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Seven disasters of Frane Selak:

Train and ice river

The first time a Croat was really lucky in 1962 year, when the train, on which he rode from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik, derailed and fell into an icy river. Then seventeen people drowned, and with them Frane Selak almost died. He managed to swim ashore, getting severe hypothermia, shock, bruises and broken arm.

Airplane and haystack

A year later, he fell out of a DC-8 plane between Zagreb and Rijeka - during the flight, the plane's door suddenly opened. As a result of this disaster, died 19 person. Selak landed on a haystack and escaped with shock, bruises and cuts.

Bus and river

IN 1966 year bus, in which he rode to the city of Split, banked and fell into the river. Four people died. The peasant swam ashore, getting cuts, bruises and this time even more shock.

Burning car

Accident number four happened to a Croat in 1970 year. Car, in which he was driving on the highway, suddenly caught fire. Selak managed to get out of the car a few seconds before the gas tank exploded..

After this incident, his friend began to call the lucky Croat "Lucky". “He told me then, - says Selak. - "You can look at everything, what's going on with you, on both sides. Either you are the unluckiest person in the world, or the luckiest one ". I preferred the latter ".

Hair and a faulty pump

Three years later, Frane Selak suddenly lost almost all of his hair. A leaky fuel pump sprayed gasoline directly onto his car's red-hot engine, blowing the flame through the breather.

Road accident

IN 1995 the sixth disaster of Frane Selak happened. On one of the streets of Zagreb he was accidentally hit by a bus. This time the lucky Croat got off with a "slight fright" - he received minor bruises and an inevitable shock.

UN Truck and Mountain Gorge

The next year, Selak was driving his car in the mountains, when suddenly, breaking the bend, he saw a UN truck, rushing straight at him.

His Skoda crashed into a road fence, broke it and hung on the edge of the cliff. Selak managed to jump out of the car at the last moment. After a short flight, he landed on a tree, from where he was able to trace the flight into the mountain gorge of his car, exploded in 90 meters below him.

Frane Selak married four times unsuccessfully. After winning the lottery, he philosophically noted: "I believe, my marriages were also disasters ". Apparently, fifth marriage, post-raffle prisoner, still successful.

A person with the opposite sign is also known: unluckiest Briton, 58-summer farm worker Mick Vilari, in total received over 30 bodily harm, including fractures 15 bones. But he, apparently, happier in marriage - at least, chroniclers of Mika Vilari's life do not report any divorces.

“Life next to him is full of adventure. If something must happen, that only happens to Mick ... He's just one of those people ... You know, when his friends want to know, Is there an electric current through the fence?, they always ask Mika to touch. But nothing unsettles him, and he never blames others for his failures. The family misses him, especially grandchildren. I miss him - he's my stone wall. I cannot find a place for myself without him ", - said his wife.

Joan Ginter went to the city of her childhood for lottery tickets

Stanford professor of statistics, large lottery winner 4 times

World's Luckiest Woman Award Winner Receives Multimillion Dollar Fortune, by participating in lotteries four times. Since 1993 by 2008 year she consistently won 5, 4, 2, 3 and 10 million. maybe, you wonder, what is the probability of winning more 20 million, bought 4 ticket? According to statistics, she is 1 to 18 septillion. Septillion (unit and wholes 24 scratch) Is the number of stars in the Universe or grains of sand on planet Earth. As you can see, chance is just negligible. Some, true, claim, that Ginter, in which, by the way, have a doctorate in statistics from Stanford, somehow cheated. Known, that she bought all the tickets in Bishop town, Texas, where was her childhood, although at that time she had lived in Vegas for many years. Why did you need to go to another city for tickets? Ginter does not give interviews, so a mystery, likely, will never be solved.

