Jackpot won

How to win the Russian Lotto jackpot, regulations

Features of getting a jackpot

Draws are held on the principle of choosing a random bet. Only real money counts. Using no deposit and prize amounts, received within the loyalty program, not allowed. Customers of the gaming hall will be interested in other nuances..

1. The prize is drawn between the players, which have the highest combinations. 2. All money rates are taken into account without taking into account their size. You don't have to play all-in. 3. The choice of the winner depends only on the random number generator.

She deals with limits, installed in the hall. Amount, exceeding the limit, displayed individually. Before applying for a withdrawal, it is better for the winners to contact technical support for a detailed clarification of all the nuances. You can contact the operators on duty by phone, by email, in chat.

An important requirement is verification, without which the withdrawal request will not be processed. For verification, you need to send the administration of the club scans or photocopies of documents

These are passport pages with a photo and full name or ID-card. Number and series are allowed to be painted over. The hall's management has the right to request other documents.. for example, copy of driver's license or passport.

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