which about a million euros were allocated from the lottery budget, and for his advertising campaign in the media - about 12,5 million in 2012 year, the National Christmas Lottery "Spruce Gordo" is held under the auspices of "Every Christmas – the lottery makes dreams come true "

Signs and superstitions of the lottery winnings of the Christmas lottery

Many superstitions are associated with the National Christmas Lottery. For instance, there is a sign in Madrid,to win for sure, you should purchase a ticket at the Herradura i tresa lottery shop, which is located in house no. 13 along Alcala Avenue, and it must be done exactly 13 December in 13 hours, and the ticket must also end with a number 13. Besides, you need to leave the shop with your left foot and at the same time limp, grabbing the tip of your own nose, and show your tongue to the first oncoming passer-by… For indigenous townspeople, aware of this superstition, this behavior is not surprising, but for tourists, of course, a wonder.
Many Spaniards book the same Christmas lottery ticket numbers year after year. By the way number, which dropped out twice in the history of the lottery, won twice by one family from Seville, who bought it for many years.

There is another wonderful place shrouded in legends, tiny town Sort, lost between the mountain peaks of the Pyrenees very close to the border of the dwarf state of the Principality of Andorra. The first thing to say is, that the Variety in translation from Catalan means "Luck", and this is confirmed by the numerous winning tickets for the Christmas lottery bought at the local lottery shop "Brujah de Sort", which means "Golden Witch", who, according to local legend, lives in a house high in the mountains and brings people good luck.
About 1,500 people pass through the local lottery shop every day, who came to try their luck at "Luck". Buses with tourists from Barcelona come here, as well as many cars of local residents, from all over Catalonia and even from neighboring states – Andorra and France: newspaper clippings and photos are hung on the walls of the lottery shop, telling about the biggest winnings in the lottery on lucky tickets, purchased in Sort. All fortune hunters are photographed with a witch, standing in the shop, and after buying a ticket, according to an old omen, they must bow to her, and rubbing a lottery ticket on her broom for good luck.

Rules and winnings
Christmas lottery

The rules for drawing the Spanish National Lottery "El Gordo De Navidad" are completely different from the usual classic lotteries., in which the player selects numbers when filling out a lottery ticket. Everything is completely different here, lottery tickets are printed in advance and each of them is assigned a personal five-digit number from 0 to 100.000. Besides, each ticket is issued in 180 series and divided into 10 parts "décimo", which translates as "ten", that is, a tenth of the ticket. The total is, that each of 180 tickets with the original number can qualify for the main prize "El Gordo" 4.000.000 euros, and in total the first prize will be spent 720.000.000 euros. Besides, if for example you bought a full ticket all 10 "tenth", then, accordingly, your winnings will be 4 million. and, accordingly, if one "ten" 1/10 part of the ticket 400.000 euros, thus sharing the main prize of the winning ticket with the rest of the co-owners of the "tithes". It turns out that your winnings are proportionally related to the number of purchased "tenths". Eventually, you can redeem full tickets with one number or "tenths" from different series of numbers.

Lottery prize fund 2012

Total Prize Budget in the Christmas Lottery 2012 is over 2,5 billion. euros, some of which 720 million. will be spent on the first prize "El Gordo", by 4 million. for each of 180 winning tickets. Second tier award 1.250.000 total euro will be 225.000.000 euros. Third Prize Amount 500.000 euros will be in the total prize budget 90.000.000 euros. The fourth level prize will be 200.000 Euro and 5th 60.000. The remaining prizes of the lower category in Spanish "pedrea" respectively: if the ticket number differs from the number of the main prize by one, differs by one from the number of the 2nd prize, the same from the 3rd prize number, if the last two numbers of the ticket coincide with the last two numbers of the 1st prize, identical with the numbers of the 2nd and 3rd prizes, if the first three digits match the ticket numbers 1, 2 or 3 prizes.

Winners of thelotter

Date Winner Winning at thelotter


158,17 GBP≈ 13 762,55 ₽


285,33 GBP≈ 24 826,89 ₽


158,17 GBP≈ 13 762,55 ₽


209,79 GBP≈ 18 254,07 ₽

Thomas M.

120,76 EUR≈ 9 474,23 ₽


180,35 GBP≈ 15 692,46 ₽


348,75 GBP≈ 30 345,14 ₽

Eduardo R.

521,73 USD≈ 36 806,58 ₽

Jenny s.

199,85 EUR≈ 15 679,23 ₽

Josef S.

444,84 CHF≈ 32 606,57 ₽

Oleksandr T.

110,99 USD≈ 7 830,03 ₽

Mircea Ioan C.

90,90 EUR≈ 7 131,56 ₽

Pedro F.

476,76 USD≈ 33 634,08 ₽

Tyron H.