Seguro Ndabene has invested a large sum in lottery tickets

Ndabene leaves the courthouse with a smile - he managed to avoid all charges

Any finance professional will confirm, that investing in lottery tickets is unwise. But, comes out, that financial advisors are not always right. Book from another lucky one, Seguro Ndabene, may soon leave them all out of work. A resident of the Canadian city of Airdrie spent several hundred dollars a week on lottery tickets, and, eventually, his insane and illogical investment paid off. IN 2004 year he won a million dollars in the local lottery. Four years later, he got two more wins, the total amount of which was 1 million and 50 thousand. In January 2009 Ndabene set a personal best, ripped off a jackpot the size of 17 million. The lottery organizers were in no hurry to give money away and first conducted an investigation, after all, it was already the fifth big win for the Canadian. In addition, a statement was received, that Ndabene bought a ticket to club with several people, but eventually took it over. The case went to court, but the defendant's guilt was not proven - it turned out, that the ticket still belonged only to him. As a result of this decision, Ndabene received his 17 million, becoming the owner of the 19 millionth fortune.

Walid Aborumi lost his luck

Walid Aborumi with Florida Lottery Promotional Poster Background

Valid Aborumi's streak begins in 2004 year, when he became the owner of the prize in 500 000 dollars. A year later, Aborumi hit the jackpot in 1 million. A year later, he picked three of his lucky numbers in the Virginia lottery and received another 71 thousand. IN 2007 the same magic numbers helped him get rich on 100 000 dollars. But, looks like, what in 2015 luck turned away from Aborumi. At first everything went pretty well. On the way to the convenience store, Aborumi seemed, as if the universe is giving him a sign: glancing at the clock, he saw 7:15, then in the parking lot he met a car with a license plate 715, and it all coincided with the fact, that his birthday falls on 15 july. As a result, our hero bought 184 ticket, containing the numbers seen. And won. Unfortunately, not a jackpot, but only 500 dollars, which could increase his fortune by 92 thousand. Only Aborumi lost all tickets. He still has a check from the purchase, but it wasn't enough, to collect the winnings. Aborumi's lucky tickets were never found. According to his assumptions, they were in the trash by mistake.

Surzhik Eduard about the famous lucky ones who won the lottery

Want to get rich - work hard, open your business, invest in profitable and effective financial instruments - this is how financial experts will advise everyone. Who are guided by common sense. And what are those guided by, who spends large sums of money to buy lottery tickets? Is it common sense? What they hope for? For luck? For luck? On your intuition? Whatever it was, and some lucky ones are lucky more than once, every now and then they hit a big jackpot, provoking suspicion even among the lottery organizers.

Here are some examples ...

# 1 Seguro Ndabene - the years of "labor" were rewarded to him in full - he became a millionaire

A certain Seguro, residing in Airdrie (Canada), every week I "poured" hundreds of dollars to buy tickets. Who would call him smart??? But stubborn, yet, bvl is rewarded for his diligence and thirst for victory - participation in the local lottery brought him in 2004 in the amount of one million dollars. Has passed 4 years - and again 1 million lottery winnings. Passed more 1 a year - and again a win. This time, the amount turned out to be a record for the lucky one - 17 000 000bucks. Lata The organizers found it suspicious that, that Seguro is constantly winning large sums, and they pulled with the payment of money. Even a litigation ensued. Seguro was accused of, that he wants to "pocket" the winnings from the lottery, on which he threw himself together with comrades. But Seguro won the trial and the lottery organizers had to give him all the winnings.. Bottom line - 19 000 000 dollars "for the soul".

# 2 Joan Ginter is the luckiest woman on the planet or a fraud?

Joan is known for, who is reputed to be the luckiest lady on Earth, who won the lottery big several times. Over the course of 15 years, she won several large sums from 2 to 10 million dollars. Total - 24 million. Experts and analysts are shocked, because the probability of winning in just 4 times the amount, exceeding 20 million, equals 1:18 septillion. A septillion, so you know, Is a unit and 24 scratch. I.e, chance to win more 20 million, buying only four tickets, scanty to disgrace.

Mrs. Joan's win made the "well-wishers" so nervous, that at one time there were even rumors that, that Stanford University statistics doctor Joan used "forbidden techniques", participating in lotteries. In particular. For some reason she went to buy tickets to that city, where was born, and not in which she lived at that time. Why is this? Joan herself does not comment on such rumors., because the hypotheses remained at the level of hypotheses, and no more…

# 3 Cookies helped the lottery participants to guess the winning numbers ...

A little over ten years ago, the USA hosted the Powerball lottery. According to the conditions, it was necessary to guess the sequence of five numbers. Then we won no less than whole 110 lucky ones, each of whom received from one hundred thousand to five hundred thousand dollars. The organizers of the lottery draw were shocked and put forward a hypothesis that, that a hundred winners rigged their winnings, since the likelihood of such a large win is impossibly scanty.

They talked, that it was difficult for one person to guess the sequence of five numbers, chances of such a victory 1:3 000 000. And here a hundred participants won at once. Unthinkable!!! Even a special investigation was initiated, the results of which found out, that all the winners bought fortune cookies, which they followed in their actions. Miracles and only, says Eduard Surzhik ...

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Frane Selak escaped death seven times

First time Selak, Croatian music teacher, was in mortal danger in 33 of the year: train, which the man was riding, in an accident fell into an icy river. Seventeen passengers died, Selak escaped with bruises, abrasions and got hypothermia. A year later, Frane got into a plane crash.. Passengers had no chance of escape when the plane crashed, but there was a fatal accident: in the liner the door opened by itself, and the man fell out of the burning plane.

He pleased in a haystack and thus survived. After that the fate of the whole 3 haven't tested a man for a year. And then Frane went on a trip - and the bus with tourists fell into the river. Miraculously Selak survived. Then there was a burning car, scalp burn, Traffic accident and car accident - but the Croat miraculously survived. Selak considers his last luck to be winning the lottery - the man got almost 600 thousand. pounds!

Mary Wallance discovered her gift for clairvoyance

Wallens saw a winning combination of numbers in a dream

IN 2006 year Mary Wallance, 86-summer resident of the Canadian city of Toronto, I saw several numbers in a dream. She wrote them down right after waking up. Soon after, Wallance decided to try her luck at the lottery., by purchasing a ticket with the corresponding numbers, and the next day I even bought a second, finally believing in the power of their magic numbers. Of course, Wallens is not on this list by accident.: both of her tickets were winning. Each of them was rated in 8 million dollars, which totaled 16 million. The old lady stated, which will spend all the money on guys and drugs. Joke. She decided, first of all, to make a fashionable haircut and update her wardrobe - well, everyone has their own joys.

110 man found winning numbers in cookies

American Power Ball lottery advertisement

In March 2005 record number of participants in the American Powerball lottery, guessing the number sequence, won between one hundred and five hundred thousand dollars, guessing five out of six numbers. The difference in the amount of winnings is due to the fact, that some also decided to try their luck in the bonus game, increasing the prize size five times. The winning combination of numbers was as follows: 22, 28, 32, 33, 3. The likelihood of, that such a huge number of people will choose the same sequence from 5 numbers are impossibly small, therefore, the lottery organizers initially assumed, that this whole incident was rigged. For one player, the chance of winning was 1 out of three million, and for 110 a person immediately - much less. Even stranger was, that all these people chose the same sixth number. The investigation established, that all the winners learned the winning sequence thanks to the fortune cookie, which, by the way, were produced in quantity 4 million pieces per day. In that prophecy, which got 110 lucky ones, said: "All your careful preparations will pay off in the end.".

Christopher Kelin became rich in a week

Christopher Kelin demonstrates the same lucky ticket with a crossword puzzle

A resident of Chicago participated in lotteries from time to time, but every time without success, bye in April 2014 Years lucky lottery ticket with crossword puzzle (on it it was necessary to erase the top layer like this, to make words) did not bring him a prize in 25 thousand. dollars. Kelin was just in seventh heaven. On the same evening, he and his bride celebrated this joyful event with a romantic dinner.. On the way back from the restaurant, a Chicagoan bought a second ticket at a gas station - and won again, but this time only a thousand dollars. A few days later, Kelin returned there., where I bought my first happy crossword puzzle, to try your luck again. Arriving at your office, he wiped off the top layer of the ticket with a coin, and Fortune smiled at him again - the lucky one won another 250 thousand. dollars. Two lottery tickets in just one week, not counting one losing, brought the fortunate resident of Chicago a fortune in 276 thousand.