379,22 EUR≈ 29 751,71 ₽

Jean Aimé C.

307,37 EUR≈ 24 114,71 ₽

Mircea Ioan C.

487,85 EUR≈ 38 274,27 ₽

Dennis eco O.

256,08 EUR≈ 20 090,76 ₽


78,17 GBP≈ 6 801,66 ₽

Roddy M.

414,26 EUR≈ 32 500,77 ₽


162,42 GBP≈ 14 132,35 ₽


148,54 GBP≈ 12 924,64 ₽

Carlos M.

449,81 USD≈ 31 732,83 ₽

Carlos M.

449,81 USD≈ 31 732,83 ₽

Igor O.

383,10 EUR≈ 30 056,11 ₽

Etienne C.

420,26 EUR≈ 32 971,50 ₽


169,05 GBP≈ 14 709,23 ₽


147,58 GBP≈ 12 841,11 ₽


147,59 GBP≈ 12 841,98 ₽

Suren M.

293,79 EUR≈ 23 049,29 ₽

Arpad B.

457,32 EUR≈ 35 879,04 ₽

El Gordo de Navidad - rules and features

Prizes are drawn by students from selected Spanish schools. People attending the raffle dress in extravagant costumes with lottery-themed prints.

The presenters get balls from two reels. The first contains 100 000 balls, numbered from 00000 to 99999 (like tickets). In the second - 1 807 balls, on which the amount of cash prizes is applied.

A couple of balls are drawn at a time, which forms the winnings for a specific ticket number. These couples are hung out for everyone to see. If children get very big prizes, then sing the numbers of the winning tickets, show them to the jury and show them on a special camera. Separate raffles are held for each series of tickets.

The balls are made of wood. They are laser-marked, to exclude size changes due to the paint layer and to equalize the probability of any of them falling out.

As you can see, the Christmas lottery uses an unconventional drawing scheme. In games, held throughout the year, usually a few balls are removed from sets with a small number of balls.

New Year Lottery in Spain - Loteria de Navidad.

- that is, the "Christmas" lottery. Her fate is decided on Christmas Eve 22 December.

Millions of people, like in the country itself, and abroad, because through the Internet you can buy a ticket anywhere in the world, trying to calculate the lucky combination of numbers in anticipation of the lottery draw in Spain. Everything counts, from goals in football matches, dates of happy events or global disasters, before the birthdays of sports and pop idols, and also up to the dates of their concerts, which I managed to visit.

The prize pool includes 70%. 30% - goes to the salaries of distributors. By the way, lottery draws bring phenomenal amounts to the state treasury! The proceeds are used to finance the largest projects, as well as donations. Therefore, in Spain at one time there was a monopoly. Today, almost all the most popular lotteries in Spain operate under state patronage and are available to people from all over the world..

How to find out about the results and collect the prize?

After the end of the drawing, you will see the result in your account and in an email. Any prize, except for the jackpot, will be credited to your account within 3 hours. You can spend the money you win on a new ticket or get it on your card, Bank account, online wallet. You will also be able to purchase cryptocurrency. The minimum withdrawal amount is 15 dollars.

Sometimes organizers require, so that when the jackpot is issued, the winner is present in person. In such cases, Lotto Agent will help you buy a ticket, will book a hotel and arrange meetings with Lotto representatives. To clarify the details, a service employee will contact you.

The El Gordo Special Draw Prize Breakdown

Here are 37,920 Ways To Win Your Share of the
€140 Million Cash Payout This January!

No. of Prizes
How You Can Win
Cash Payout (€)

Match all 5 digits from the 1st Prize Ticket Number

Match all 5 digits from the 2nd Prize Ticket Number

Match all 5 digits from any of the 20 Ticket Numbers

Subsidiary Prizes

Match all 4 digits from any of the 20 Ticket Numbers

Match the 3 bonus numbers with the last 3 digits of your Ticket Number

Match the 2 bonus numbers with the last 2 digits of your Ticket Number

Get one digit higher or lower than the 1st Prize Ticket Number

Get one digit higher or lower than the 2nd Prize Ticket Number

Match the first 3 digits from the 1st Prize Ticket Number

Match the first 3 digits from the 2nd Prize Ticket Number

Match the first 3 digits from the 3rd Prize Ticket Number

Match the last 3 digits from the 1st Prize Ticket Number

Match the last 3 digits from the 2nd Prize Ticket Number

Match the last 2 digits from the 1st Prize Ticket Number

Match the last digit from the 1st Prize Ticket Number

Other prizes

Other prizes

Prizes at El Gordo

The lottery prize fund depends on the number of tickets purchased. Each draw is raffled off 45% sales proceeds. The jackpot is 22% of this amount. For fixed winnings of participants, guessing 2 main numbers, another part of the prize fund goes away. The remaining amount is divided into parts, which are equally distributed among the winners of each category.