Derek Ladner got rich thanks to his forgetfulness

Derek and his wife Don rejoice at the win

Summer 2007 Derek and Don Ladner from the British city of Cornwall, participating in the lottery, staked on numbers, who were considered happy, and did not lose: they got one of five tickets, between which the prize fund was distributed in 2,4 million pounds. A week later, Ladner bought another ticket, which turned out to be a loser. However, when the Englishman opened his wallet, to put a useless piece of paper in it, he found another ticket there, bought the same day. It turned out, that he forgot about, that I have already bought one, and as a result acquired the second. Which the, surprisingly, turned out to be winning. Having received two out of five lucky tickets, a married couple became richer by 950 thousand pounds.

Frane Selak has become a living legend

And finally - the amazing story of Frane Selak, which at the same time can be considered the most successful, and the most unlucky person alive. IN 1962 year train, in which the 33-year-old Croat rode, got off the rails and fell into the lake, what led to death 17 passengers, but Selak was among the survivors. A year later by the plane, on board which was Selak, the door broke. 19 people became victims of this incident. The air flow threw Selak overboard, but he managed to escape, landing straight on a haystack. IN 1966 year bus, in which the unfortunate music teacher rode, got in an accident, but listed from 4 dead his name was not found. Four years later, Selak's car caught fire., but he managed to jump out of it a moment before the explosion. IN 1973 the situation with the burning car repeated itself. Selak, 66, hit by bus after 22 years of silence, but everything worked out again. A year later, Selak had another accident., this time while driving, and barely managed to get away from a head-on collision, but at the same time moved off the cliff. Somehow he managed to jump out of the falling car and grab onto a tree., hanging over a 90-meter abyss. Seven times Selak was in the balance of death, but his story doesn't end there. IN 2003 year, the music teacher won the lottery almost 1 million dollars. He spent a certain amount on himself, and gave the rest to family and friends in 2010 year.

How can all these incredible coincidences be explained?? Science cannot yet give an exact answer. On this account there, eg, improbability theory, which reads, that “The more incredible the event, the higher the probability of its occurrence ". This possibility should not be ruled out., that some of the lucky ones, whose stories are given above, cheated on something, and nobody just managed to uncover their deception.

Michael Benson spent two days in the crater of a volcano

49-a summer operator spent two days in a fire-breathing crater of a volcano in Hawaii. IN 1992 he and his colleague Chris Duddy filmed from the air for their film, when their helicopter crashed just over Kilauea, one of the most active active volcanoes on the planet. The documentary filmmakers and the pilot hit Puu-oo, one of the two smoking cones of this volcano., nearly hitting boiling lava.

Pilot Craig Hosking and Duddy got out the next day, They tried to find Benson from above through the smoky clouds for another day.. He spent two sleepless nights inside, breathing poisonous gases and listening, how lava boils and bubbles under it. And only then he could see the rescue net thrown to him and get to it.

Harrison Okeene

Harrison Okeene is a real lucky guy, who is very lucky in this life. The young man worked as a cook on a tug ship. As a result of the accident, the ship began to flood. At that moment the guy was in the bathroom. Feeling that something was wrong and then appreciating the dire situation, the cook rushed to the engine room. A small cushion of air formed there, which helped to escape in Oken. Harrison spent three days on a sunken ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Coca pulled out by rescuers, arrived at the scene. The man confesses, that after several years he still has nightmares, wreck-related.

Richard Lustig writes books about, how to win the lottery

Richard Lustig demonstrates his book (left) and a photo, on which he keeps a huge check, Won in the Fantasy Lottery 5

Everybody knows, that the only sure way to win the lottery is to be born lucky. Florida resident Richard Lustig is one of the few, who has a different opinion. Lustig states, that he knows a special system, allowing you to win any lottery. And that would sound very unlikely, if not for the following evidence. FROM 1993 by 2010 year Lustig became the winner of the lottery 7 time. The last ticket brought him a little over a million dollars, excluding taxes.. Twice he won trips with a total value of 8,5 one thousand dollars, and his biggest win in January 2002 year was 842 thousand. Lustig even published a book, "How to Improve Your Chance of Winning the Lottery". Apparently, income from lotteries was not enough for him, once he decided to earn extra money by writing.

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