The odds of winning at El Gordo are very high - about 1 to 10. The same ratio has a chance to guess the bonus number and get the ticket price back. The total chance of any win is about 1:6.

In Game 8 winning categories:

Combination Share of the prize pool
2 €3 (fixed prize)
2+1 20 %
3 26 %
3+1 8 %
4 7 %
4+1 6 %
5 33 %
5+1 € 5 million jackpot

The El Gordo December Draw Prize Breakdown

You Can See Below The 15,304 Ways You Can Win Your
Share of the €2.380 Billion Cash Payout in December

Subsidiary Prizes

Get one digit higher or lower than the 1st Prize Ticket Number

Get one digit higher or lower than the 2nd Prize Ticket Number

Get one digit higher or lower than the 3rd Prize Ticket Number

Match the first 3 digits of the 1st Prize Ticket Number

Match the first 3 digits of the 2nd Prize Ticket Number

Match the first 3 digits of the 3rd Prize Ticket Number

Match the first 3 digits of the 4th Prize Ticket Number

Match the last 2 digits from the 1st Prize Ticket Number

Match the last 2 digits from the 2nd Prize Ticket Number

Match the last 2 digits from the 3rd Prize Ticket Number

Match the last digit from the 1st Prize Ticket Number

Other Prizes

Total Prizes
Total Cash Payout

El Gordo 2018 and other prizes

Spanish Christmas Lottery Draw Results, circulation held 22.12.18

  • 03347 - First Prize (Fat) - win 4 million (€400 000 of desimos)
  • 21015 - Second Prize (Second prize) - win 1,25 million (€ 125 per desimos)
  • 04211 - Third Prize (Third award) - win 500 000 euros (€50 000 of desimos)
  • 42206, 6774 - Fourth Prize (Fourth Prize) - win 200 000 euros (€20 000 of desimos)
  • 47862, 07568, 68402, 29031, 63025, 20202, 18596, 02308 - Fifth Prize, € winnings 60 000

Since the sixth prize (La Pedrea) wins are more massive (and less in amount). You can find out the results of the Christmas lottery or check the ticket by number as on the official website of the organizer (SELA) —, and on many other sites

Luck in the Basque Country

Chart from shows the distribution of big wins this year. The largest number of happy desimos (more 300) ended up in the cities of Huesca (Huesca) and Cuenca (Cuenca)

Drawing 2018 of the year, distribution of Desimos winners in Spain. Инфографика EL Mundo Graphics

2018 brought good luck to the Basque Country, hundreds of people have won more than 200 € million Bilbao is the leader in the number of winners, city ​​where about 350 thousand inhabitants. Administration number 41, managed by Maribel Pecharroman realized 30 series 03347, the total prize was 120 million.

For Maribel herself, the victory was a shock, before that the biggest win, sold through their tent, was fourth prize three years ago. Anxious Maribel could not even open a bottle of champagne, she had to ask for help, to celebrate this event.

Administration number 41 (Ledesma Street, 16, in Bilbao) celebrates first prize. Photo by Oskar González,

Approximately at 35 kilometers from Bilbao, in Guernica, the same joy reigned - the Alboka tavern extended among its visitors almost 30 series with number 03347. Numerous clients gathered in it immediately after the announcement of the results, to celebrate the victory with champagne and hugs.

Incomplete systems

100% 2 – at 2 guessed:

Rooms: 6 – Tickets: 3

Rooms: 7 – Tickets: 3

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 4

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 5

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 7

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 9

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 10

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 12

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 13

Rooms: 16 – Tickets: 15

Rooms: 17 – Tickets: 16

Rooms: 18 – Tickets: 18

Rooms: 19 – Tickets: 19

Rooms: 20 – Tickets: 21

Rooms: 21 – Tickets: 21

Rooms: 22 – Tickets: 27

Rooms: 23 – Tickets: 28

Rooms: 24 – Tickets: 30

Rooms: 25 – Tickets: 30

Rooms: 26 – Tickets: 37

Rooms: 27 – Tickets: 38

Rooms: 28 – Tickets: 40

Rooms: 29 – Tickets: 43

Rooms: 30 – Tickets: 48

Rooms: 31 – Tickets: 50

Rooms: 32 – Tickets: 52

Rooms: 33 – Tickets: 55

Rooms: 34 – Tickets: 62

Rooms: 35 – Tickets: 63

Rooms: 36 – Tickets: 66

Rooms: 37 – Tickets: 68

Rooms: 38 – Tickets: 76

Rooms: 39 – Tickets: 78

Rooms: 40 – Tickets: 82

Rooms: 41 – Tickets: 82

Rooms: 42 – Tickets: 93

Rooms: 43 – Tickets: 95

Rooms: 44 – Tickets: 99

Rooms: 45 – Tickets: 99

100% 3 – at 3 guessed:

Rooms: 6 – Tickets: 4

Rooms: 7 – Tickets: 5

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 8

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 12

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 17

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 20

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 29

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 34

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 43

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 56

Rooms: 16 – Tickets: 65

Rooms: 17 – Tickets: 68

Rooms: 18 – Tickets: 94

Rooms: 19 – Tickets: 108

Rooms: 20 – Tickets: 133

Rooms: 21 – Tickets: 151

Rooms: 22 – Tickets: 172

Rooms: 23 – Tickets: 187

100% 4 – at 4 guessed:

Rooms: 6 – Tickets: 5

Rooms: 7 – Tickets: 9

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 20

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 30

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 51

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 66

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 113

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 157

What do I need to buy to enter?

Players can choose to buy a full ticket costing €200, known as a billete, or purchase a decimo for €20 which is a tenth of the size. It is common for groups of people to split the cost of a billete to play as part of a syndicate, because buying one outright can be expensive.

Once you have bought your pre-printed decimo or billete, you will be eligible for the draw which sees a set number of tickets sold, all with pre-generated codes. Each ticket belongs to a number of series which can vary each year. There were 170 series in the 2017 draw, each of which contained a set number of prizes. The top prize offers one ticket in each series the chance to win €4 million on a billete. There are 16 tiers of other prizes available in each series for raffle codes which come close to the winning code.

How the draw ceremony takes place.

The drawing ceremony itself, almost unchanged since the 18th century. Sure, except, technical innovations - first, the show began to be broadcast on the radio, and then on television. Two huge balls contain small bone balls. In one - with the amount of winnings, in the other - with ticket numbers.

The draw takes place live on the Spanish state television. At this moment, almost the whole country freezes in front of TV screens, listening to chants sung by orphans from the school of San Ildefonso, произносящих выпавшие из барабана номера — дети достают кости и нараспев, to the motive of church psalms, - this is also a tribute to tradition - numbers tell.

Fat jackpot

Four million wins the whole ticket, consisting of ten of the same coupons. Respectively, each winning tithe receives 400 thousand euros. In this case, the number wins in all 170 series, that is, the winners of the prize in 400 thousand can become 1700 people in the country. Due to the fact that tickets are often bought collectively, luck often falls together: whole families win, companies, bars, even in small villages. Someone runs to celebrate it at the kiosk, where did you get the ticket, but the majority prefer not to spread - you never know what.

Sure, for 200 years of existence of the lottery, the real value of winning has changed a lot. At the beginning of the 20th century, a whole building could be bought for a "fat jackpot". The ultimate dream of today's lucky people is to pay off the mortgage, buy a car, distribute debts. Moreover, in 2013 year, the state for the first time in the years of the existence of the lottery introduced a tax in the amount of 20% to win, exceeding 2500 euros. In 2018, true, the barrier was raised to 10 000 euros. Meanwhile, the number of players is only growing..

From year to year, from July to December, the Spaniards all over the country first hunt for tickets and "pieces" of tickets for the Christmas drawing, then with moist eyes listen, how lottery kids sing the winnings to someone else's number. Sigh, they say another “well, nothing, next year will definitely be lucky "and move on with enlightened faces, because Christmas has begun and someone is lucky. The chance of catching her is slim, but just in case know: most often numbers won in the Spanish Christmas lottery, ending in 5, - aj 31 time!

1. Lottery kiosk no. 67 Mrs. Manolita (Carmen Street, 22)
2. College of Saint Ildephons
3. Theater Royal
4. Plaza Mayor
5. Puerta del Sol
6. Royal Palace

Madrid, Spain

Madrid square 604,45 km²Population 3,22 million people.Population density 5327 people / km²

Spain square 505 992 km² (51-is a place in the world)Population 46,93 million people. (30-is a place)Population density 93 people / km²GDP 1,398 trillion dollars. (13-is a place)

ATTRACTIONS Prado Museum, Royal Palace, Theater Royal, Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol, Buen Retiro Park.TRADITIONAL DISHES squid ring sandwich in batter; kalos - an appetizer of beef offal; kosido after Madrid (Madrid stew) - chickpea stew, vegetables and several types of meat.TRADITIONAL DRINK draft vermouth with soda.SOUVENIRS christmas lottery ticket, figurines of the Infanta Margarita from Velazquez's painting "Menina", paraphernalia of "Real".

DISTANCE from Moscow ~ 3440 km (from 5 hours in flight)TIME lags behind Moscow on 2 hours in winter, for an hour in the summerVISA SchengenCURRENCY euros


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